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Chapter 65: Done With the Deal

Zhang Mu knew what Wang Liang was thinking. He knew that the price was too high. However, he was left in shock once Zhang Mu had laid all his cards on the table.

Wang Liang had hoped that Zhang Mu could reduce the price, because he had a good relationship with “the Second”. He implied that if the price wasn’t reduced, he could also buy the potions from the other sub-merchant. Of course, he would also pay a lot of crystals, but the price would still be better than Zhang Mu’s.

However, Wang Liang was now driven to the wall because Zhang Mu had the power to monopolize the potion trade and leave nothing for others. In this case, Wang Liang could only buy strength potion from him. Zhang Mu had promised to compensate Wang Liang with ten set of weaponry, but he did it as a favor without troubling himself. After all, he wanted to continue trading with him in the future; there was no need to strain their relationship.

Even so, Zhang Mu would earn ten times the initial cost in crystals from the deal. For 300% of profits, merchants would dare to commit any crimes, even at the risk of failure. 1000% of profits? That would be incredible!

Wang Liang hesitated. He wasn’t sure if Zhang Mu was lying or not, but he couldn’t take the risk. The Second thought highly of Zhang Mu. He may really have the monopoly over potions.

“Have you decided? Give me one thousand crystals and I can help you increase your speed by two times. Remember, you are an earth-type evolver. If you can become two times faster, you will be able to protect yourself when you use your ability. Don’t you think it is worth it?”

Zhang Mu tempted Wang Liang, trying to break his psychological barrier, “I can offer you ten sets of weapons, including lances and shields. You can let ten strength-type evolvers defend with the shields and let the others perform their abilities safely behind the defense. Imagine it, with them, you can slaughter walking dead like you’re reaping wheat!”

Wang Liang listened and nodded, then looked at Zhang Mu and smiled bitterly, “Brother Mu, you have helped me before. This isn’t a trap, right?”

Zhang Mu shrugged his shoulders and said, “It depends on whether you think they are worth the cost. Am I right?”

It was indeed true, but Wang Liang still instinctively knew that something was wrong. He consoled himself by telling himself that Zhang Mu just wanted his crystals.

“If you keep hesitating, I will raise the price after visiting the Era store. After all, prices are also rising within the Era store. Don’t say that I didn’t tell you at that time.”

“Ok, ok, I will buy it with one thousand crystals, but you need to compensate me with twenty sets of weapons!” Wang Liang thought for a while and said. He ground his teeth, “It’s not easy to collect one thousand crystals, and theoretically, it is the wealth of the whole base. I need to give everyone an explanation.”


Out of the blue, Zhang Mu agreed immediately, which made Wang Liang felt strange.

In fact, Zhang Mu had meant to give these weapons to Wang Liang from the beginning, because he had bought them expressly for the people in Luoyang. After all, he himself didn’t have any use for these common weapons. If he hadn’t been prepared to help them, he wouldn’t have wasted his crystals to buy these cumbersome tools. It had nothing to do with “kindness”. It was simply a long-term investment for him.

“Good. The crystals have been stored in a warehouse. Let me lead the way.”

Zhang Mu smiled and pulled out a small package that contained ten bottles of agility potions. He handed the package over to Wang Liang without hesitation and said, “Drink them now.”

Wang Liang was shocked. He had seen this amazing space storage technology twice, once from Zhang Mu and the second time with “the Second”. However, he still felt found it unbelievable when he saw it again.

“You’ll give me them now?” Wang Liang took the package. He thought that since Zhang Mu had given him the priceless potions directly, he should have absolute confidence in his power. Thinking of this, Wang Liang felt relieved.

Ok, let’s me see if they were really as effective as you’ve boasted!

Wang Liang gazed at the package with scorching eyes. He took out a bottle and lifted it, observing the fascinating liquid under the sunlight.

After a while, he opened it and drunk the potion. Soon after, before Wang Liang’s mind even realized it, his body had become nimble. The feeling wasn’t very obvious, but it was undoubtedly true.

Wang Liang remembered that Zhang Mu had told him that he wouldn’t feel any obvious change before drinking five bottles of agility potions. So he immediately opened the other four little containers and poured all of them into his mouth at once.

Instantly, the change in quantity caused the change in quality. It felt as if his body had become brand new.

At first, after his earth-type ability had awakened, he could control the Earth Blades, but he also felt that his body had become heavy and clumsy. He was afraid that he would accidentally injure his parents so he always kept a distance from other people when killing the walking dead.

However, after drinking five bottles of agility potions, he could feel that his body had become more nimble than before!

If he drank all the ten bottles of agility potions, what changes would happen to his body?

At this moment, Wang Liang finally realized that, even if without the weapons Zhang Mu promised him, the ten bottles of agility potions alone were already worth the one thousand crystals. Zhang Mu really wasn’t lying!