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Chapter 60: Homeward Journey

25 minutes later, ripples appeared near the location of the Era store, waking Zhang Mu up.

Did Yuan Rui come out?

He looked at his watch and grinned.

Yuan Rui kept my words in mind and finished before twelve. I introduced the tedious task of being a sub-merchant in such a simple manner, it may have shocked No. 35.

“Boom!” Yuan Rui came out from the space.

Zhang Mu walking to her quickly and asked, “How are you? Are you all right?”

Yuan Rui stood up, pulled Zhang Mu’s sleeve and spoke to him excitedly like a loud sparrow.

“Uncle, the red eyebrow uncle is very funny. He was very happy when he saw me and tried to tell me things about being a sub-merchant. WhenI interrupted him and told him I knew everything, he suddenly went red with anger and asked me if you were the one who brought me. He then covered his face with a painful look and called you a profiteer. Uncle, what did you do to him?”

Zhang Mu touched his nose and said, “I just bought a lot of things from him and he thought that he suffered loss. In fact, he made a profit from our trade, too, but he still feels like he had been framed by me. Sigh, people are always greedy.”

With a very innocent look, Zhang Mu accused the Era merchant of greediness, making Yuan Rui feel sorry for him and start to condemn No. 35, too.

In the Era store, No. 35 suddenly sneezed. He touched his red eyebrow and muttered to himself questioningly, “Why do I suddenly feel so cold for no reason?”

Zhang Mu tittered.

This is the consequence of denigrating me in front of Yuan Rui.

Haha! It’s not my fault. I need to keep a good image in front of Yuan Rui, so I can only wrong you.

Actually, No. 35 was right. Zhang Mu was indeed a profiteer.

After all, Zhang Mu had gotten the merchant to sell him six extra White Jade Donkey Statues. He didn’t know how much No. 35 had paid for it to happen, but from his painful expression, Zhang Mu could guess that it was a lot.

However, there were both gain and loss in business. No. 35 should know this principle.

Zhang Mu simply ignored the fact that he had bought out No. 35’s store, not leaving anything for other sub-merchants to buy.

“Yuan Rui, have you bought the Tea Seed Oil?”

“Of course, I bought them as you said. The uncle looked at me look and said you had instigated me. Um, my golden leaves could only buy six packs of Tea Seed Oil.”

Only six packs. As expected, the sub-merchants after the first didn’t get a discount.

Six packs were a little few, but it just about satisfied the minimum standard for the task.

Zhang Mu relaxed. If Yuan Rui had bought the Baked Buns, she wouldn’t be able to meet her quota for the deal and would lose the chance to accomplish her first task.

Be mindful, for the reward for completing a task was very bountiful.

All of a sudden, Zhang Mu saw the ring on her right ring finger and asked, “Yuan Rui, what’s the number of your ring?”

“It’s 366. It’s a good number, isn’t it?”

“Good, good…” Zhang Mu answered casually and stared at it in a daze.

There will only be a total of 500 sub-merchants on Earth, and 366 places had already been taken. The efficiency of Era stores, in general, was really high while the branch in Xi’an City had been lagged down by Liu Shuo. That explained why No. 35 didn’t blame Zhang Mu for killing the guy; he had killed so many evolvers that even with Yuan Rui, No. 35 only had two sub-merchants.

As Zhang Mu fell into contemplation, he continued staring at Yuan Rui. When she glanced at his ring, she noticed that both accessories were identical and that his was also on his fourth finger. She blushed as she thought of something and retracted her hand quickly.

Zhang Mu came out of his thoughts due to her sudden actions but didn’t notice anything. He just felt relieved knowing that Yuan Rui had finished her task successfully.

He imagined that once he returned to Luoyang, his harvests would shock No. 37 a lot. Zhang Mu was really interested in witnessing the surprise on the Era merchant’s face.

At the same time, the mental bond he shared with the beetle received a tug.

Little Black finally woke up. It had really slept deeply as it still felt sluggish. As expected, it was only a moment later did Little Black finally climb out from Yuan Rui’s sleeve.

“What happened?” Little Black asked.

Zhang Mu cast a cold glance at Little Black. Its intelligence was all in vain: it fell asleep the moment it was hypnotized. Luckily, nothing bad happened.

“I don’t want to blame you. Turn big and keep watch at night. I’m very sleepy.”

Zhang Mu felt sleepy as Yuan Rui held Little Black and spoke to it. He took out a blanket and went to sleep. He didn’t feel afraid because, for the time being, the surroundings of Era stores were still protected by its presence.

To punish Little Black, Zhang Mu asked it to keep watch at night, but if anything really were to happen, the Bloodvine Lotus would solve it. Moreover, the mutated plant’s activities wouldn’t bother his sleep, as he didn’t feel anything from the wound it tore on his left arm.

Zhang Mu woke up just as the day broke.

Looking at Yuan Rui, Zhang Mu sighed in his heart.

Now that he made her become a sub-merchant too, they were now in the same boat. However, he still didn’t know whether this was good or bad for her.

Let it go. You have to live life to the fullest. Zhang Mu stretched, facing the sun.

Their journey had just begun.