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A+ A- Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: The Power of the Bloodvine Demon Lotus

The vines protecting Zhang Mu had been compressed to the limit and sprang outwards like a spring.

The walking dead surrounding Zhang Mu all received serious damage as they got cut in half by the powerful vines.

As the first row of walking dead was knocked away, those behind them were also sent backward by the strong collision.

Yet, the power of Bloodvine Lotus was limited and it only wiped whatever was within a 10-meter radius of it. The crowd of walking dead still swarmed onto him.

However, Zhang Mu didn’t give them the chance to attack. He looked up and focused in a direction, then chuckled, “You had lost the opportunity the first time. Now, you won’t ever have the chance again.”

Before the walking dead started their second attack, Zhang Mu stepped forward and dashed forwards.

The Bloodvine Lotus was linked to Zhang Mu and moved in coordination with him.

Under Zhang Mu’s control, the vines started to attack fiercely towards the direction Zhang Mu went.

Two vines suddenly lashed out and stuck themselves into two walking dead’s bodies. After sucking up all their blood, the vines pushed their dried bodies to the side.

The other vines didn’t move and continued protecting Zhang Mu from being attacked by the other walking dead. Right now, Zhang Mu was piercing into the crowd like an electric drill, opening up a big hole in the masses.

The walking dead could only attack Zhang Mu from the front. There were thousands of walking dead, but he only needed to face three or four at a time.

As even a dozen of walking dead couldn’t pose a danger Zhang Mu, it was unlikely that only four could get within half a meter of his body.

In the other directions, the vines guarded against the walking dead’s attacks with ease. Sometimes, they even stretched out and sucked the surrounding walking dead’s blood.

As for the vines in front of himself, they were all very strong and sturdy, revealing their ferocity through the thick barbs that grew on them.

In the front of the Bloodvine Demon Lotus, the first-ranked walking dead were as weak as pieces of paper that are easily torn apart.

Noticing the weakness of the first-ranked walking dead, Zhang Mu became playful and started to dish out unbridled attacks. The vines not only pushed the walking dead aside after sucking them dry but also threw them out.

Under Zhang Mu’s control, the Bloodvine Lotus didn’t absorb the energy within the walking dead’s crystals. He still needed them.

Throwing one to his left and another to his right.

Zhang Mu played happily and broke into the mob like an excavator.

The sound of slapping echoed from all around the shield formed by vines. Unknowingly, Zhang Mu was getting close to the periphery of the siege.

The intelligence of the first-ranked walking dead was really low. They didn’t know to surround Zhang Mu properly and only followed the direction he went to, so they were less and less in front of him as they accumulated behind him. They pushed and shoved behind Zhang Mu; it was quite hilarious.

All of a sudden, Zhang Mu noticed that the Bloodvine Lotus’s power was decreasing. He didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter until the vines had slowed down considerably.

What happened? It shouldn’t be like this and I’ve never heard that mutated plants weakening during a fight.

Zhang Mu was both shocked and anxious. After all, in his past life, he had no chance to get in touch with mutated plants that were nurtured by high-level evolvers.

Should I have to run away? Luckily, I’ve almost gotten out of the walking dead’s encirclement.

The Bloodvine Lotus’s intelligence was far inferior to Little Black’s. Zhang Mu couldn’t communicate with it and can only worry while not being able to do anything.

Yet, it was a pity for Zhang Mu to leave like this.

He saw the vines shrinking slowly. Suddenly, an idea came to mind.

Was it because it lacked energy? Maybe the blood it had sucked wasn’t sufficient to support its movements?

It can’t be otherwise!

Zhang Mu smiled bitterly and shook his head.

He had planned to save his crystals. However, if he didn’t help the Bloodvine Lotus restore its energy, it might suck Zhang Mu’s blood to replenish energy.

Actually, it was not the Bloodvine Lotus’ fault. It was just ensuring its own survival.

Zhang Mu had no choice but to offer it crystals. He wouldn’t be stingy at this moment.

Money should be used at crucial times.

Realizing this, Zhang Mu quickly took out a handful of crystals from his Merchant’s Ring. Zhang Mu felt the Bloodvine Lotus’ desire even before he put crystals on his left arm.

As expected, he guessed right.

Zhang Mu smiled, letting the Bloodvine Lotus stretch out a vine to swallow the crystals.

Having gotten enough energy, the Bloodvine Lotus started to attack vigorously like an iron chainsaw that had just received good lubricating oil. It became much proactive than Zhang Mu.