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Chapter 1023: Until We’re Both Hoary-Haired (19)

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An Xiaxia stopped him in a hurry. “Calm down! Little Bai is just a kid!”

Sheng Yize was livid. “Where did you kiss her? On the cheek or on the mouth?”

Si Bai replied honestly, “On the mouth.”

“No one can stop me now!” Sheng Yize went berserk again.

A mild, teasing voice came from the doorway. “Mr. Sheng, I see you’re in great spirits. I heard you bellowing from a corridor away.”

Sheng Yize smirked when he saw Si Yan and shifted his target.

Of course he couldn’t hit a child, but the child’s dad was a different story!

Grabbing Si Yan by his collar, Sheng Yize ground his teeth. “How dare your son kiss my daughter! And on her mouth! Mouth!”

Si Yan didn’t even flinch. He even took the time to praise Si Bai. “Nice job.”

“Thank you,” said Si Bai humbly.

Sheng Yize was speechless.

Sheng Yize, who had always been the irritating one, was for once greatly irritated.

Picking up Pepsi, he glared at Si Bai. “Hands off Pepsi… or your dad will end up in one of those sacks one day.”

Cola stared at Sheng Yize in admiration. Dad, you’re awesome!

“Let’s go home!” Sheng Yize left with Pepsi in one arm and holding Cola’s hand, An Xiaxia following behind him.

After the family of four left, Si Yan shook his head and chuckled. “I never knew that Sheng Yize had this childish side to him.”

His wife said, “Do I hear delight in your voice?”

“That’s because I’m delighted.” Si Yan rubbed his son’s head. “I’m glad we don’t have a girl.”

Otherwise, he would probably be more irritable than Sheng Yize.

“Keep up the good work, Little Bai! Marry your wife as soon as possible!”

Si Bai clenched his fists. “I will!”

Mrs. Si was somewhat speechless. Are you sure that’s the right thing to tell your son?

Sheng Yize tried to brainwash Pepsi the whole time on their way back home.

He lectured her on not holding boys’ hands or hugging them. Kissing them was an even bigger no-no!

Pepsi yawned. “But you and Mummy hold hands, hug, and kiss!”

An Xiaxia said in embarrassment, “That’s because we’re husband and wife.”

“Honey Little Bai and me will be that, too!” said Pepsi adamantly.

Sheng Yize sighed inwardly.

“Well, I see that you really like Little Bai. You’re calling him honey now.” An Xiaxia smiled. “But Pepsi, you must behave like a good girl now and only get a boyfriend when you’re a little older. You’re too young for that now.”

“But how much older?” Pepsi’s face puckered up.

“When you’re 18, I think… You should at least be an adult…”

Sheng Yize said coldly, “Let’s make it 30. You’re still too young before that.”

…30 years old? Was he deliberately trying to turn her into a spinster?

Pepsi sighed in distress. Cola comforted her, saying, “Don’t worry. You can always elope.”

“Sheng Muan! One more word and I’m throwing you out the window!” Sheng Yize bellowed.

That quieted Cola down immediately.

That evening.

As soon as the video call went through, Pepsi said loudly, “Honey Little Bai, let’s elope!”

It was picked up by Si Yan, who was a little surprised. He then replied with a smile, “One moment, please. Little Bai is taking his medicine.”

“Hello, Uncle,” Pepsi greeted him.

Si Yan asked gently, “Do you know what an elopement is?”

Pepsi shook her head honestly. “I think Little Bai will know…”

“Hoho…” Si Yan chuckled. “Basically, you should only do that when you’re sure you want to be with the other person for the rest of your life. Pepsi, you’re still too young to make that decision. I like you very much and so does Little Bai, but that’s not a promise you should make lightly.”