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A+ A- Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: A Major Decision

While Zhang Mu was immersed in his joy, Little Black had wiped out the remaining walking dead and come to Zhang Mu to claim its credit.

“Did I do a good job?”

A proud voice that echoed in Zhang Mu’s mind. Zhang Mu felt angry but also amused as he couldn’t criticize Little Black’s arrogance. This attack gave him a useful warning indeed.

Therefore, Zhang Mu didn’t hit Little Black nor did he even refute it this time. He said while laughing, “It’s all thanks to you. I owe you this time. Tomorrow, you’ll get what you want.”

Then Zhang Mu murmured, “Little Black learned nothing but bragging. I have never heard of a mutated animal that would take on its owner’s character after signing a blood contract. Oh, but, I’m not that kind of person anyway.”

Since Zhang Mu refused to recognize that he was the same as Little Black, he just let it go and said, “You pick out the crystals from these bodies first and just put them in a pile, I’ll collect them later. It will take a lot of time to store them all out if they are still in the bodies.”

Lured in by Zhang Mu’s promise, although Little Black knew there were over 1,500 bodies on the ground, it still worked hard without any complaint as it flew to the end of the street and began to pick out crystals.

After all, what Zhang Mu promised to Little Black was so great that it could help it reach the

second rank. If Little Black depended on itself, it would take two months, maybe even longer, to reach the second rank and it would necessitate a lot of suitable top-class beast cores. It would be difficult to evolve without Zhang Mu’s help.

In fact, Zhang Mu knew there was no system that could allow him to exchange for cores of different nature in the Era stores. However, he didn’t lie, because after thinking twice, he decided to give Little Black something much better — a bottle of second-rank evolving potion!

It was an evolving potion for first-ranked evolvers that could increase the success rate of evolution, but it also worked on animals.

The second-ranked potion Zhang Mu had bought from the Era merchant was desired by many evolvers because it was suitable for everyone! That was to say, all evolvers and even non-humans could use it to increase chances to evolve to the second-rank. Moreover, evolvers who possessed several abilities could still use this potion to promote their abilities, even though the effects would be divided amongst the different powers.

The Era stores would open the beast core exchange function one year later, but in most cases, evolvers during the early times of the new era that couldn’t find suitable cores would refine themselves using unsuitable ones despite the risks.

Evolvers that do so run the risk of dying because their bodies are too weak, but they still had a try and seek that 30 percent success rate in evolving as suitable cores were truly difficult to find.

After all, a higher rank meant more powerful abilities, exalted power, and influence, all of which are

are a great temptation in this dog-eat-dog world.

In the first year of the new era, even in the large gathering places, the number of top-class beast cores that appeared could only meet the need of the top evolvers. That lasted till Era stores started to sell beast cores to the sub-merchants.

Once people found that sub-merchant had evolving potions, they started buying it at all costs and even tried to kill the merchants in order to steal it.

Because of this, sub-merchants never dared to openly sell evolving potions unless they had the strength to protect themselves.

In order to exchange for the evolving potion, Zhang Mu nearly spent all his savings. However, he will give this treasure to Little Black once he made sure that he could buy more potions from the Era store in Xi’an tonight.

Zhang Mu thought that he could promote his strength and agility only if he dosed this potion because he didn’t have an awakening ability. It was the painful reality.

But if Little Black, who had reached the peak of the first rank, drank this potion, along with the various beast cores it had eaten, it might be able to break through to the second rank.

The was thing was, unlike human beings, the advancement period of mutated animals was uncertain. Zhang Mu needed Little Black to protect Yuan Rui and look for walking dead. If it started the process of evolution now, he didn’t know when it would succeed.

If he could make a deal with the Era merchant in Xi’an successfully and get some new era goods that could boost his power, Little Black can advance without worrying

without worrying about anything.

There was no need to think any more, Zhang Mu led Yuan Rui by the arm and started to collect the crystals Little Black had put in a pile. All the crystals were absorbed into his Merchant’s Ring by the time he put his arm down.

This was another advantage of enhancing the Merchant’s Ring. The opening time had been shortened by a lot.

Little Black picked out crystals at the same speed as Zhang Mu collected them. It only took eight minutes for Zhang Mu to collect all the crystals. As for the walking dead’s bodies, Zhang Mu had no interest in them at all.

Now, even Little Black had high demands when it comes to food. It didn’t eat the first-ranked walking dead because it disliked the smell. Little Black had completely forgotten how happily it used to eat the walking dead’s flesh and blood. Zhang Mu’s Bloodvine Lotus was even pickier. It had not spared a glance at these bodies with low nutrition and insignificant energy.

Zhang Mu looked back at the chaotic pedestrian mall and then at his well-stocked ring. Plus the two thousand crystals and one hundred mutated monkey’s cores he had collected before, Zhang Mu had confidence in making a deal with the Era merchant successfully.

“Era merchant of Xi’an? I’ll wait and see whether this deal can move you or not.”

However, Zhang Mu didn’t know that in a far corner, a person had witnessed what his actions and fled with fear.

In an unspectacular hotel, a group of people were smoking.

It’s no one else but Lin Shui and his fellows. The strong man next to Lin Shui to Lin Shui dropped his cigarette and said impatiently, “Cousin, we asked Hao Zi to follow that guy. It has already been one hour, why hasn’t he come back yet?”

He and Lin Shui were cousins, but they were very different in character.

Lin Shui didn’t answer him and continued to smoke while leaning on the sofa.

All of a sudden, Lin Shui raised his head and looked towards the door, which scared the other people as they aimed at the door with weapons in their hands.

The small fellow who had peeped at Zhang Mu stumblingly ran towards Lin Shui. He ran so fast that he slid down murmuring, “All died, all died.”

The strong man asked, “Hao Zi, what happened? What’s wrong with you? Why are you so scared?”

The small fellow called Hao Zi kept murmuring as if he had lost his mind and didn’t hear what the man had said.

Lin Shui’s cousin got angry. He slapped at his face hard and shouted, “What’s wrong with you? Make yourself understandable.”

The pain woke Hao Zi up. Staring at Lin Shui while a hand went to cover his face, he said with while trembling, “Brother Lin, thousands of walking dead had been wiped out by that man! Even the crazy man who liked to cut people’s heads had also been killed by him!”

After hearing what Hao Zi said, the people present all gasped at the same time as they thought of the violent battlefield.

That man wiped out thousands of walking deads in one and a half hours? He even killed that crazy beast in human skin?

This time, even a steady man like Lin Shui got nervous.