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Chapter 46: Start a Deal

At noon, after eating lunch with Yuan Rui, Zhang Mu walked towards the direction pointed by his Merchant’s Ring. The branch of the Era store in Xi’an City was right here.

It had been enveloped by a light column during the debugging period, but after the three days were over, the Era store was hard to be seen by ordinary people. In that case, it was very likely that it wouldn’t be found by anyone for a long time.

However, it wouldn’t actually happen because the Era store would attract people at random. Those people had the advantage since they had good luck.

To be a merchant, except for having excellent abilities and a talent for scheming, luck was the most indispensable factor.

In this case, in Zhang Mu’s past life, almost all the sub-merchants were evolvers whose ability had awakened early and had found the Era store by themselves. In his past life, as an ordinary person who had been drawn in by the Era store, he only became the fifth sub-merchant due to pure luck.

The Era sub-merchants in the Luoyang City were all fabulously rich, Even Zhang Mu, as an ordinary merchant, had reached a level that was admired by most. Luoyang City was surely a land of treasures from where many great talents sprung up.

As Lin Shui showed great respect to him, Zhang Mu kept his words and didn’t take anything from Huimin Street. On the one hand, Zhang Mu looked down the goods here and on the other hand, he didn’t want trouble. After all, these resources were not important to Zhang Mu, but they were treasured food that Lin Shui and his fellows depended on for survival.

Lin Shui had great power and means, but he was a kind guy. Too kind to survive in this treacherous world.

In his past life, there were many kind people like Lin Shui once, but they gradually disappeared as they all died.

That was the reason why Zhang Mu didn’t remember Lin Shui. It was normal for a person like Lin Shui to drowned in the dust of history.

“The good die young while evil lives forever.” This old saying made sense.

Zhang Mu thought for a while. As the trading prices would stay the same before midnight, he could go strike a deal in the last half an hour. That was to say, he had ten hours to collect more crystals in Xi’an City. If he was lucky, he may be able to hunt down some mutated animals.

Thinking of this, Zhang Mu didn’t want to waste any more time, not even a second. He pulled up Yuan Rui sitting on the ground, threw out Little Black from his shoulder and said excitedly, “Lead the way. Go to places where we can find a large number of walking dead. I’ll give you a reward.”

Little Black turned around in the air and asked Zhang Mu in its mind with a sleepy look, “What’s the reward? I feel that nothing can inspire me now.”

“Really? If I tell you that it that can help you reach the second rank, will you feel more motivated?”

In order to make use of Little Black’s keen sense of smell, Zhang Mu laid down a big promise without any hesitation.

Actually, Little Black had no interest in crystals at all because it was stuck in a bottleneck when it came absorbing energy. However, after hearing what Zhang Mu said, it cheered up quickly. It discerned the scents in the air carefully and flapped its wings, flying out in a direction.

Zhang Mu snickered. As the old saying said, “A good bone is bound to attract good dogs.” Little Black wasn’t really desireless.

Unwilling to work? Then I would get you to work for me with money!

Zhang Mu didn’t want to waste time, so he piggybacked Yuan Rui and ran after Little Black at full speed.

Little Black was driven by the prospect of a tremendous reward and quickly reached the place within ten minutes.

Zhang Mu caught up with Little Black promptly. After putting down Yuan Rui and puffing a breath, he was shocked by the scene in the front of him, “So many! Are the walking dead in this city all here?”

Little Black answered in an innocent tone, “You ask me to find a place where there is the most walking dead.”

The walking dead were spread all over the place, pushing and shoving.

This place should be very close to the center of the city, where malls concentrated. Perhaps no evolver had the guts to come here as there was a great deal of walking dead. Didn’t see any sign of battle.

Little Black had led Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui here through a small alley. That was to say, Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui were standing in the center of a bustling shopping center.

As Zhang Mu pondered what he should do, Little Black snickered through the mental bond between them.

All of a sudden, Zhang Mu had a bad premonition. As expected, Little Black’s roar resounded through the streets where there was only very few walking dead in their sight.

Zhang Mu was about to shout abusive words when Little Black turned big and flew into the air, grasping Yuan Rui with its claws and tossing her onto its back.

Yuan Rui sat on Little Black’s back steadily without having recovered from shock yet. Little Black descended a little and suddenly flew up high, hovering and watching the walking dead rushing towards Zhang Mu from all directions.

It was a fine spectacle where thousands of walking dead were speeding towards Zhang Mu, as more and more were coming from all around.

“Ha-ha, as a thank you for hitting me on the head so often, I’ll leave the battlefield to you!” Little Black thought.

Zhang Mu had no time to care about what Little Black was thinking. He wasn’t afraid of these first-ranked walking dead as they were weak, but he couldn’t cope with so many of them at the same time. He could do nothing but pray that the Bloodvine Lotus could withstand the impact while he tried to squeeze through the masses.

What he should do now was to hold on as long as possible!

Just as Zhang Mu was going to be attacked by those walking dead, dozens of vines stretched out vigorously from Zhang Mu’s left arm, forming a heavily guarded shield.


The walking dead smacked hard on it!

Seeing that the perimeter of shield formed by Bloodvine Lotus was shrinking, Zhang Mu got nervous.

But just as the vines were going to touch Zhang Mu’s skin, it stopped closing in.

Unbelievable, the Bloodvine Lotus withstood the impact from thousands of walking dead.

Zhang Mu looked at Little Black coldly, which really scared it.

“Bad boy, wait and see how I’ll punish you.”

After that, Zhang Mu started to strike back!