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Chapter 1027: Until We’re Both Hoary-Haired (23)

Unpopular shows like these couldn’t get good sponsors.

And the result of that was — the crew had little money to spend.

In turn, the destination the show had chosen was — here in Yu City!

They were fine visiting museums in the city, but the planning unit somehow thought it would be a great idea to make the theme “going back to the countryside and reliving the old days.”

An Xiaxia looked at this in despair. “Do you think we should quit?”

Su Xiaomo nodded repeatedly. “We so should!”

Sensing their intentions, a bunch of people surrounded them and pleaded, “Miss Break Stones on My Chest and Miss Shatter Diamonds with Bare Hands, please stay… we’re begging you!”

Neither Su Xiaomo nor An Xiaxia was good at refusing people, and the two women eyed each other awkwardly.

“If you want, we can get on our knees… sob…”

The program was also at the end of its rope. They would love to invite popular young actors and actresses to the show and take them to famous destinations like all the other well-known programs… but they didn’t have the money.

As an illustrator and a writer respectively, Su Xiaomo and An Xiaxia both had their own fan groups. The program was counting on them to bring some attention to the show…

Seeing their hesitation, a girl called Xiaojiu from the planning unit prompted, “We have something special planned this time, really! This is the best plan we’ve come up with so far! All five guests here are female, and we have five mysterious guests that are all male. We’ll pair you up at the scene and you’ll be doing the tasks as couples…”

An Xiaxia said weakly, “Then we’ll go raise chickens?”

“Well… that…” Xiaojiu chuckled awkwardly. “You can always choose something else if you don’t want chickens. Ducks, fish, pigs, whatever you want. Wait, not pigs. They’re too expensive for us to rent…”

An Xiaxia looked up at the sky. Why are you people even trying to make a show with that little money?!

However, they had agreed to participate; if they quit now, they would create a lot of inconvenience for the show.

“Fine, just think of it as a real life learning experience.” Su Xiaomo sighed.

“Yeah.” An Xiaxia agreed with her. “Well, I need to give Sheng Yize a call.”

Su Xiaomo took out her phone and called He Jiayu as well.

When they heard the part of them being paired up, the two men reacted differently, but somehow decided to do the same thing.

Sheng Yize said, “An Xiaxia, I see you’ve gotten really bold now! Not only are you going on a show like that, you’re also getting a new boyfriend?!”

An Xiaxia tried to explain. “I’m not. It’s just acting. We won’t be a real couple.”

“Heh. In your dreams! Where are you now? I’ll be right there!”

An Xiaxia was speechless.

He Jiayu said, “Momo, a village in the mountains can be really dangerous. You can run into wild animals. I’m not sure your partner can protect you well enough and I’m very concerned.”

Su Xiaomo said casually, “Don’t be! I’m totally fine!”

He Jiayu’s gentle voice then came from the other end. “How about telling me exactly where you are at the moment?”

An hour later, Sheng Yize and He Jiayu arrived at the same time.

The program had rented a bus, which would take the guests and the crew to the village.

Sheng Yize and He Jiayu’s arrival set off a commotion.

“Are they celebrities? Look at those faces, the waistlines, the legs… aww!”

“Why do they look so familiar? Have I seen them somewhere before?”

“Aah! They’re coming this way!”

A couple of girls wrapped their arms around each other and were exhilarated. He Jiayu smiled at them and asked, “Hello, do you still need male guests for the show?”