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Chapter 1010: Until We’re Both Hoary-Haired (6)

Pepsi sniveled dumbly, blew the dust off the donut, then stuffed it in Si Bai’s mouth.

Si Bai finished it in two bites. “It’s delicious.”

“Really?” Pepsi licked her lips, looking intrigued.

She would have kept the donut for herself if she had known! She wanted to try it, too!

Si Bai seemed to read her mind. Tilting his head, he asked, “Do you want to eat it?”

“Yes!” Pepsi nodded adamantly.

“Come closer, then.” Si Bai cleared his throat and Pepsi did as told. “What now?”

Si Bai aimed at her pink lips and kissed her.

It was their first kiss.

“Is it sweet?” asked Si Bai.

“Yes!” Pepsi giggled.

Si Bai smiled.

A moment later, he picked up Pepsi’s hand and said, “Be a good girl and drink your milk!”


“And, grow taller soon! Tell me if someone picks on you!” said Si Bai earnestly. “I’ll visit you again.”

Just then, Cola ran toward them in a hurry, stuffed a milk bottle in Pepsi’s mouth, and said anxiously, “Drink! Don’t cry!”

Pepsi had been distracted by the conversation with Si Bai, but was reminded by Cola of what had happened. She burst into tears again.

The two boys consoled her in a flurry until the adults heard the commotion. An Xiaxia picked Pepsi up and comforted her for a long time before she stopped crying.

“Don’t cry. Look, your Brother Little Bai has prepared gifts for you!” To distract Pepsi, An Xiaxia took her to see the gifts Si Bai brought.

There was a Barbie, a toy magical wand, a princess-style dress, pins with bows… and a large jar of colorful fruit candies.

Si Bai made a solemn oath before he left. “I promise I’ll visit you again before you finish the candies. You can only eat one piece a day…”

However, Pepsi was drooling over the candies by then, and completely ignored the last bit of his promise.

That night, when no one was watching, Pepsi grabbed the jar and began to eat through it.

Wow, they were so sweet and so yummy!

“Little Bai will be here after I finish the jar,” she thought happily. She fell asleep and had the sweetest dream.

However, the entire household woke up to Pepsi’s howls the next morning.

No one could console her and even milk wouldn’t work. The girl cried for two hours non-stop, until Qi Yanxi, who had come to visit them, calmed her down.

Letting the girl ride on his shoulders, Qi Yanxi ran around the room and made all sorts of funny sounds. Only then did the girl break into laughter again.

“There, there, little Pepsi. Don’t cry.” Qi Yanxi put her back down.

“Uncle, be my horse!” Pepsi hopped around, patting his thighs.

Qi Yanxi was over the moon to see this mini-version of An Xiaxia running around him adorably. He said teasingly, “Not uncle. Call me brother.”

Blinking, Pepsi said, “But you’re older than Papa. That’s an uncle.”

Qi Yanxi roared. “Old? I’m not old!”

Pepsi pursed her lips and was ready to cry again, which flustered Qi Yanxi. He said in a hurry, “Alright, alright, I’m old. Now, can you tell Uncle Qi, why are you crying?”

“Because Little Bai is a liar! Big liar!”

“Why, you’ve finally realized that! Break up with him, then. I can be your boyfriend!”

Pepsi shook her head. “Uncle, you’re too old. We can’t be together.”

Pffft —

That was quite the blow for Qi Yanxi. Sheng Yize took it further in an unhurried tone. “He’s not only old, but dumb as well. He’ll bring down the average of our family’s IQ.”