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Chapter 42: Temptation of Lotus

Zhang Mu clutched the Bloodvine Lotus in his hand, making sure that it didn’t resist him. He scrutinized it.

The Bloodvine Lotus’s vitality had been woken by Zhang Mu’s blood and the energy from the numerous crystals. An unremarkable sprout had emerged from the tip of the lotus seed.

Seeing the tiny sprout, Zhang Mu felt a surge of excitement.

Was this the sign of fusing that the merchant had once mentioned? The Bloodvine Lotus was ready and was only waiting for Zhang Mu’s decision.

Why did Zhang Mu hesitate? The reason was that the stronger the power, the greater the cost. The Bloodvine Lotus was very strong. Consequently, it took way too much energy to support it. Ordinary people could not provide for the Bloodvine Lotus.

The lotus in the Great Buddha was a fossil seed from the ancient times. Later, it fused with the stone used to carve the Buddha. There was nothing special about the lotus before the mutation occurred.

However, when the new era came, the lotus totally transformed and had its potential enhanced by the evolving wave at the start of the debugging period. As the stones on its surface began to fall off, its strong vitality was gradually restored and it awakened incredible abilities.

In the new era, the effects of the evolving wave benefited everyone. Even if it was just a dog tail grass on the roadside, it may possess lethal danger.

Now the lotus just came out of its hibernation and entered the wakening period where it only knew based on instinct to use illusions to attract humans or creatures without firm wills. The lotus would use them as fertilizers and absorb their vitality until their death.

Zhang Mu accelerated its process of absorbing energy. The reason Zhang Mu let the lotus suck his blood was that the lotus followed the owner of the blood. Luckily, Zhang Mu didn’t die as he used crystals and beast cores to substitute for the major part of the energy it would have otherwise taken from his blood.

Right now, the Bloodvine Lotus looked very enticing as it gleamed with red lights.

Yet, Zhang Mu understood it was just like Pandora’s box; the charm it had made people forget the terrible danger it poses.

Come. Fuse with me.

An alluring voice echoed in Zhang Mu’s mind.

“Do you still want to use me as a nourishment?” Zhang Mu chuckled, unaffected. He glanced at the lotus snidely.

The host of the Bloodvine Lotus needed to be a rank higher than it and be able to provide enough energy for it. Otherwise, the host would be completely eaten by the hungry Bloodvine Lotus.

Unlike the “servant-obedience” contract that the mutated animals enjoy, the arrogant Bloodvine Lotus had a parasitic relationship with its host. It was an association for mutual benefit, however, if the host relaxed his vigilance, it would end in his death.

“You don’t have to tempt me. I, Zhang Mu, know exactly what you are. If I don’t feed you until you’re full, then I don’t deserve my title as a first sub-merchant.”

Zhang Mu grasped the Bloodvine Lotus tightly as if squashing any rebellious intentions it may have.

Indeed, if Zhang Mu couldn’t even feed the Lotus, sooner or later, he would be eaten clean by the Merchant’s Ring on his finger.

The Bloodvine Lotus seemed to understand what Zhang Mu said. Gradually, the voice echoing in Zhang Mu’s mind faded.

Seeing the Bloodvine Lotus calm down, Zhang Mu smiled. Unbelievably, the Bloodvine Lotus still retained its intelligence even after it had been weakened by the wave. Maybe Zhang Mu’s blood had helped it recover.

Zhang Mu quickly took out the claw and made a slight incision on his left arm, cutting a small yet deep wound. He bled profusely, but Zhang Mu ignored it as if the arm wasn’t his.

Zhang Mu immediately pushed the Bloodvine Lotus into the wound and planted it into his body.

Sensing Zhang Mu’s warm blood, the Bloodvine Lotus began to take root, germinating and growing inside his body.

Zhang Mu felt a little frightened when he thought about how this thing was growing in his body. After all, in his past life, he was just a small merchant and had no way of obtaining this kind of mutated plant that could maintain a symbiotic relationship with its host.

“I finally got my hands on it, although I don’t know how powerful it is yet.”

Zhang Mu looked at the wound on his arm as it immediately started to recover. He had high expectations for the Bloodvine Lotus.

The first benefit Zhang Mu obtained, which was a kind of passive awakening ability, was an increase in recovery speed.

Even if the lotus only brought this benefit, it would still be fiercely fought over by countless people. This was especially true after people found out that the Bloodvine Lotus would seek a new host in its surroundings after its original host died. Endless skirmishes broke out just for it.

Of course, this was just the start. The Bloodvine Lotus had many more advantages to offer.

“Bloodvine Lotus! Come out!”

Immediately, a strong vine covered with sharp spikes shot out from his arm and swayed in the air.

Under Zhang Mu’s control, it lashed at the Buddha’s ear.


After striking, the rattan retracted back to Zhang Mu and coiled like a snake around him as if ensuring his safety.

Seeing that the Buddha’s ear had been cut off cleanly, Zhang Mu was in a good mood. All the crystals and cores he had paid were worth it.

However, Zhang Mu was not satisfied with just that.

The Buddha was just an inanimate object and couldn’t fully show the extent of the Bloodvine Lotus’ power. Its power would be displayed much better on living beings.

Living things! The apocalypse never lacked monsters.

Zhang Mu was itching for a fight. He had never looked forward to battling the walking dead and mutated animals as much as he did now.

Zhang Mu couldn’t wait to reveal the true power of the Bloodvine Lotus.