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Chapter 59: Every Minute Counts!

“Yuan Rui, where is Little Black?”

Zhang Mu looked around, but Little Black was nowhere to be found. He still couldn’t connect with it, so once Yuan Rui calmed down, he asked her.

“Little Black… Little Black suddenly shrunk at that time. It didn’t answer when I called out to it, so I put it into my pocket. After a while, that walking dead dashed out, abducted me, and robbed me of the dagger you gave me.” Yuan Rui felt aggrieved.

Yuan Rui knew that the dagger was very precious to Zhang Mu, but she lost it. She was afraid that he would blame her.

Once he knew that Little Black was in Yuan Rui’s pocket, Zhang Mu was relieved.

Zhang Mu never blamed Yuan Rui. Seeing her on the verge of crying, he patted her head and said softly, “It doesn’t matter. You see, the dagger is here. Don’t blame yourself. It was my fault. I forgot that your body has not been strengthened. The mental-type evolver probably only made Little Black fall asleep.”

“I was just wondering how he can control Little Black and the walking dead at the same time, so this was the reason. Hum, I see, so this is his limit.” Zhang Mu hummed coldly and said to himself. He was almost scared by this sub-merchant, but now, he knew this mysterious man’s secret.

Zhang Mu couldn’t wake up Little Black while it was still stunned by the mysterious evolver’s spiritual power. Right now, he still didn’t know how to deal with this ability. He could resist the controlling power with willpower, but Yuan Rui and Little Black couldn’t. This was really a big problem.

It seemed that it was time to find something that could protect their minds. After all, they may meet more mental-type evolvers in the future.

Moreover, the evolvers who could awaken mental ability were all sharpwitted. If one of them were to be hostile towards him and used Yuan Rui and Little Black to threaten him like this time, there was little he could do.

“Yuan Rui, have you seen the person who controlled the walking dead?”

Zhang Mu turned back and asked Yuan Rui. If she had seen him, they would be able to guard against him later.

Yuan Rui thought for a while, then shook her head, “I didn’t see him. I was looking after Little Black when the walking dead abducted me. I didn’t see anyone else.”

After hearing that, Zhang Mu nodded thoughtfully.

To think that the mental-type evolver would be so careful. He did not show up himself even when Zhang Mu wasn’t there.

He was in trouble.

Zhang Mu felt a headache coming up. It was easy to dodge an open spear thrust, but difficult to guard against an arrow in the dark.

Anyway, there’s nothing he can do about it right now. The most important thing currently is to help Yuan Rui become the second sub-merchant of Xi’an.

Thinking of this, Zhang Mu looked towards her and said seriously, “Yuan Rui, I want to tell you what I’m doing. Do you want to know?”

Yuan Rui was very interested and asked him to speak quickly. She wouldn’t force him to tell her about it, but since he had offered to say, she was naturally very curious about it.

“I don’t know what happened, but… after the disaster happened in Luoyang City, I accidentally found a covert space and met a person.”

Holding her cheeks with her hands, Yuan Rui listened to his words earnestly.

Zhang Mu continued, “That person called himself No. 37, an Era merchant, and the place I walked into was an Era store. Afterward, I became the person’s sub-merchant. In order to finish the tasks he gives me, I have to go to different Era stores in different cities to buy and sell goods for him. In return, I can get some things that could strength myself. Do you understand?”

In order to let Yuan Rui understand better, Zhang Mu spoke briefly and only told her the core content of being an Era merchant.

After a while, Yuan Rui said, “Now I understand why you’ve come to Xi’an. You wouldn’t say anything when I asked you. You were hiding very deep. Hum, what a liar you are.”

Zhang Mu touched his nose awkwardly and said, “I didn’t mean it. Anyway, there is an opportunity to let you become a sub-merchant, too. Do you want to? I think that it wouldn’t be bad.”

Hearing that, Yuan Rui got excited and asked, “Really? I can become a sub-merchant just like you?”

“Yes! There are still vacant spots in this era store. Since we are partners, it’d be better if you were to become a sub-merchant too. Moreover, you can get a lot of benefits from it. What do you think?”

Zhang Mu looked at her with inquiry.

She answered without any hesitation, “Of course, I want to.”

In fact, Yuan Rui agreed not because she was eager for the benefits, but because she didn’t want to become a burden. Zhang Mu was powerful because he was a sub-merchant, so if she became a sub-merchant, she would be able to strengthen herself and help him.

Moreover, she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. Yuan Rui trusted Zhang Mu and Zhang Mu also recognized Yuan Rui. As long as he stayed with her, there was no harm in becoming a sub-merchant.

There was still half an hour left till twelve o’clock.

If there was enough time, Yuan Rui could finish her first trade. After today, the price of Era regional goods would rise.

Zhang Mu told her, “Now, walk towards the place where I came out from just now. You will see a man wearing a red robe. Tell him that you want to exchange for Era regional goods. Don’t talk too much with him. Remember, you must finish this deal today. You have only 30 minutes left.”

Hearing that, Yuan Rui immediately ran as fast as she could towards the Era store.

Suddenly, Zhang Mu thought of something and shouted to her, “Remember! Use all the golden leaves to buy Tea Seed Oil!”


Yuan Rui waved her hand without turning back and disappeared in front of Zhang Mu.