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Chapter 63: Seeing Wang Liang Again

Half a day later, Zhang Mu finally saw the familiar sign above the entrance of the toll station. He felt nervous.

What happened in Luoyang City?

The zoo held a large number of mutated animals. At the very beginning, they might have gathered together according to their races, but soon after, they would be enticed by the desire to evolve and would have attacked each other for cores.

In such a situation, mutated animals didn’t even care about the crystals within the walking dead’s necks, not to mention ordinary humans. After all, humans were just some good meals in their eyes, but the cores from other mutated animals could allow them to evolve! Therefore, before the weak mutated animals in the zoo had all been devoured, they wouldn’t even walk out from there themselves.

However, Zhang Mu was sure that the feathers were from vultures!

There were only two possibilities: some changes had occurred amongst the animals or someone had upset the balance in the zoo. Maybe it was a crowd of walking dead, but it might also be an evolver!

The first wasn’t very plausible, because he didn’t remember any special mutated animal from the zoo in his last life. Perhaps it was the latter possibility: a walking dead crowd or an evolver had broken into the zoo. Due to the things Zhang Mu had done in Luoyang City, history changed and things had started to go down a different path.

Zhang Mu felt a headache because his advantage from coming from the future was disappearing.

He jumped down from the back of his mount and walked into the city. He felt no fear because he had changed, too. Now, even if he was surrounded by walking dead, he could kill his way out without much effort.

There might be some strange mutated animals in the city, but the Bloodvine Demon Lotus meant hell to all creatures! With it, Zhang Mu didn’t really care about animals.

The only thing he was worried about was the people in Luoyang City. If too many had been killed, even reconstructing the city would be hard to accomplish, not to mention defending against evolved enemies in the future.

Zhang Mu didn’t care about people who were strangers to him. However, he was still human. This fact was engraved in his very bones. Since he was probably the only person who could solve this problem, he would take the responsibility.

He didn’t consider himself a “savior”. He also had his own plan. If Luoyang City couldn’t be rebuilt as soon as possible, many of his plans would fall to nothing.

Currently, most mutated animals and walking dead were still in the first rank so Zhang Mu had the confidence to clean them all up. He could collect crystals and animal cores and help other people to survive at the same time.

Zhang Mu walked into the city and was soon shocked.

He could remember a residential district here before, but it had been converted into a human settlement during the time he had been gone. Wooden barricades blocked his way and people came up to him and asked, “Hey, you. Where are you from?”

They were two burly men, but they should just be two ordinary people, not evolvers. Little Black had shrunk and hid in Zhang Mu’s pocket, so they just stared at the mutated wolfdog but didn’t seem too worried about its presence.

It… it shouldn’t be like this!

Shouldn’t there be only broken walls? Shouldn’t he come here and save them like a hero? Zhang Mu had prepared to see a city run over by mutated creatures, but… the people in this city had already built a refuge? And it looked pretty good!

When Zhang Mu was lost in thought, the two men pointed the knives in their hands at him and continued in an unhappy tone, “Hey, man? I’m asking your question!”

Zhang Mu’s attitude really annoyed them. Although they were ordinary people, after they became the gatekeepers of this base, no one had dared to ignore them. Ordinary people would present them gifts before entering and evolvers would also be polite to them.

Zhang Mu’s mind returned to the real world when his eyes caught the cold lights that reflected upon the weapons. He didn’t mind them but studied their knives with attention.

They were standard knives from the Era store.

There was already a sub-merchant here. Interesting.

Zhang Mu grinned. It should be the man from whom he stole the position of first sub-merchant. That person should be the second sub-merchant of Luoyang City now.

Zhang Mu didn’t feel guilty, because if he hadn’t done so, he wouldn’t become have become stronger.

That man was a mysterious entity in his past life. A small character like Zhang Mu hadn’t even entitled to meet him.

“Are you listening?! Don’t think that you can be unscrupulous in our territory! I know you are a tamer-type evolver, but we have our own tamers, too! Don’t pretend to be something important!”

One of the men raised his knife and put it under Zhang Mu’s nose.

If Zhang Mu hadn’t stopped his mount, it would have already pounced on the man. It didn’t understand what its owner was thinking, but still stopped and only bared its fangs, threatening the man with a low rumble.

Even so, the two men weren’t scared.

Why weren’t they afraid of the wolfdog? Who gave them the guts?

Zhang Mu was curious. There were tamer-type evolvers in this base, but it seemed that these two hadn’t treated them seriously.

Thinking about it again, it wasn’t surprising that they didn’t think of tamers as powerful. At this period of time, most tamers could only control one creature at a time. They didn’t represent much of a threat in other people’s eyes.

Facing the man, Zhang Mu fearlessly stretched out his hand and pushed the knife aside. He sneered, “Tell your leader to come see me and I don’t like weapons pointed at me.”

“Who do you think you are? You want to go against us? Just with this dog? You…” The man stopped because his throat had been clasped. Zhang Mu’s physical capabilities were far greater than the both of them. Under their frightened gazes, Zhang Mu grasped the two men’s throats, lifting them into the air.

They struggled to free themselves but only ended up wasting their energy. As their faces became pale and their legs vainly kicked in the air, Zhang Mu casually threw them to the ground.

“Can you call your leader now?” Zhang Mu said with an indifferent look. The mutated wolfdog growled at them, staring at them like they were slabs of meat. Seeing this, one of the men instantly seized the whistle hanging from his neck and blew it with all his strength.

As the sound echoed in the air, several people came out from the buildings and stared at Zhang Mu who was pretending to be innocent.

Amongst them, a man hesitated a bit when he saw Zhang Mu. Zhang Mu also noticed him. He grinned and said, “Wang Liang? Long time no see!”