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A+ A- Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Counterattack

In the black shadow’s mind, Zhang Mu’s head had been pierced through by his dragger. He couldn’t help but expose a complacent smile on the corners of his mouth.

You were a plant-type evolver and could easily kill massive amounts walking dead, but so what? Once I set my eye on you, your end is still death.

The black shadow had noticed Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui earlier since they entered the bustling malls. In the beginning, he was shocked by Zhang Mu’s strong ability because even he himself couldn’t do what Zhang Mu did, but he became excited once he realized the gap between them.

His name was Liu Shuo.

On the third day of the new era, his invincible ability was awakened. He was so lucky that he found the Era store in Xi’an and became the first sub-merchant of Xi’an City.

Liu Shuo became arrogant from his powerful ability and the double agility he gained from the Era merchant. Whether it was the walking dead or mutated animals, as long as it was alone, he would attack it. The more challenging a creature was, the stronger his desire to kill.

As for the task that the Era merchant gave him… he had forgotten it. To him, the most important thing was freedom. He didn’t care about other people’s thoughts.

Before, he had wanted to finish the boring trading task before the deadline.

Now, Liu Shuo only wanted to hunt more and more strong preys.

After killing all the single powerful walking dead and mutated animals he could find, he was easily satisfied anymore, so he changed target: evolvers.

After killing the first person, he didn’t sense any guilt but a great sense of satisfaction. In the last ten days, he had killed all the evolvers that may

be a threat to him and collected their heads as trophies.

As for Lin Shui who had gathered many evolvers together, he didn’t try to kill him. Because, on one hand, it would be troublesome to kill Lin Shui, and on the other hand, he didn’t feel like killing this kind of person.

In Xi’an City, except for the walking dead tide and mutated animal hordes, nothing could rival him.

As this standstill lasted two days, anxiety rose in Liu Shuo’s mind again. He searched insanely all over the city for a new target until he found Zhang Mu.

At first, he was indeed frightened by Zhang Mu’s killing power, because if he was caught in the crowd of thousands of walking dead, he wouldn’t be able to do anything but run away as fast as he can. However, Zhang Mu was actually able to kill them and gain thousands of crystals as easy as blowing off dust, which made Liu Shuo jealous.

As the first sub-merchant in Xi’an City, Liu Shuo naturally knew the worth of thousands of crystals. This amount could allow his power to reach a new level.

Therefore, even though Liu Shuo had seen Zhang Mu’s strength, he still tried to kill him in order to rob him of his crystals. He had confidence in finishing off his opponent in only one attack because he had never failed before.

Moreover, the more powerful Zhang Mu was, the more excited Liu Shuo felt and the more satisfaction and achievement he could gain after killing Zhang Mu.

Liu Shuo had waited for a very long time. He watched Zhang Mu’s way of fighting and finally found the best opportunity for a sneak attack. He was a perfectionist, and he had the confidence to kill his target in one strike.

However, just as Liu Shuo

Shuo nearly made it.


At this crucial moment, a dissonant sound echoed between the two.

Liu Shuo’s deadly attack was blocked!

It was the Bloodvine Lotus! The Bloodvine Lotus blocked the attack with its body!

Liu Shuo swallowed harshly as cold sweat formed on his forehead. He suddenly realized that the man in front of him had been smiling calmly.

Just now, Zhang Mu also thought that he was going to die under the dagger. As he regretted his carelessness, he received a signal from the Bloodvine Lotus that it would protect him.

At this essential moment, the lotus seed propelled itself from Zhang Mu’s left arm and blocked the attack.

Zhang Mu had nearly died.

The Bloodvine Lotus’s body, the lotus seed, received a heavy wound from Liu Shuo and was badly injured. Zhang Mu felt pain in his heart as he looked at it. He quickly put the seed back into his left arm and fed it with his own blood.

After seeing what the black shadow looked like, Zhang Mu gave Liu Shuo a contemptuous look and said slowly, “You, Liu Shuo, are a shadow killer who can hide your body in space?”

At first, Liu Shuo was just slightly shocked from the Bloodvine Lotus blocking his attack, but when he heard Zhang Mu’s question, his face paled as he asked, “Who are you? How do you know me?”

Zhang Mu sneered, “Not only do I know you, but also I know you are a sub-merchant of Xi’an. Am I right, number 009?”

After hearing what Zhang Mu said, even though Liu Shuo was a crazy and arrogant guy, he had lost interest in fighting against him. Everyone would be afraid of a strange man who knew everything about himself, and Liu Shuo wasn’t an exception. At this moment, he only wanted to run away.

Liu Shuo was

Shuo was the first assassin-type evolver in China as well as an era sub-merchant whose number was 009. He was a moody individualist who liked killing high-level evolvers and collecting their heads. In Zhang Mu’s past life, Liu Shuo was wanted by every gathering place all year round, but no one could ever catch him.

Zhang Mu had never thought that he would meet this legendary evolver from his past life, but there was no fear in his mind, only indifference. Right now, Luo Shuo hadn’t yet become the King of Assassins and Zhang Mu wasn’t a common, weak merchant anymore.

I was too careless and let my guard down as I thought myself powerful. I have underestimated the high-ranked evolvers, leading to this dangerous situation.

However, it’s time to exchange our positions. Now, I’m the hunter!

“I didn’t expect you to be so tough. Ok, play time is up. I will spare your life today, but remember, your head will be mine sooner or later!” Liu Shuo giggled and stepped back.

“Did I say that I’ll let you go?”

Suddenly, Zhang Mu’s cold voice rang beside his ear, which made him feel a biting cold. He stepped back at a high speed and tried to slip away by the opening from which he came in. In his mind, Zhang Mu wouldn’t be able to do anything to him anymore once he went out.

Of course, Zhang Mu couldn’t let Liu Shuo attain his purpose. Under Zhang Mu’s control, all the vines closed in, quickly forming an impermeable cage.

“You can’t trap me because I can merge with space! Bye!” Liu Shuo laughed.

After that, Liu Shuo suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Zhang Mu wasn’t shocked and just smiled. Looking at his smile, Liu Shuo suddenly had an extremely dangerous feeling in his heart.

“If I was someone else, was someone else, I may have been deceived by what you just said, but I know everything about you. You can merge with space? Don’t make me laugh. You can only become invisible at best! Little Black has found your location! Now, goodbye, Shadow Killer. Goodbye, the King of Assassins.”

His words to Liu Shuo were accompanied with a sigh filled with emotion.

“I curse you! You are not human! You are a monster! You will go to hell!” Liu Shuo shouted.

Sensing Liu Shuo’s fear of, the cage formed by the Bloodvine Lotus’s vines suddenly shrunk. All the space in front of Zhang Mu was filled with vines.

Liu Shuo screamed as his entire body was pierced through by vines. They sucked on Liu Shuo’s blood greedily and killed him instantly.

“Hell? If it exists, I think I have already been there once.” Zhang Mu sneered and shook his head. Quickly, he moved his eyes to Liu Shuo’s right middle finger.

Liu Shuo’s Merchant’s Ring was gleaming with a black light, reflecting an eerie glow.

However, Zhang Mu didn’t care about that at all. He knew it was a sign that the ring was unbonded after its master death. If it was a common evolver who killed the sub-merchant, he would inherit the sub-merchant’s identity. However, everything within the ring would be cleaned up. Even so, the identity of an Era merchant was longed after by all ordinary evolvers.

If it was another sub-merchant who killed the sub-merchant, for example, Zhang Mu, his Merchant’s Ring would take away everything from the dead person’s.

Of course, it included the most precious commodity, the local goods.

Thus, except for appearing in some trade fairs, sub-merchant usually trusted no one and would travel to cities alone.

Zhang Mu stared at Liu Shuo’s ring with eagerness.

Luckily, I can get anything that I want.