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Chapter 53: Start to Trade

Although Zhang Mu was totally spent, Little Black was still high spirits.

Zhang Mu didn’t want to waste time, so he asked Little Black to continue killing walking dead and collecting crystals while he and Yuan Rui sat aside, enjoying the wind.

Zhang Mu asked Little Black to look for a small group of around 100 walking dead so that it could deal with them on its own. After that, Zhang Mu sat down and closed his eyes to rest.

After realizing that Little Black’s efficiency was just slightly lower than when they worked together, Zhang Mu finally put his heart at rest and let Little Black take care of work alone.

Zhang Mu started to recovery his energy under Little Black’s unhappy glances. Two hours later, Little Black had wiped out around 200 walking dead by itself. Except for the 20 crystals it had eaten, Zhang Mu received 180 first-ranked crystals.

At this time, Zhang Mu had regained 70% of his stamina with the help of the Bloodvine Lotus. While Yuan Rui’s recovery speed was slower, she had recovered 20% of her energy even though she just sat and did nothing.

The energy currently possessed couldn’t even help Zhang Mu recover to his peak even once, so he didn’t force her to follow him and joined Little Black in the fight.

This time, Zhang Mu was more clever and didn’t look go against a large mass. He just looked for a small group of walking dead that didn’t number over three hundred.

Because Xi’an was a big city, it was very easy for Zhang Mu to find a suitable target.

When the sky turned dark, Zhang Mu stopped his hunt. At this time, he had in his possession a total of three thousand crystals.

Liu Shuo’s appearance made him more vigilant. He had to be mindful; there were many mutated animals and evolvers with powerful combat capability in the dark. If Zhang Mu met them, he might be in danger, since he had to protect Yuan Rui at the same time.

Zhang Mu was always aware of potential dangers. If Liu Shuo had used Yuan Rui to threaten him, he could do nothing but meet Liu Shuo’s requirements. He had met lots of people who had no morals. Especially, in the later periods, when the world had almost dried up and came to its end, people became more and more unscrupulous in order to survive.

Under the guidance of his Merchant’s Ring, Zhang Mu stood near the Era store with 3,000 crystals in his ring.

Looking in the distance, it was just a big lawn now, but Zhang Mu knew if he approached within 10 meters, the surroundings would transform into something else altogether.

“Yuan Rui, I am going to deal with something important. You and Little Black wait here for me.” Zhang Mu said with a worried look. Before he finished the trade, he wouldn’t be able to come out from the store and wouldn’t know what happened outside. However, he didn’t think that anyone would threaten Yuan Rui and Little Black right. Her ability had recovered after five hours of rest, which could support Little Black if danger were to come.

On the tenth day of the new era, there shouldn’t be anything that could overpower Little Black. Zhang Mu didn’t worry about the walking dead at all because they couldn’t come close to any Era store on Earth.

“OK! I got it.”

Yuan Rui nodded. She knew Zhang Mu had business somewhere, but she wouldn’t ask. She never asked him about things he wasn’t prepared to tell her.

In fact, Zhang Mu simply thought that it was unnecessary to tell her.

Just as he was about to enter the range of the Era store, he turned back, gave Yuan Rui his daggers and said, “Stay here and don’t follow me. Use the daggers to protect yourself if anything happens.”

Holding the daggers, Yuan Rui laughed and asked, “Uncle, are you worried about me?”

Embarrassed, he didn’t know how to answer and just turned around and left.

Zhang Mu wiped away the sweat on his forehead and sighed in his heart, “Zhang Mu, what are you doing? Why did you get so nervous? She is just a little girl!”

“Unexpectedly, you dared to come.”

A cold huff interrupted his thoughts. Zhang Mu raised his head calmly.

It was a man in red. He had short red hair, his eyebrows were red, and even his robe was red. Unlike the elegant No. 37, this Era merchant was staring at Zhang Mu strictly.

However, he couldn’t frighten Zhang Mu. Even if he knew that Zhang Mu had killed his sub-merchant, so what? He could do nothing but trade with Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu raised his eyebrows and looked at the man with no fear. He said calmly, “It’s survival of the fittest. Liu Shuo was weaker than me and tried to kill me. He brought this all on himself.”

The red-haired Era merchant didn’t expect Zhang Mu to say this. He asked in a cold and unpleasant tone, “You mean that my first sub-merchant deserved to be killed by you?”

“Didn’t he?” Zhang Mu retorted with an indifferent look.

“Fine! Fine! Fine!” The Era merchant ground his teeth. He waved his sleeve and said, “Sorry, you are not welcome here. You can leave now.”

Zhang Mu had expected that he would say this, so he became unyielding and said, “I have 3,000 first-ranked crystals and 100 first-ranked beast cores, don’t you want them? I also have eight Luoyang Peony Buds. I’m Number 001, the first sub-merchant of Luo Yang City, how about making a deal with me?”