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Chapter 1047: Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (2)

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After class, the math teacher flew into a rage in the office and yelled at Bai Ziyue, “The students in your class are incorrigible! There’s nothing I can do about them!”

Bai Ziyue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Next to her, Tang Yijun chuckled. “If I remember it right, both Su Xiaomo and He Jiayu have good grades, right?”


“Let them sit together, then. He Jiayu will be able to keep an eye on Su Xiaomo,” Tang Yijun suggested.

“Good idea!” Bai Ziyue clapped her hands.

Even the math teacher’s beard was shaking with anger now.

That was outrageous! Aww!

Bai Ziyue went to the classroom to tell them about the change in seating. He Jiayu switched places with Kang Jian as arranged, but Su Xiaomo had been reading a comic book under the desk. She didn’t even notice Bai Ziyue come in, let alone the fact that she had a new deskmate.

She cried out in excitement at a twist in the plot. “Aah! They’re finally sleeping together! I’m so content! I can relive that moment for ten years!”

He Jiayu took a look and blushed.

Was she reading… an X-rated comic…

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. The top has an Apollo’s belt and abs. One, two, three, four, five… all eight of them! I’d like to feel them myself! Come over here. Let me feel yours.” Su Xiaomo was as unrestrained as ever. Her gaze still on the page, she reached out her hand to her left…

As an athletic student, Kang Jian had well-toned muscles. Since he wasn’t her match in a fight, Su Xiaomo had her way with him all the time.

He Jiayu pursed his lips and stopped her hand.

“Why, you’re shy now? We used to take baths together when we were little!” Su Xiaomo grinned. “Kang Jian, have you lost your abs from eating too much lately?”

When she turned around and met He Jiayu’s gaze, the look on her face turned very interesting.



Ahem! Sorry, I thought you were someone else…” Su Xiaomo chuckled awkwardly and tried to free herself from He Jiayu’s grip. “Dude, we can talk about this. There’s no need to get physical!”

He Jiayu blushed and let go of her hand.

“The next class is starting soon,” he reminded her.

“I see.” Su Xiaomo nodded awkwardly. “Aren’t you going back to your seat?”

He Jiayu raised an eyebrow. “Going back where?”


Su Xiaomo turned around and saw that Kang Jian was sitting in He Jiayu’s former seat and was having fun playing five-in-a-row with Chi Yuanfeng.

Su Xiaomo’s mouth fell open. “Did you… switch seats with Kang Jian?”

“Yes.” He Jiayu smiled. “What were you doing? Didn’t you hear when Miss Bai came in to announce that?”

Su Xiaomo chuckled in embarrassment, putting her comic book out of sight.

“Well… it’s time for class, let’s study!” Su Xiaomo made a show of getting out her textbook, but her drawer was way too messy and it took her forever to find the book she needed for the next class. With a tug, a stack of colorful comic books fell out in a cascade.

Su Xiaomo: …!!

She went to pick them up in a hurry. A pair of slender, nice-looking hands reached out and helped her to pick up every single one of them.

He Jiayu sounded rather helpless. “What can I say… You’re so clumsy.”

He then rubbed her head. “Be a smart girl and hide your comics better next time. The dean will probably have a stroke if he sees them.”

Su Xiaomo’s heart raced; she had butterflies in her stomach, and her face turned scarlet…

Was this what they called a “killer head rub” in romance comics?