The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! - Chapter 1003 - The Marriage Certificate of Little Bai and Pepsi (14)

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Chapter 1003: The Marriage Certificate of Little Bai and Pepsi (14)

However, An Xiaxia felt that the question only made Sheng Yize angrier…

When he was finally done, An Xiaxia was so tired that she could barely keep her eyes open.

Sheng Yize picked up his phone and flicked An Xiaxia’s forehead.

Huh? What was he talking about?

After a closer look, An Xiaxia couldn’t contain her laughter.


She now knew why Sheng Yize was so pissed, for Miya had shown him the paparazzi photo from the other day when he had done the puppy-dog thing.

Blue veins popped on Sheng Yize’s forehead when he saw her laughing so wholeheartedly.

“Stop laughing!” He gritted his teeth. “Or we’ll do one more round!”

An Xiaxia grumbled, “No, please don’t! I apologize! I’m apologizing to you now!”

If she hadn’t asked Sheng Yize to play cute, that photo would never have existed in the first place!

Sheng Yize looked slightly mollified until An Xiaxia blinked and added, “But I think that’s a great picture! You look so adorable in it!”

“Stop saying that word!”

That word seemed to be branded in his brain and he could still hear Miya’s taunting voice in his head. “Mr. Sheng, I see that you’ve gained some childlike innocence after getting married. Wouldn’t your wife despise you for looking like this?”

He knew perfectly well that the woman was talking bullshit after being cornered, but he just couldn’t get his mind off it.

And the little woman had commented in such a careless way that only made Sheng Yize want to eat her up!

Hence, they did it again…

An Xiaxia was almost crying. “What’s wrong with what I said? Nothing beats being adorable! You… what are you doing?!”

Sheng Yize said with a gloomy face, “Stop describing me with that word!”

“Which word? Adorable?”

“Shut up!”

An Xiaxia was speechless. Aww, her Mr. Idol was so adorable when he got all childish.

Too bad that her back muscles had to pay for it.

An Xiaxia lay in the lounge the entire afternoon. Tong Yan came in at six o’clock as usual to deliver some files and happened to run into An Xiaxia, who had just walked out of the lounge with a hand on her back.

“Sheng Yize, time to punch out.”

Tong Yan wanted to remind her that there was no such thing as punching out for their president! With the year coming to an end, they were busier than ever. When the president didn’t clock off, everyone else worked overtime with him. They had been working their asses off for days.

Sheng Yize checked the time, then said, “Alright. Let’s go home.”

Tong Yan’s mouth fell open in shock. “Mr. Sheng, are you leaving?”

Sheng Yize arched an eyebrow. “Yes. Tell everyone to go home.”

OMG! Tong Yan was astonished. To him, An Xiaxia had just turned into Helen of Troy.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Their president, the workaholic, was willing to get off work on time for her. What formidable power did this woman possess?

However, one had to admit that their president indeed doted on her. He wondered how his real wife would feel about that…

Tong Yan was saddened by that thought as he walked back to his desk.

He almost couldn’t comprehend the idea of getting off work on time.

Sheng Yize walked out of his office first, holding the door open for An Xiaxia.

“Goodbye, Mr. Sheng, Mrs. Sheng!” Apart from Tong Yan, everyone else rose to their feet.

Sheng Yize nodded at them, then led An Xiaxia away, holding her hand.

Tong Yan was baffled. “Why did you all address her as Mrs. Sheng?”

Jiang fought hard to contain his grin. “Because that’s who she is.”

Tong Yan looked like he had been struck by a thunderbolt.


An Xiaxia was their president’s wife???

Aww… What had he done today?!