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Chapter 1028: Until We’re Both Hoary-Haired (24)

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“Wait, are you here for the show?” asked Xiaojiu in confusion.

He Jiayu nodded, asking politely, “May we?”

The arrival of the two men set off a commotion and everyone got out of the bus. Those with sharper eyes recognized them and cried out, “That’s Sheng Yize and He Jiayu!”

Although not everyone was able to tell who they were by their faces, they indeed had once been well-known household names. Instantly, the entire crew erupted with excitement!

The two men were immediately surrounded and the scene was spectacular.

However, the director kept his distance and stood at the back of the crowd.

Although they had long left showbiz, with their popularity, one had to spend a small fortune to get them on a reality show…

Aww, they couldn’t afford the two men even if they wanted to!

Sheng Yize broke free from the crowd and marched toward the bus in large strides, his face grim.

An Xiaxia cringed back and smiled diffidently. “Hi…”

“You want to have fun?” Sheng Yize smirked. “Let’s have some fun! Where’s the director? Make some noise!”

The director replied involuntarily, “Noise!”


Sheng Yize coughed a little. “Is it possible to include the two of us in the show? We come with our own sponsorship.”

Changing participants at this stage was actually quite controversial.

Sheng Yize gave it some thought, then added, “We’ll compensate those we’re replacing!”

Two young men rushed toward him. Both were rather good-looking and green. With one look, he could see that they were new to the business.

“Senior, we don’t need any compensation. We’re more than happy to leave!” said both of them simultaneously.

Sheng Yize didn’t see that coming. “What?”

The two young men gave him a bow. “Good luck to you and Senior He in everything! Bye!”

They had been tricked into taking part in the show as well. Since they were obviously being replaced, they might as well offer their spots willingly. That way, they could shirk the hardships which awaited them and leave a good impression on the two seniors at the same time.

The two fellows promptly left, leaving the baffled director and Sheng Yize behind.

Sheng Yize came back to himself first. “In that case, we’ll be imposing on your hospitality for the next few days, Director.”

“You flatter me!”

The crew was then ready to set off again.

Sheng Yize took a look at the shabby bus, pursed his mouth in disdain, then gestured at the crew to hold on.

He then made a phone call. In less than an hour, a few limousines arrived with all the goods and materials needed.

The crew members were astonished by his generosity!

Everyone got into the vehicles as if in a trance. Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia had one to themselves and He Jiayu shared one with Su Xiaomo.

Apart from the driver, a cameraman also gingerly followed each couple into their vehicles.

Crossing his long legs lazily, Sheng Yize beckoned at An Xiaxia with a finger. “Come over here.”

An Xiaxia inched toward Sheng Yize, suspecting that he was angry with her.

What should she do when her man was mad? Cheer him up!

She blinked. “Honey, let me show you a magic trick!”

Spreading her palms over her cheeks, she blinked. “Look, I’m a flower!”

Sheng Yize snorted. “Playing cute won’t work on me.”

An Xiaxia held his arm, buttering him up. “Honey, don’t be mad. I didn’t know about the pairing up until I got here…”

Only then did Sheng Yize’s face soften a little.

“Mr. Cameraman, are you alright?” An Xiaxia realized then that the cameraman had been covering his nose with his hand the whole time. Even the hand holding the camera was shaking.

“Yeah… I had a nosebleed!” The guy looked embarrassed.

The loving couple had given him a nosebleed! Aww! He had a feeling that this show was going to be a great hit!