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A+ A- Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Merging the Rings

(Editor note: local goods has been changed to regional goods)

While he was lost in thoughts, the Bloodvine Lotus couldn’t support its vines anymore and retracted them. Without the support, Liu Shuo’s body fell to the ground.

Zhang Mu felt very distressed when he realized to which point the previous attack had affected the plant. It had just saved his life. Although Zhang Mu and the Bloodvine Lotus shared a parasitic relationship, it had still helped him.

After forcibly leaving Zhang Mu’s left arm and controlling the vines that had disconnected with it, the Bloodvine Lotus had used up every last drop of the energy it had absorbed today.

It didn’t sound like much, but it had absorbed blood from thousands of walking dead and energy from over one hundred crystals. Now, it was forced to use up all of that energy. The feeling was terrible, like a person whose stomach was completely full was forced to vomit it all out.

So the Bloodvine Lotus had returned to his body and entered a dormant state immediately after they were out of danger.

Meanwhile, Yuan Rui and Little Black came to Zhang Mu and found him looking

at the Liu Shuo’s body in a daze, so they didn’t interrupt him.

Yuan Rui stood by Zhang Mu’s side quietly and Little Black started to actively clean up the remaining walking dead. Actually, there were only a few dozens left, which was very few compared to the number of corpses lying on the streets.

Zhang Mu was pondering whether to bond with Liu Shuo’s Merchant’s Ring or not. Ordinary people would do so immediately in order to obtain the identity of a sub-merchant, but Zhang Mu was in a different situation. Although he could get great benefits from doing so, there was a problem. Liu Shuo was the first era sub-merchant in Xi’an City, so the Era merchant here probably held him in high regards.

Now, he had been killed and robbed by Zhang Mu. Even though it was Liu Shuo who attacked first, no one knew what the Era merchant would think about this. If he went to see the Era merchant, it was very much possible that the Era merchant would find out what Zhang Mu had done to Liu Shuo.

If the Era merchant had a bad temper and refused to trade, what should he do? If that really happened, Zhang Mu’s efforts would all be in vain.

After all, every Era merchant was independent and

and possessed a distinctive character. In his past life, Zhang Mu did come to Xi’an to trade several times, but since his business was so small, he always traded with the system and never met the Era merchant. In result, he knew nothing of the Era merchant’s personality.

Seeing that the light from the Merchant’s Ring was dimming signaling that it would soon be destroyed automatically, Zhang Mu made up his mind and quickly picked it up.

I have to bet on it! Seek for riches amidst danger!

Having lost its master, the ring was easily taken off by Zhang Mu who slowly put it close to his own ring. They were of the same style, but one of them was smaller.

Number 009? Let me see what benefit you can bring to my Number 001.

Holding the ring in his hand, Zhang Mu forgot about his surroundings and only focused on the change within his own ring after it melded with Liu Shuo’s ring.

In his past life, because all sub-merchants possessed various means to protect themselves and acted swiftly and wittingly, it was difficult to rob them of their rings and expand one’s own.

Zhang Mu hadn’t seen the merging of rings with his own eyes in his past life and only heard about it from some people. He heard that

heard that the ring’s number determined the degree of expansion. For example, if one used the ring “Number 10” to enhance the ring “Number 50”, the ring’s space would get three or four times bigger, but, if one did the opposite, there would be no change.

That was why no one desired Zhang Mu’s ring in his past life. The top sub-merchants looked down on his ring while the backend sub-merchants didn’t have the abilities to kill the crafty Zhang Mu.

Under his guidance, the ring floating in the air slowly flew to his right hand. All of a sudden, the two plain rings shone with the same light, but one of them glowed much brighter while the other was unable to resist.

Quickly, the ring Number 009 was entirely swallowed.

10 seconds later, Zhang Mu’s ring returned to its normal appearance. Seeing that, Zhang Mu sank his consciousness into his ring and was delighted by what he found.

The space of his ring had become two times bigger, but this wasn’t the biggest change. The most important thing was that there were all kinds of currencies and regional goods in Liu Shuo’s ring.

Firstly, Zhang Mu threw away dozens of skulls, which really scared Yuan Rui. He didn’t notice and continued to check his booty with ecstasy.

“Tea Tree Oil, one.”

“Baked Buns, two.”

“White one.”

“Baked Buns, two.”

“White Jade Donkey Statue, one.”

What Zhang Mu saw first were the regional goods located in the center of the space, sitting next to his Luoyang Peony Buds. The longer he looked at them, the more happiness he felt.

Liu Shuo should have discovered the Era store in Xi’an not long after Zhang Mu entered the Era store in Luoyang. It explained why his number was 009.

Liu Shuo was smart. He had bought every kind of regional goods.

When Zhang Mu saw the White Jade Donkey Statue, he was so excited that he nearly kissed Liu Shuo’s dead body.

Liu Shuo was so lucky! He didn’t buy any cheap goods but got this White Jade Donkey Statue. And now, it was his!

Zhang Mu lost interest in the rest of the items.

“10 second-ranked crystals, 17 first-ranked crystals, and nine first-ranked high-quality beast cores.”

“How poor! With only this, how did he become the King of Assassins?”

Zhang Mu murmured.

Actually, it was not Liu Shuo’s fault. After all, his ability was best for assassination, not combat. He didn’t have the ability to fight against a group of first-ranked walking dead.

It was only when Liu Shuo grew strong that his power had let him dominate the human world.

Unfortunately, he had met Zhang Mu and died before he discovered his hidden potential.