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Chapter 1009: Until We’re Both Hoary-Haired (5)

“Cola and Pepsi are watching cartoons.” An Xiaxia rubbed Si Bai’s head. She liked the kid more and more with every visit of his.

He was such an adorable little boy!

Si Bai ran into the room and his eyes lit up when he saw Pepsi on the fluffy carpet, but he kept his face perfectly straight when he called her. “Pepsi.”

However, he was a kid after all, and no matter how hard he tried, the tremor in his voice still betrayed him.

Pepsi scrambled to her feet in delight as soon as she saw him. “Little Bai!”

She threw herself into Si Bai’s arms. Si Bai smiled a little and took advantage of his height. Rubbing her head, he asked, “Did you receive the milk powder I sent you?”

“Yes!” Pepsi giggled. “Yummy…”

“Well, good.” Si Bai was going to say something else when Cola rushed over and wedged himself between them.

“Little Bai, let’s play!”

Si Bai frowned, but yielded to Cola and went to play building blocks with the latter.

Pepsi was going to sit next to Si Bai when Sheng Yize called out, “Pepsi, Balala the Fairies, your favorite show, has started!”

Pepsi ran to her father, suspecting nothing, then jumped onto his lap and began to watch the show.

Si Bai played building blocks with Cola with an impassive face, and the latter would stop him whenever he tried to leave.

Hence, Si Bai didn’t manage to talk to Pepsi at all the whole morning.

During lunch, Si Bai wanted to sit with Pepsi, but Cola squeezed between them yet again.

Si Bai’s face went livid.

Pepsi, on the other hand, sensed nothing and ate happily.

Checking the time, Si Bai was somewhat crestfallen.

According to Mrs. Si, they were leaving at three, for they were going to accompany his father on a visit to an old friend.

Time slowly passed and Si Bai went on sulking. He silently left the table in the end.

“Where is little Bai going?” An Xiaxia asked in confusion.

Mrs. Si looked amused. “I think he’s going to lick his wounds in some corner. He’ll be very grumpy today after we get back home, for not being able to talk to Pepsi.”

An Xiaxia chuckled. After some thought, she put a donut in Pepsi’s hand and said, “Pepsi, Brother Little Bai isn’t happy. Go cheer him up.”

Pepsi nodded obediently, then ran out to find Si Bai.

Sheng Yize darted Cola a glance and the latter ran out after his sister. “Pepsi, wait up! I’m coming with you!”

Si Bai was alone in the garden, looking sullen, when a sweet voice called him from behind. “Little Bai!!”

Turning around, he saw Pepsi running toward him, holding a donut. She lost her balance on the stairs and fell down with a thump.

“Pepsi!” Si Bai’s stomach lurched and he hurried to her side to help her up.

Covered in dirt, Pepsi howled.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry. Here, let me blow on your hands.” It pained Si Bai to see the scratches on her tender little hands and he blew on them, trying to make her feel better.

Seeing this, Cola charged at him. “What are you doing to my sister?!”

Si Bai glanced at him indifferently. “Pepsi fell. Go get her a bandaid. Oh, get her some milk as well.”

Cola hesitated a little at that. Concern for his sister got the better of him, and he hurried back to the house.

Si Bai had calculated in his head. Fetching the bandaid and mixing the milk powder with water would take Cola at least five minutes.

That would give him five minutes alone with Pepsi.

“Don’t cry.” Si Bai wiped her tears with his sleeve.

Pursing her lips, Pepsi said in a pitiful voice, “The donut is for you… but it’s dirty now…”

Si Bai was surprised. The next moment, he smiled brightly at her.

“It’s ok. I don’t mind, as long as you feed me. Here.” He opened his mouth.