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Chapter 1019: Until We’re Both Hoary-Haired (15)

The Sheng family.

An Xiaxia was taken into the study by the back of her collar. With a swipe of his hand, Sheng Yize swept everything off the table.

“Hm…” Seeing this, An Xiaxia knew how it was going to end for her.

At such a critical moment, self-preservation prompted An Xiaxia to betray her dear friend without hesitation. “Alright! Alright! Momo taught me about all those positions! She’s a veteran in this!”

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes, giving off a dangerous air.

An Xiaxia showed him her phone. “Look, here’s an illustration she drew me, so that I could use it as a guideline. It took me days to come up with those two pages…”

Sheng Yize took one glance and his face turned grim.

Not only was it exceedingly explicit, the two bodies were also intertwined in an impossible position!

He was so piqued that he broke into a chuckle. Snatching An Xiaxia’s phone away, he forwarded the drawing to He Jiayu with a smiling emoji. “The work of your wife herself. Enjoy.”

He Jiayu replied with an ellipsis a couple of seconds later.

He was doing the rounds in the wards when he received the message, and around him, the interns and nurses wondered why Dr. He’s smile suddenly turned so terrifying!

He Jiayu quickly sent Su Xiaomo a message. “Honey, I’ll see you tonight in bed.”

Su Xiaomo replied cockily, “Work hard and you’ll be rewarded accordingly, cutie!”

He Jiayu smiled.

It was a very grim smile.

He would “work hard,” alright!

In the study.

Sheng Yize watched in amusement as An Xiaxia crawled to the other end of the table and exclaimed in an indignant voice, “I told you the truth! It’s not my fault at all!”

“Come over here.” He smiled.

… Like hell! She wasn’t stupid.

An Xiaxia said ingratiatingly, “Honey, I want to talk to you about something!”

“Yes? Is it about how many times we’re going to do it tonight?”

“I’ve decided to change Cola’s and Pepsi’s names!”

“Do you want to be on top or on the bottom? Or… would you prefer something else?”

“Let’s call them Muffin and Croissant! That’s nice, isn’t it? Hahaha…” An Xiaxia’s laughter sounded hollow in the room. She then realized that Sheng Yize was already unbuttoning his shirt.

Damn! He had ignored her completely!

Summoning up her courage, she smacked the table and said, “I’m warning you! I’ll fight back! Keep doing this to me and I – I’ll… I’ll bite! I can do that!”

Sheng Yize pressed her down and his lips met hers. “I have no objection with that. Bite wherever you want…”

An Xiaxia was speechless.

There was no need to describe what followed.

During dinner, Sheng Yize made the official announcement. “Your names have been changed. You’ll be Muffin and Croissant from now on.”

Cola and Pepsi looked disgruntled. “That’s Mummy’s idea, right? Sounds so dumb…”

An Xiaxia rubbed the sore muscles on her back and pursed her lips. “Those are very cute names…”

“Mummy, can you change them?” Pepsi asked with a straight face.

“It’s Puppy and Duckie, then. How’s that?” Sheng Yize arched an eyebrow.

Cola and Pepsi were speechless. Shouldn’t it be the kids annoying their parents, not the other way round?!

“I want to be Toffee!” Pepsi tilted her head. Toffees were her favorite.

Cola chimed in. “I’ll be Fudge, then!”

“Toffee Sheng and Fudge Sheng? Very nice.” Sheng Yize tapped the table.

“No! There’s nothing nice about that! Knock if off!” An Xiaxia said in vexation.

Sheng Yize turned to her. “I think you can change your name as well. You can be An Brosial.”

“Stop it!”

The family of four went on laughing and jeering, until Sheng Yize rounded up the conversation. “Alright. You’ll still have Cola and Pepsi as your nicknames. As for your official names… I know what we should call you.”