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Chapter 1046: Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (1)

It was summer in June.

The shrill cries of the cicadas rose and fell in waves, and large areas on the ground were shaded by Chinese parasol trees.

Su Xiaomo was sleeping like there was no tomorrow in math class.

The corner of the math teacher’s mouth twitched as he stopped himself from waking her up for the tenth time. He kept telling himself in his head, “It’s okay. She’s a smart student and she’ll do fine without this one lesson!”

“Prrr…” He couldn’t help but throw a chalk butt at her when she started to snore. “Su Xiaomo! That’s enough!”

Back then, Su Xiaomo’s deskmate was Kang Jian, who shook her awake and whispered, “Wake up!”

“What?” Su Xiaomo wiped her mouth and looked up at the math teacher, still half-asleep and with “who am I?”. “where am I?” and “what am I doing in this world?” written all over her face.

The math teacher jabbed his chalk on the blackboard. “How do you solve this problem? Get up here and write down the answer!”

“Sir, can’t you solve such an easy problem?” Su Xiaomo pursed her lips.

The math teacher was speechless.

He ground his teeth. “Of course I can!”

“Then why did you ask me to do it?” Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes.

The math teacher didn’t know what to say to that.

The next moment, Su Xiaomo yawned and fell forward on her desk face down, and before long, the sound of her snoring resumed.

Behind her, He Jiayu shook his head in resignation. This Su Xiaomo girl was really… something.

The math teacher then scanned the classroom with his eyes. An Xiaxia had stopped listening and was reading a comic book. Next to her, Sheng Yize was solving a math problem. The teacher was satisfied, thinking that Sheng Yize was doing one of the problems he wrote on the blackboard. He went up to Sheng Yize to take a look.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Sheng Yize was casually making his way through a college-level calculus problem, and the solution came fluently out of the tip of his pen.

The math teacher then decided to pick An Xiaxia to answer his question, but somehow, Sheng Yize suddenly raised his head and darted a look at him.

The chilly and warning gaze made the teacher walk away involuntarily.

Well, if An Xiaxia was out of the question, then… You, then! He Jiayu, the most docile-looking student in the class!

“He Jiayu, please write down the answer on the blackboard,” the math teacher cleared his throat and said in a majestic voice.

He Jiayu nodded, went up on the platform, picked a white chalk, and wrote the word “solution” down. He then found a red chalk and circled two places in the question.

“Sir, the two conditions contradict each other…” He unhurriedly pointed out the mistake the teacher had made.

The class guffawed and the teacher’s face turned livid. He flared up from embarrassment. “Go back to your seat! Now!”

He Jiayu casually got off the platform and frowned when he walked past Su Xiaomo. “You shouldn’t sleep in class.”

The teacher’s face lit up. What? Was He Jiayu actually on his side?

He cleared his throat and said, “Everyone, He Jiayu is right. Time is very precious and you should spend it on studying instead of sleeping!”

Looking at He Jiayu expectantly, the teacher thought the teenager would chime in. However, He Jiayu said something completely different with a smile, “As important as studying is, our health is even more essential. You’ll catch a cold sleeping in class. Class monitor, would you turn up the air-conditioning a little, please?”

Baffled, the class monitor did as told.

The math teacher was dumbfounded. He Jiayu then went up to him and said sincerely, “Sir, keep your voice down, please. You’ll wake up the students that are sleeping.”