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Chapter 1005: Until We’re Both Hoary-Haired (1)

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“Papa… what’s wrong?” Pepsi asked, tilting her head.

Papa’s face was so dark! How strange!


“Go to bed.” Sheng Yize sighed.

“Ok…” Pepsi nodded, then kissed him on the cheek. “Good night, Papa!”

Sheng Yize felt relieved. So, his baby daughter did love him after all!

However… he couldn’t help but become pensive when he realized that she would kiss Si Bai like that one day.

Cola went up to him. “Papa. I want a kiss, too.”

Sheng Yize darted him a look. “I don’t like being kissed by another man.”

Cola was speechless.

He was seriously considering the possibility that he wasn’t Sheng Yize’s son.

Why would his dad prefer his daughter over his son? Aww!

Crestfallen, Cola held Pepsi’s hand and was ready to go to bed. Just then, Sheng Yize called after Cola.

“Pepsi, go to bed first. I need to speak to your brother.”

After putting Pepsi in bed, he went back to Cola and rubbed his head with a smile. “Cola, I see you’ve grown taller.”

Overwhelmed by this unexpected favor, Cola stared at his dad in excitement.

“You’ve grown taller, so, that makes you the little man of this family, right?” Sheng Yize led him on patiently.

Cola nodded repeatedly.

“Now, I have a very honorable task for you. Promise me you’ll do your best to make it work. Deal?”

Cola stared at him in utter confusion.

“When Si Bai comes to visit during the Spring Festival, here’s what you’re going to do… Understand?”


“Good. Now, gimme five!”

The big hand met the little one and Sheng Yize was suddenly in a great mood again.

The next day.

Sheng Yize took An Xiaxia to work again.

Switching on her laptop, An Xiaxia ate her snacks, typed a few words, played some games, then repeated the process. The morning passed like that, and when Sheng Yize glanced at her screen, he was a little surprised. “Xiaxia, you’ve only written a hundred words…”

An Xiaxia said in frustration, “I’m not myself today…”

Sheng Yize counted on his fingers and teased her. “You haven’t written enough today to buy what you ate this morning.”

“Hey, do I hear disdain in your voice now?” An Xiaxia pouted. Her phone began to ring at that moment and she picked it up. After a brief conversation, she said in disbelief, “Really? When are we going to meet, then?”

After she hung up, Sheng Yize darted her a look. “You’re gloating. Did you win the lottery?”

He thought it was one of those telephone frauds.

An Xiaxia stuck out her tongue at him. “It wasn’t a lottery, but there’s money in it, alright? One of my books is being turned into a drama, and I’m going to sign the contract this afternoon.”

Sheng Yize looked surprised. “But aren’t your books all about… well, love stories between men?”

“So what?!” An Xiaxia said indignantly. “They’re all decent characters and there are no X-rated scenes. Of course it can be adapted into a drama.”

Sheng Yize chuckled. “Whatever you say, Lord Break Stones on My Chest. Do you need my company this afternoon?”

“Nah. I’m fine doing this on my own.”

That being said, Sheng Yize still didn’t like the idea of letting her go all by herself. He postponed all his work that afternoon and went with her.

Tong Yan drove them to the designated cafe.

He had only learned An Xiaxia’s real identity yesterday and was a little embarrassed when he met her this morning.

Luckily, An Xiaxia wasn’t in the habit of holding grudges, which relieved him greatly.

“Mr. Sheng, Mrs. Sheng, we’re here.” He stopped the car. Sheng Yize got out first to open the door for An Xiaxia, then the couple entered the cafe together.

The cafe had been rented out for the day. The only customers were a few people standing around a long table. Seeing them come in, someone greeted them warmly. “Master Stone, what an honor!”

He took Sheng Yize’s hand enthusiastically.