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Chapter 1013: Until We’re Both Hoary-Haired (9)

Wiping away her tears, He Jiyua’s mother fumbled out a red packet and put it in Cuddlie’s hands.

Cuddlie smiled sweetly. “Thank you, Grandma.”

“Good, good…” He Jiayu’s mother was still having a hard time controlling her emotions, and she looked at He Jiayu in gratitude. “Thank you. Thank you…”

He Jiayu lowered his gaze. “We’re off, then.”

His mother said anxiously, “But you haven’t eaten yet!”

“That won’t be necessary.” He Jiayu smiled a little. “It’s so awkward to have me here. Tell Old Li to come back. You two enjoy the festival.”

His mother smiled in embarrassment. “Alright.”

Su Xiaomo carried Cuddlie out first. He Jiayu followed them.

Walking past his mother, he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“What?” His mother stared at him in astonishment. The past then came back to her and she lowered her head, overwhelmed by a sense of guilt. “I’m the one that should be sorry… I’ve been a disgrace to you all these years…”

He Jiayu’s lips moved, but he didn’t say another word.

Walking out, he saw Su Xiaomo playing with Cuddlie in the car. He then bent down and kissed her gently on her forehead.

“Hey! The baby is watching!” Su Xiaomo said shyly. “We should come more often, and make it more home-like!”

He Jiayu smiled. “Alright.”

As he drove steadily back home, a mishmash of memories came back to him.

His mother had indeed worked in shady places, selling herself willingly, but from what He Jiayu could remember, she had never mistreated him.

Everything he ate and used was of the highest quality among kids of his age.

She had enrolled him in the best schools, hired the best tutors for him, and spent a lot of money for him to attend extra-curricular classes…

If his mother had other choices, if he was tougher back then, if…

But there were just “ifs.”

“Cutie He! Let’s go out and watch the moon tonight!” Su Xiaomo proposed cheerfully.

“It’s not Mid-Autumn Day…” He Jiayu smiled in resignation. “Plus, the moon is the fullest on the 16th day of a lunar month. So, tomorrow night is better for that.”

“Hey! What’s wrong with the moon tonight?! It’s the fullest because I said so! Are you trying to start a fight?!”

Her eyes darting around, little Cuddlie said in her head, “Daddy! Stand up for yourself! Speak louder and be a man! Overthrow your despotic wife!”

However, He Jiayu only smiled. The sunlight shone on his face through the window, making his smile as warm as the sun itself.

“I agree with you. You’re so beautiful. Of course everything you say is true.”

Su Xiaomo hummed a tune in satisfaction. “That’s right, because I’m a fairy!”

Cuddlie was speechless. Daddy, keep doing this and you’ll be on your knees for the rest of your life!

The Sheng family.

Sheng Yize was cooking glutinous rice balls in the kitchen and An Xiaxia was watching the Lantern Festival Gala with the kids. She kept glancing at the kitchen.

“Mummy, why is Uncle Fengfeng on TV?” Pepsi asked curiously, nibbling her fingers.

“Because Uncle Fengfeng is a huge star! He’s really, really famous!” An Xiaxia explained to her. Pepsi then said enviously, “Why isn’t Papa a huge star?”

Well… he was once! But An Xiaxia didn’t know how to explain it to Pepsi.

Cola snorted, the look on his little face reminding one of Sheng Yize. “Dumb Pepsi. If Papa is a star, other people will take him away from Mummy!”

“Take him away? Why?”

“To… to make babies, of course! He’ll have other babies and he won’t love us anymore!”