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Chapter 1042: From the First Look Until the Last (5)

Ai Bao was dazed for a second before her cheeks turned pink!

He was Ink Painting on Porcelain! The guy had a beautiful voice, was the most profitable professional voice actor and the most popular one in the online voice acting community, and had more fans than she could count!

And he had just called her a friend!

Ai Bao indeed knew him from when she had worked as a planner, but their interactions were limited to saying hello in the corridor and pressing him to hand in his work on time. She found it simply presumptuous to think of Ink Painting on Porcelain as a friend!

Ink Painting on Porcelain walked off the stage and the fans made way for him.

Extending his hand toward Ai Bao, he smiled gently. “Baobao, come with me.”

As if in a trance, Ai Bao raised her hand, mesmerized by his voice. However, a chilly voice by her side woke her up.

“I see you don’t want your year-end bonus anymore.”

Ai Bao shuddered and turned around with a horrified look on her face. “But why?”

An Yibei adjusted his glasses and said in a voice as cold as ever, “No reason. It’s gone. Period.”

Ai Bao almost choked.

An Yibei wasn’t going to give an explanation at all. He turned around and left without hesitation.

Ai Bao panicked. She bowed at Ink Painting on Porcelain and said, “Something just came up. I have to go now!”

She ran after An Yibei in a hurry.

Ink Painting on Porcelain raised an eyebrow and smiled, but said nothing.

It seemed… he had just brought two people together.

Once he returned backstage, Wu Hanxiao went up to him again, showing no signs of shame. He smiled obsequiously and said, “Mr. Porcelain…”

Ink Painting on Porcelain skipped all pleasantries. “You weren’t invited by the event.”

The smile froze on Wu Hanxiao’s face. He had been shelved by his company after the incident last time, and his former manager had told everyone about the awful things he had done. As a result, he still didn’t have a new manager yet.

Running out of options, he had to find opportunities himself and try to regain his popularity. He was even here to attend some voice acting event that he wouldn’t have even considered a few months ago.

He hadn’t expected Ink Painting on Porcelain to refuse him outright.

“Mr. Porcelain, you were a newbie once. Why won’t you help another newbie out now?” he asked indignantly.

Ink Painting on Porcelain smiled. “Why should I? Do I owe you anything? If not, why must I help you?”

He would give others a hand if he wanted to, such as forcing himself to work with Wu Hanxiao just then.

But, if he didn’t want to, he would never do it! There was no reason. He just wouldn’t!

Wu Hanxiao opened his mouth, trying to say something, but Ink Painting on Porcelain cut him off. “What about you? Have you shown your senior any respect?”

Ink Painting on Porcelain walked past Wu Hanxiao with an indifferent look on his face as the latter watched with an open mouth.

Running after An Yibei, Ai Bao was almost in tears. “Mr. An, have I offended you somehow? Or did I do something wrong at work? Please don’t take my year-end bonus away!!!”

An Xiaxia, who had been following them the whole time, was as excited as if she was on a sugar rush. “I bet you that my brother will go all tsundere, then trick her!”

It was indeed as she guessed. An Yibei snorted. “You’re chasing some celebrity all the time and your mind isn’t on your work at all.”

“I won’t do it again!” Ai Bao shook her head repeatedly. She liked An Yibei’s voice better than Ink Painting on Porcelain’s anyway. “I’ll chase you! Deal?”

She meant that she would chase him as if he were a celebrity, but An Yibei raised an eyebrow and smiled at that expression.

He nodded. “Deal.”

He then beckoned Ai Bao over with a finger. “Come over here. I have a relationship case to talk to you about.”

“?!” Ai Bao was dumbfounded.

“You have three options. A: Be my girlfriend. B: Same as A, and C: Same as B,” said An Yibei unhurriedly. “Of course, there’s D: Say goodbye to your year-end bonus.”