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Chapter 1049: Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (4)

Boys were the most proud at that age, and someone stepped out immediately at those words. “I’ll do it! I won’t have a girl fetch the shots for me.”

“That’s right!”

“You guys, stop making fun of Brother Mo. She could be a princess deep down!”

“Seriously… Didn’t the princess throw you over her shoulder only yesterday?”

More guys stepped out and in the end, all the boys in class went to fetch the shots together.

Su Xiaomo stood in the shade of the Chinese parasol trees on that hot June afternoon and watched as the guys filed out of the equipment room, each holding a shot. She couldn’t help but smile when her gaze landed on that genteel teenager among them.

It always felt so sudden when one fell in love.

It was the same with Su Xiaomo. Everyone else thought she was this carefree character, but she was in fact rather sensible and level-headed. All along, she had liked He Jiayu for his good looks, his personality, and the way he read quietly.

But it had stayed that sort of superficial like; she liked him as much as she liked the next good-looking person.

It was only until that PE class that Su Xiaomo suddenly realized that she might be falling for He Jiayu.

That could be very dangerous.

She was walking to the classroom in a trance-like state when An Xiaxia ran up to her and handed her an ice cream.

“Momo, what are you thinking about?”

Su Xiaomo licked the ice cream and the cool sensation woke her up. She asked a very philosophical question. “Xiaxia, when you like someone, do you think it’s a spur-of-the-moment thing or do you think that love just comes with time?”

An Xiaxia looked up at the sky, then said, “Of course it’s because they’re good-looking at first. If you look at a face long enough, you’ll fall in love with the person.”

“… So, it’s still all about the good looks?”

“Of course. Just think about it. If you have to look at an ugly boyfriend all the time and marry him in the future, it’ll be an eyesore for the rest of your life!” An Xiaxia blinked. All of a sudden, a chilly voice came from behind them. “An Xiaxia, get over here.”

An Xiaxia ran over to Sheng Yize, tittering. “What’s up?”

He gave her a hard flick in her head with his finger. “You superficial woman!”

Had she only liked his face all along?!

That was so frustrating!

An Xiaxia rubbed her head in grievance. “But you’re very handsome to begin with and I only began to like you because of that!”

Blue veins popped out on Sheng Yize’s forehead. “Dummy! Get your facts straight! You liked me first, then came my good looks! How can one’s appearance be more important than their character?”

An Xiaxia gave it some thought, then said in a more aggrieved tone, “But I really liked you for your face first…”

“You idiot! Stop talking to me!”

“But you talked to me first…”

“Zip it!”

“Zip it… then kiss you?”

“Well, that I can accept…”

Watching the couple fall out, then make up, Su Xiaomo suddenly became the reluctant audience to the lovebirds.

She began to ponder the question of whether she liked He Jiayu’s personality or his face.

Heading for the classroom absentmindedly, she almost fell off the stairs. Luckily, He Jiayu caught her in time.

“Hey, what’s going on in your head? Watch where you’re going.”

Su Xiaomo looked up and saw the handsome face within reach. As if under a spell, she put a hand on He Jiayu’s face and gave it a squeeze.

“Such a cutie…”

He Jiayu was dumbfounded. Had he just been harrassed?