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Chapter 52

No matter what they had imagined before, once Lin Shui and his fellows saw the massive amount of walking dead corpse, especially the dozens of evolvers’ heads, they were so frightened, no one dared to follow Zhang Mu.

At the same time as they found the horrible carnage, with the help of Little Black’s sense of smell, Zhang Mu had quickly found a second group of walking dead.

Looking at the new crowd of walking dead in front of him, Zhang Mu wondered whether or not there would be a problem if he killed these walking dead the same way he did before. The more walking dead he killed, the more evolvers and ordinary people would survive, but it would also make the future more unpredictable.

After pondering for a while, Zhang Mu shook his head and smiled. No matter how many walking dead he killed in these cities, compared to the whole world, it was just like a drop in the ocean.

Thinking this way, he felt relieved. He didn’t have the energy to spare on wondering whether

his behavior was good or not for other people. The only thing he wanted to do was to boost his own strength.

Liu Shuo gave Zhang Mu a warning indeed, which made him realize that, even though he had the Bloodvine Lotus and Little Black, he was still just an ordinary person who could call on two mutated creatures. There were many masters who were much stronger than Liu Shuo in this world and yet, just now, he was almost killed. He had no reason to be arrogant.

In Zhang Mu’s eyes, the walking dead in front of him were sparkling crystals which could be used to exchange for a bottle of second-ranked evolving potion tonight.

“Yuan Rui, follow me closely. Recover my energy when I need it, understand?”

Zhang Mu looked at her seriously. As the Bloodvine Lotus had entered its dormant period, Zhang Mu would have difficulty battling around 800 walking dead without its help.

“Yes! I understand. I will stay close to you!” Yuan Rui answered.

Seeing her nod, Zhang Mu grasped her hand and walked toward the walking

walking dead crowd.

After looking at his wristwatch, Zhang Mu grinned and said, “7 and a half hours left. It’s still early. Little Black, turn big and begin work.”

After hearing that, Little Black suddenly expanded in size and landed down hard on the ground, lifting a large amount of dust.

It was a definite provocation to these walking dead’s ears. Holding his two daggers, Zhang Mu stared excitedly at the walking dead coming towards him.

As they closed in on them, Little Black dashed into the crowd. It picked a walking dead in its mouth and grasped another in its claw, killing them at high speed.

Little Black was not big enough to block the entire road. Zhang Mu asked it to move towards the right so he could cope with the enemy that came from the left.

When he unleashed his daggers, he found that Little Black’s claws were much sharp than his Tang sword. They stabbed through the walking dead’s bones easily.

One attack after another, Zhang Mu had no time to rest. More and more walking dead began to attack

to attack him as they couldn’t break through Little Black’s defense.

As time went by, Zhang Mu felt more and more pressure. He had to brandish his dagger again and again as sweat started to run down his forehead like raindrops. Yuan Rui felt worried as she looked on, but he hadn’t asked her to use her ability yet, so she hid behind him.

Zhang Mu and Little Black formed an impregnable defense line which stopped the walking dead and gradually, they forged ahead.

Without the Bloodvine Lotus, Zhang Mu’s efficiency was so low it was as if he went back to the primeval times from the Age of Steam. Zhang Mu was tired out after having killed around 150 of them.

He slowed down and stepped back, “Yuan Rui, help me.”

Once Yuan Rui heard Zhang Mu’s call, she laughed and stepped closer to Zhang Mu, put her hands on Zhang Mu’s back and infused energy into Zhang Mu’s body.

With Yuan Rui’s energy, Zhang Mu felt revived, as all his tiredness disappeared. He roared and continued slashing his daggers.

Moreover, as his body as his body and spirit had been recovered to the peak, Zhang Mu broke out with his strongest power and picked up his speed again, beating back the crowd together with Little Black.

15 minutes later, Zhang Mu shouted once more, “Yuan Rui, again!”

Meanwhile, she came up and transferred almost all her energy to him. After that, she panted, dead tired, and leaned against Little Black’s back.

There were still two hundred walking dead left!

Zhang Mu’s greed was aroused. Collecting crystals was really a passion of his.

Half an hour later, they finally stopped. Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui supported each other as they watched Little Black pick out crystals from the walking dead’s bodies spiritedly. Both of them were exhausted while it was still lively.

“I overestimated myself. We’d better choose a smaller walking dead crowd next time. As your energy has been used up, we can’t do this again today,” Zhang Mu said and shrugged.

Yuan Rui blinked and said with sly humor, “Uncle, you are so weak.”

When Yuan Rui saw Zhang Mu’s embarrassed look, she broke out in laughter.