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Chapter 8: Break Through the Heavy Encirclement

Zhang Mu laced his hands together behind his head and closed his eyes, reclining on a red sofa to take a rest.

Remembering what had happened two hours ago, the fear still lingered in his heart.

At that time, he had ran to the old locust tree and picked up his backpack. He didn’t dare to slow down and ran at full speed.

It was really a horrible scene to be chased by hundreds of walking dead.

When Zhang Mu was exhausted and almost caught by the ones running at the front, he finally saw a narrow alley and immediately rushed into it. After several twists and turns, the walking dead numbers dwindled down and they finally lost his trace.

After that, Zhang Mu sneaked into a common residential district. He found a house and climbed up to its balcony. After making sure that no one was in the room, he closed the door and slept till now.

Zhang Mu carefully chewed a piece of compressed biscuit. Is was his habit to not waste any bit of food.

His other hand reached into the backpack, picking up the several second-ranked crystals and observing them with interest.



Zhang Mu was intoxicated with the sound of crystals’ knocking each other.

In the future, crystals were precious cultivating materials to other people. To him, they were his most intimate old friends.

Era merchants didn’t dare have any friends. They were too rich, but also too weak, so they didn’t trust anyone.

Every time when Zhang Mu felt lonely, he often drew out several crystals and listened to their tinkling sounds. That could effectively calm down his impulsive heart.

This time wasn’t any different. Zhang Mu’s heart gradually calmed down and considered what should he do next.

Tonight, at 12 o’clock, Luoyang City’s era merchant would come to this city and stay for an hour at People’s Square where Zhang Mu just escaped from.

Zhang Mu didn’t worry about if anybody would become the first agent before he reached there. He didn’t think that anyone would go out in the dark night within the first three days. If there were no accident, the identity of the first sub-merchant was firmly grasped in his hand.

The only problem was: how would he get there?

There were hundreds of walking dead wandering on the square. Zhang Mu felt worried when he thought of it.

It was impossible to break through their blockade line. In that case, there was only one choice, which was very popular in the future.

Although it could only be used to solve the first-ranked walking dead, but it was very effective when faced with these mindless monsters.

Zhang Mu thought the plan again and again, making sure that he didn’t miss anything. Finally, he felt sleepy again.

He set up the watch alarm and fell in sleep with holding the Tang sword in his arms. At this time, only the sword could provide him a sense of security.


The hours passed so quickly. The quartz watch started chiming.

Zhang Mu fiercely opened his eyes, jumping up from the bed.

“I haven’t have such a good sleep for a long time.”

Zhang Mu stretched himself. In the future, he didn’t have any chance to have such a sweet sleep like now. If he didn’t find a concealed place and set traps, he didn’t even have the guts to sleep. He had heard too many stories about being killed during one’s sleep.

As time went by, the evolvers in the future excavated more and more of their potential. He didn’t only need to avoid being found by the evolving monsters, but also need to avoid other humans.

Even though it was a very sad truth, but Zhang Mu had been used to it, because he knew that people were always selfish. He wouldn’t harm strangers intentionally, but he also wouldn’t lend a helping hand to others.

Zhang Mu looked at his watch. It was already 11 o’clock now. It was about time to leave.

Zhang Mu found some cookies in the room. He put them into his backpack, then held the sword in his hand and walked to the balcony.

He inserted the Tang sword into the backpack, then threw it down to the ground. After that, he also jumped off.

It wasn’t a high building, but he still rolled on the ground to relieve the force. His body must be kept in the best state, because the things he was going to do was too important to make any mistakes.

…Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zhang Mu put the earth wire and the live wire together, then immediately separated them. He rapidly repeated this action several times and finally launched the pickup truck he just found. Zhang Mu curled his mouth with dissatisfaction, but he didn’t have any other choice. This was the only sturdy car he could find. Besides, higher-end cars couldn’t be hijacked this way.

The car’s roaring was particularly lound in the strange silence. It instantly provoked the walking dead around this street, making them run towards his location.

“Go go go! Ha ha ha ha!”

Zhang Mu frantically laughed. He opened the dazzling car lights, rampaging in the narrow street. He completely ignored the walking dead that were running after him.

The walking dead’s vicious faces and the soaring speed made adrenaline flow in Zhang Mu’s veins. His heart slightly found back his passion.

Soon afterwards, he reached his destination. The bright car lights illuminated the People’s Square not far away.

Although he knew that it wouldn’t be a nice trip, but the situation on the square still took his breath away.

Most of the walking dead had left the square, however, there were still hundreds of walking dead wandering around.

Fortunately, he was driving a pickup truck. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even have the smallest possibility to pass through them.

It was about the time. Zhang Mu turned up the volume of the car’s speakers and started driving the pickup truck in circles around the square.

“Fluorescent lights, chandeliers and spotlights continue to shine, stroboscopic lasers continue to be announced tonight.”

Zhang Mu took a glance at the car audio. He remembered the song’s name: Color of Night.

He used to hum this song in the past. Although he had almost forgotten it as time went by, but when the song came to the climax, he still shouted with the rhythm.

“Come on, let’s dance! Let’s be happy and crazy! Give up, let’s dance! Let’s scream! Hi! Hi! Hi!”

Over a hundred walking dead turned around and stared at the truck. However, Zhang Mu had seen enough similar scenes in the future. His only response was raising his voice.

At the same time, the walking dead chasing after his truck also reached this place. They joined the walking dead on the square, forming a pretty horrible army of the dead.

If people were to see this scene of an old pickup car followed by a crowd of walking dead, they would be struck dumb.


It was 0:00 A.M. now.

A silver light column was instantly projected down from the sky. The walking dead in the light column were all blown away instantly. The ten huge columns, which were originally on the square, vanished, as if they had never existed.

Zhang Mu squinted his eyes, waiting for the era merchant’s coming. Just like the rumours he once heard, the living beings were blown away and the common objects were pulverized to dust.

Zhang Mu put his head out of the car window and looked back. The walking dead after him regarded the light column as nothing and was still chasing after him.

As he had expected, walking dead don’t realize the existence of era merchants.

It was about the time.

Zhang Mu made a turn. He stepped on the gas, driving the truck rushing towards the walking dead.

The truck’s brake was broken, so he immediately opened the car door and jumped off the truck. When his hands and legs touched the ground, he supported himself and landed smoothly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After smashing down a dozen of walking dead, the pickup car gradually stopped.

As Zhang Mu stood up and watched the pickup truck, the walking dead had turned around and rushed towards him. He could even some of their ugly faces.

He really hoped that he had a time bomb at this time. In his eyes, these walking dead were simply a lot of walking crystals.

He thought so, but didn’t stop his footsteps. He ran at full speed towards the light column.

The light column was only about hundreds of meters away, but Zhang Mu felt that he was racing with death itself.

A few walking dead should be mutants. Their speed was way faster than other walking dead. The distance amongst Zhang Mu and them was quickly reduced.

Zhang Mu didn’t dare to look back. He was so worried that he would be caught by these walking dead.


Dozens of seconds later, Zhang Mu finally reached the light column. He immediately jumped into it without hesitation.

Zhang Mu finally had time to look back. He gasped for air and watched the light column bounce off the walking deads.

At this time, a lazy, but magnetic voice suddenly appeared behind him.

“Hello. Welcome to the Shop number 37.”