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Chapter 58: Returning from the Grave

Seeing this, Zhang Mu gasped.

Was this what made No. 35 so worried? No, it couldn’t be so simple. The powerful Era merchant wouldn’t be terrified easily. However, since No. 35 wouldn’t to tell him the truth, he could only try and find it by himself.

Now that the Bloodvine Lotus seemed to have recovered its consciousness, under Zhang My’s control, it shrunk back into his arm.

Looking at his smooth arm, Zhang Mu shook his head and realized that he had stayed in the Era store for a long time. Yuan Rui might be getting anxious. Thinking of this, he said to No. 35, “It’s time for me to leave. Can you send me out? My friend is waiting for me outside.”

It seemed that No. 35 was thinking about something. He casually answered, “OK! I send you out. Remember to send my greetings to No. 37 when you return to Luoyang.”

“Ok, no problem.”

Zhang Mu nodded. The next second, he was sent out by a ball of warm flame.

Even though he has exited the shop, he still felt giddy. Under the moonlight, he suddenly felt that something was wrong and stepped up his vigilance.

What happened? Where are Yuan Rui and Little Black?

Zhang Mu tried to connect to Little Black, but the mental bond them seem to have been broken by some unknown power, making him more alert.

“Yuan Rui, are you here? Answer me!”

Zhang Mu could do nothing but shout out.

“Are you looking for her?” A hoarse, gloomy voice came from Zhang Mu’s back.

Someone had played tricks as expected.

Zhang Mu whipped around. A black shadow slowly walked to the light, holding Yuan Rui under duress and covering her mouth.

When the black shadow came closer, Zhang Mu saw that Yuan Rui’s eyes were filled with tears. She kept struggling, but her captor held her tightly.

Zhang Mu said slowly with a serious look, “Who are you? Let her go or I’ll make you pay for this.”

“I know that you are powerful and I also know that you are an Era sub-merchant, but so what? As for the cost, I can afford it indeed. Hahaha!”

The black shadow’s voice was so hoarse it was as if his throat was broken.

When the figure came to a stop, he carefully kept fifteen meters away from Zhang Mu. Under the moonlight, his face was made visible and Zhang Mu was shocked by what he saw.

Isn’t this a first-rank walking dead? What happened? A walking dead who knew how to speak, think and plan an abduction?

Zhang Mu remembered the intelligent walking dead in his past life but quickly denied this conjecture because the ones with even the most basic of intelligence wouldn’t appear until half a year later. Moreover, those had the intellect of ten-year-olds. They wouldn’t be able to speak as fluently as this one.

Then Zhang Mu thought of another possibility, which could explain how the mental bond between him and Little Black has been blocked. The other person was an evolver who could control the mind! Little Black wouldn’t be defeated by any first-rank creature unless it was a mental-type evolver!

Zhang Mu asked the question to which he didn’t want to believe the answer, “Are you an evolver of mental control ability?”

“Haha! Mental control ability? You guessed right. You do know a lot of things. I’m getting more and more curious about you.”

Zhang Mu shouted out, “Shut up. Show yourself and face me!”

“You are prodding me? Did I overrate you? Do you think I’m going to come out just because you say so?”

The walking dead held something in its left hand and put it on Yuan Rui’s neck. Zhang Mu recognized the dagger he gave Yuan Rui before he entered the Era store. He was provoked.

The walking dead looked at Zhang Mu and waited for him to speak.

He bottled up his anger and asked, “What do you want?”

“We’re finally getting to the point. No more nonsense! I know how many walking dead you have killed. I saw it with my own eyes. You should have obtained 2,000 to 3,000 crystals. I want all your crystals. Of course, you have visited the Era store, so you should have exchanged for some goods. If you give me all the things you have exchanged for and the crystals you have left, I’ll let go of this girl. Oh, and the little beetle, too. Otherwise, my puppet is hungry. You can try and see if it can kill this girl before you kill it.”

Why does he know of the “Era merchant”? Is he the second sub-merchant of Xi’an City?

Hearing the man’s unbridled laugh, Zhang Mu was furious, but he knew he needed to calm down.

He stealthily moved his left arm back and continued to talk with the walking dead, “I have a lot of things. Can you carry them all away?”

The walking dead wore an ugly smile and said with a hoarse voice, “Don’t worry, I can take all the things that you have.”

Zhang Mu asked, “What if I don’t give them to you?”

“You have no choice, or else she dies.”

Zhang Mu continued talking while speeding up the action on his hands.

Gradually, the adversary lost patience and asked, “What are you doing?”

All of a sudden, the man controlling the walking dead found his little trick. He shouted, “You really value your crystals more, don’t you? Don’t you want to save this girl?”

“Oh, I’ve been discovered. Unfortunately, you are too late!”

Zhang Mu sneered. A vine suddenly pierced through the walking dead’s wrist just as it tried to cut Yuan Rui’s throat. Another vine imprisoned the walking dead and the dagger had also been taken away by the Bloodvine Lotus.

Actually, Zhang Mu ordered the Bloodvine Lotus to slip into the ground as they talked and to advance slowly in order not to be found.

Zhang Mu hugged Yuan Rui in his arms and took over the dagger. He walked towards the walking dead, patted its face and said, “Hehe, you are still too naive.”

The walking dead tried to say something but failed as its mouth was tied by the Bloodvine Lotus’ vine.

Under Zhang Mu’s control, the vine retracted and he heard what the walking dead was trying to say.

“After the catastrophe occurred, I changed my name. ‘Grave Blood’ is my new and only name, because I am a person who climbed out from the grave. Today, I failed due to my carelessness, but remember, your head is mine.”

Zhang Mu touched his own head and said, “Why do you all want my head? Don’t you know the man who said this to me last time had become my pet’s fertilizer? Pray not to be found! Or you’ll suffer the same end!”

Before the walking dead could retort, a vine pierced through its throat and picked out its crystal.

Although Zhang Mu showed no fear on his face, in fact, he was in a state of high alert.

According to what Grave Blood said, he was woken up by the evolving wave after he had died and had been buried. Zhang Mu had heard some similar stories in his past life. As they were still considered as human beings, the Era stores allowed them to be sub-merchants.

A mental-type enemy hidden in the dark. These kinds of opponents were really difficult to deal with.