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A+ A- Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Dead or Alive

Zhang Mu mood rose immediately. As the Bloodvine Lotus attacks intensified, they quickly escaped the encirclement of walking dead.

However, Zhang Mu didn’t stop at just breaking out.

Zhang Mu snickered and stopped walking. There was a massive amount of walking dead behind him. The Bloodvine Lotus had killed many of them, but compared to the overall number, it was barely a fraction.

Zhang Mu slowly turned back with the bloody Bloodvine Lotus twined around his body. Looking at the walking dead rushing towards him, he didn’t feel any fear but was excited instead.

When the walking dead got within attack range, his heartbeat sped up, pumping adrenaline throughout his body. He roared and withdrew the vines more vines from in front of him.

The gap Zhang Mu had opened up just now was only big enough for him to kill a few walking dead at a time. It was far from making him feel satisfied, so he directly doubled the size of the gap.

As such, the number of walking dead that could come at him at once had increased to eight, which meant he must

sacrifice more crystals and use eight strong vines to deal with them.

Yet, Zhang Mu didn’t feel any heartbreak because according to his calculations, the number of crystals the Bloodvine Lotus would eat was far inferior to the number of walking dead that Bloodvine Lotus would kill.

The eight vines could kill over ten walking dead every second. The mutated plant started a new loop of the bloody massacre like a crazy reaper.

As it absorbed more and more energy from the crystals and blood from walking dead, the changes it underwent were increasingly obvious.

The eight vines, which were carving out a way for Zhang Mu, were becoming distinctly stronger and faster.

Most of the energy the Bloodvine Lotus had absorbed had been used to attack, but there was still a fraction of it that had been used to strengthen itself.

The energy it had absorbed, once accumulate, was a considerable amount.

In the air, Yuan Rui had gotten bored. At the very beginning, she was worried about Zhang Mu so much that she had asked Little Black to help him. Little Black didn’t worry about Zhang Mu at all because its instinct had told it that

that the Bloodvine Lotus held horrifying powers. That was why Little Black dared to attract so many walking dead. After all, if Zhang Mu got hurt, it would also die since it had offered Zhang Mu its “Blood Imprint”.

However, Yuan Rui didn’t know that fact and she had no ability to communicate with Little Black. When she saw Little Black shaking its head, she just thought that it didn’t dare to go save Zhang Mu and had almost jumped down from its back to try and help him.

Luckily, at that time, the Bloodvine Lotus had withstood the first and strongest impact. Yuan Rui exclaimed when she saw what happened next.

At first, Yuan Rui felt that it was unbelievable, but as time went by, she could calmly look at the Bloodvine Lotus’ display of power. Right now, Yuan Rui thought that she wouldn’t be scared no matter what Zhang Mu did.

When he turned around to face the walking dead, he looked like a general who was fighting against an army alone, which really shocked her.

Zhang Mu had gotten through the crowd back and forth several times while she was still thinking about his

about his fearless appearance.

The number of walking dead was steadily decreasing. Zhang Mu lured the remaining ones toward the corpse heap because if he had to wait for the walking dead slowly got together by themselves, his efficiency would be dramatically reduced.

Hovering in the air, Yuan Rui could clearly see that the amount walking dead had dropped sharply. In the beginning, there were four streets covered with them but now, only one was left. Corpses spread all over the ground, but because they were all dried bodies, there were no bloodstains.

It seems that uncle will end this battle soon. He looks very relaxed and doesn’t seem to need any help.

She felt unhappy and bored as she couldn’t join the fight and just sat here for a long time.

Suddenly, Little Black began to move restlessly and flapped his wings quickly as if it had sensed some danger.

Yuan Rui just assumed that it had gotten bored like her, so she said, “Just wait for a while, uncle will finish the battle soon and then we can go down to see him.”

She touched Little Black’s back and comforted it with words.

But Little Black didn’t listen to didn’t listen to what she said. It became more irritable, flying up and down while looking around.

All of a sudden, Little Black screamed. As it was unable to contact Zhang Mu through their mind link due to the distance, it had to warn Zhang Mu and flew towards him at a very high speed.

This scream woke up Zhang Mu who was indulged in killing, and he understood Little Black’s warning at once.

I’m in danger, but why I don’t sense it? How can it be possible?

Zhang Mu was lost in thought when a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of him just as the eight vines were all piercing through the walking dead’s corpses.


What sort of evolver was this person?

When Zhang Mu saw the black shadow, the two questions arose in his mind, but he had no time to think about the answer to them because the black shadow was rushing towards him at a very high speed.

The black shadow held a dagger and was only 30 centimeters away from Zhang Mu. If he doesn’t dodge, his head would be pierced through in the next second.

Hanging by a thread!

Zhang Mu was in deadly danger.