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Chapter 1030: Until We’re Both Hoary-Haired (26)

All the other three male guests looked embarrassed.

They didn’t know how to cook…

The women, on the other hand, were excited, and were already chatting about what ingredients to get.

The crew then gave each of them an envelope. Opening them, they realized that they had only been given 50 yuan each.

A hush fell over the site.

What could one buy with 50 yuan? Apparently, none of them had any idea.

As the designated cooks in their households, Sheng Yize and He Jiayu were well-versed in that area. They each beckoned their wives over and left them with some instructions.

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo then happily set out for the market with their baskets.

The other three male guests were calling out to their partners, “Just get some cup noodles! And some sausages and eggs!”

“Get some rice! We’ll make porridge! And some pickles, too!”

The women then left in turn.

The director smiled at the five men left behind. “Now, let me show you your kitchens…”

All five were dumbfounded when they saw the open-air stoves and firewood.

The director instructed the cameramen to record their reactions. Reality show audiences took great pleasure in the predicament of the guests.

Sheng Yize rubbed his nose and asked, “Do you know how to light a stove?”

He Jiayu replied after a moment of silence, “… I can certainly set the stove on fire.”


Before long, all five girls came back with the groceries. Seeing how shabby the “kitchens” were, they were equally shocked.

As if they weren’t shocked enough, the production team announced, “We won’t be providing you with any condiments!”

Hahahaha —

That cracked the crew up.

All the guests were speechless.

An Xiaxia said happily, “But I bought some! Look, Sheng Yize!”

Sheng Yize glanced at her basket and saw that somehow, she had bought a bag of hotpot seasoning.

“I know what to cook…” Sheng Yize took the basket, crouched down, and tried to start a fire.

An Xiaxia watched in admiration. “Wow, you’re awesome! I didn’t know you could do that!”

Before she could say something else, the tiny flame went out.

An Xiaxia was speechless.

After they finally managed to light the stove, Sheng Yize filled the pot, tore the packet of hotpot seasoning open, and poured everything in.

He couldn’t bring himself to check the expiration date.

Because An Xiaxia told him that she had bought it for just three yuan…

And it was from some nameless stall in the village. God knew how long it had been lying there…

Once the water was boiling, Sheng Yize put the noodles in, then lay the vegetables and sausage on the chopping board and diced them.

Amazed by his knife skills, the cameraman kept the camera on Sheng Yize the entire time.

After tossing all the ingredients into the pot, he then cracked two eggs and put them in. Voila!

The potatoes An Xiaxia bought were buried in the firewood under the stove, where they would cook slowly.

An Xiaxia filled their bowls with rice and the couple was the first to complete the mission.

The other three couples watched enviously. Some hadn’t even started a fire yet.

As for He Jiayu, his meal was even more remarkable.

Because everything Su Xiaomo bought could be eaten raw: cucumbers, tomatoes, and frozen persimmon — a specialty of the village.

The couple was now gracefully enjoying a vegetable salad.

After all five pairs had completed the task, the host announced, “We’ll now move on to the third segment: help Uncle Wang in the village feed his chickens!”

The five pairs then marched to Uncle Wang’s home.

Once all the chickens were fed, Sheng Yize glanced at the others and asked, “How much money do you have left?”

The others were surprised by the question. Carried along by Sheng Yize’s momentum, everyone replied in turn.

They still had over 30 yuan in total.

“Let’s buy a chicken and roast it.”

Everyone was speechless.

That wasn’t the most appropriate suggestion… but, they really wanted to try that chicken now!