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Chapter 1031: Until We’re Both Hoary-Haired (27)

Hence, upon Sheng Yize’s suggestion, they bought a chicken from Uncle Wang, who was even kind enough to kill it for them.

None of them had enjoyed their makeshift meals earlier, and everyone’s eyes lit up desperately at the thought of a roast chicken. They promptly went off to fetch firewood and start a fire. Before long, the chicken was being roasted.

The production team didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. That wasn’t what they had in mind…

When the chicken was almost ready, Sheng Yize sprinkled some hotpot seasoning on it. Someone else went to borrow some salt from Uncle Wang. Soon, the aromatic chicken dripping with grease was ready.

The chicken was immediately carved up by the ten people and Sheng Yize was quick enough to grab a chicken thigh for his wife.

An Xiaxia ate happily. “It’s so delicious!”

Sheng Yize smiled as he enjoyed doting on his little woman.

He Jiayu and Su Xiaomo were discussing a much more “profound” subject.

“There’s no garbage bin on the mountain. What are we going to do with the chicken bones?” He Jiayu frowned. “Shall we bag them and take them away with us?”

Littering would be bad for the environment.

Su Xiaomo grinned. “Don’t worry. I know exactly where to leave them!”

With a swift flick of her wrist, she threw the bones in her hand into the chicken coop!

The chicken inside cackled and clucked loudly.

The corner of He Jiayu’s mouth twitched. “… Why did you do that?”

Su Xiaomo looked rather regretful. “Wait, chickens don’t eat chicken bones?”

The production team: How gory! That’s cannibalism… Oh, no! All of a sudden, they felt so sorry for the chickens…

Once their stomachs were filled, Xiaojiu smiled and announced, “Now we’ll move on to the last segment: campfire party!”

Night seemed to arrive early in the mountains, and before long, it was dark outside.

The group gathered at the house of the village head, where a campfire had been lit. Local young women danced and the unsophisticated country folk hummed some folk song. Everyone then joined in, singing, dancing, drinking, and eating. It was a most boisterous scene.

Leaning on Sheng Yize shoulder, An Xiaxia said, “I think it isn’t a bad idea to live here…”

Life was slow and stress-free; one could spend all their time loving one person.

Sheng Yize chuckled. “Forget it. You’d miss wifi and air-conditioning after two days.”

“You’re right…” An Xiaxia agreed with him. She then spotted a young villager, who was playing some tuneless song on a guitar.

“I recall that you can play the guitar.” Sheng Yize turned his gaze on her. The reflection from the fire and stars flickered in his black pupils; it was a sight splendid beyond description.

An Xiaxia said, “Well, I can play a little, but not very well.”

“It’s ok. Can you play that song?” Sheng Yize said the name of a song.

An Xiaxia nodded. “I can.”

Sheng Yize smiled, got to his feet, and went to talk to the villager, who handed him the guitar without hesitation.

Xiaojiu jeered, “Senior Sheng, are you going to perform for us?”

Everyone chimed in. “Play! Play!”

Sheng Yize smiled, which reminded one of a beautiful portrait. “Actually, my wife is going to play the guitar.”

The crowd looked a little disappointed. He then added unhurriedly, “I’ll sing.”

“Wow —” There was a round of applause as everyone looked forward to it.

An Xiaxia tried the tune, looking a little shy. Maybe it was because of the heat from the fire, but she blushed slightly.

The soothing, wonderful prelude rang out and everyone quieted down.

Sheng Yize cleared his throat, then began to sing in his deep, mesmerizing voice.

It was a classic love song, called “At Least I Have You.”

An Xiaxia’s cheeks turned pinker.