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Chapter 1037: Flower Qi, We Love You (3)

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Everyone was speechless.

A couple of seconds later, An Xiaxia said jubilantly, “Qi Yanxi, you don’t have cancer?”

“Of course not! I’m perfectly fine!” Qi Yanxi was interrupted by a coughing fit right after that.

“You’re not… lying to us, are you?” Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes. “It’s okay to tell us, you know.”

Qi Yanxi seriously felt like crying. “I only choked on my spit… I’ll show you my medical record.”

He took it out and passed it to He Jiayu, who let out a breath of relief after going through it.

“Good, it’s nothing serious…”

“What does he have?” The others eyed him eagerly.

He Jiayu coughed into his hand, finding it hard to say aloud.

“Tell us!”

He Jiayu darted a look at Qi Yanxi, and only said after the latter showed no signs of protest, “It’s kind of like gastrosis.”


“Well… I was misled, I guess.” An Xiaxia raised her hand awkwardly. “Sorry…”

Rewinding time back to when Pepsi told An Xiaxia about the imagined cancer.

An Xiaxia’s first reaction was to double check with Sheng Yize, but when she rushed downstairs, Sheng Yize had left for the company without taking his phone with him.

Unable to reach either Sheng Yize or Qi Yanxi, An Xiaxia was so vexed that she created a chat group and invited all her closest friends to join it.

Lord Xiaxia the Great: Aah! SOS! Qi Yanxi has cancer! I haven’t confirmed with him yet! Can anyone reach him?

Call Me Boss Momo: What??? I tried to call him, but his number isn’t in service!

Shanshan Not Fang: OMG! Is he trying to keep it from us? Shall we wait for him at his place?

Hence, the panicked lot all rushed to Qi Yanxi’s home, which gave rise to what had just happened.

“Why didn’t you go to the hospital?!” An Xiaxia hurled the question at him.

Qi Yanxi knew that she was genuinely worried about him, and didn’t find her manner offensive at all. He only said in resignation, “Gosh, I don’t want my self-esteem shattered, alright?!”

An Xiaxia looked at him in confusion. Seeing that she was having one of her dumb moments again, Qi Yanxi dragged her over to one side.

“There are some minor issues with my kidneys…” said Qi Yanxi shyly. “That’s why I didn’t want to…”

“You idiot!” An Xiaxia said in frustration. “You’re ill, you should go see a doctor!”

Qi Yanxi grimaced. “No… it’s about the pride of a man. I’m not going.”

“… How does pride have anything to do with this?”

“Come on! It’s my kidneys! What will other people think of me? They’d think my other part wasn’t working properly as well,” said Qi Yanxi cockily. He then darted a look at An Xiaxia. “Are you really that concerned about me? You’re afraid that I’ll die from it?”

“This isn’t the time to bicker over petty things! Which is more important, your health or your pride?” An Xiaxia sighed. “Go to the hospital…”

“Let me be Cola and Pepsi’s godfather and I’ll go!” said Qi Yanxi unabashedly.

“But you already are.” An Xiaxia couldn’t help but laugh.

“No, you have to write it down, or Blacky Sheng won’t admit it!”

“Fine, fine.”

Once that was settled, Qi Yanxi dialed Sheng Yize’s office landline to show off. “Sheng Yize! I’m finally your son…” and daughter’s godfather.

However, Sheng Yize cut him off casually before he could finish. “Alright, sure. I’ll take you in as my son.”

He promptly hung up after that, leaving Qi Yanxi speechless on the other side.