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Chapter 39: Arrival of the New Weapon

“I didn’t think that the Tang sword that I got through so much effort would be broken.”

Zhang Mu shook his head with a bitter smile.

One should know that, in his past life, he had used a weapon for three entire months and only threw away it when it got too worn-out. But this is normal. After all, he was not the same as in his past life, nor were the monsters he encountered now, who were much more powerful.

Although he knew that that was a truth, he still felt a little heartbroken as it was difficult for him to find a weapon that was especially good to deal with monsters.

If Zhang Mu was unable to find another weapon, he would have to fight the walking dead with his bare hands.

That’s not good, he must find a suitable weapon.

Zhang Mu quickly glanced at Little Black claws on the ground while he thought. He showed a faint smile and looked greedily at Little Black who was still eating.

Feeling Zhang Mu’s gaze, Little Black shivered as if it knew what Zhang Mu wanted to do. It finished King Kong’s brain frantically and gathered its fallen claws under its body in order to hide them from Zhang Mu’s greedy eyes.

“What do you want with my claws?” Little Black asked in its mind.

Hearing its question through the bond they both shared, Zhang Mu chuckled, “Anyway, they have fallen and can’t put back on again. You know that my sword was broken, so it’s better to give them to me. It would be such a pity if they were wasted!”

Little Black shook its head like a rattle drum. They were parts of its body. It could not accept them being used as weapons by Zhang Mu.

Although Little Black’s claws were ripped off by King Kong, the actual reason why they broke was that the joints were not tough enough.

As for the claws themselves, they were the hardest part of its body along with its back and they were much sharper than blades refined by the humans. In Zhang Mu’s opinion, they could become long daggers after making a few modifications.

This was why Zhang Mu desired them. The more he looked at them, the more he wanted them.

When Zhang Mu saw Little Black reluctance, he decided to try and tempt him. Zhang Mu said, “Little Black, how about I give you some crystals and beast cores in exchange? After all, if you don’t give them me, they would go to waste since you can’t possibly keep them as souvenirs, right?”

Seeing that Little Black was starting to hesitate, Zhang Mu continued, “Name a price. No matter how expensive, I’ll pay for it. If what I have right now is not enough, I’ll owe you and repay you in the future. How about it?”

After hearing this, Little Black wavered even more as it began to think that what Zhang Mu said made sense. But as its intelligence had improved, Little Black thought it couldn’t agree so easily and must raise the price.

Little Black’s small eyes kept turning and said with reluctance, “In the future, all the wind-type beast cores belong to me no matter how valuable they are. If you promise that, I’ll give you my claws.”

Zhang Mu promised without second thoughts because he had intended from the start to give Little Black all the cores that were good for it. After all, if Little Black’s strength grew, it would also help him.

No matter how much Little Black’s grew intellectually, it was no mac for Zhang Mu, a crafty businessman. Zhang Mu had paid nothing and made Little Black obediently hand over its claws.

Seeing Zhang Mu promised so decisively, Little Black wondered and said unconfidently, “Moreover, in the future, I’ll pick out crystals first, or I won’t give them you.”

Zhang Mu knocked on its head and sneered, “You should learn to stop at the right time. I’m your master and you are supposed to give me everything you have. I’m already merciful by compensating you. Don’t be insatiable!”

Little Black instantly lost his temper and felt that what Zhang Mu said was very reasonable. If Zhang Mu had given it a hard-hearted command, it couldn’t have refused him. So it was already kind of him to consult with it.

Zhang Mu sneered, “Do you think I don’t know that after eating King Kong’s core and brains, your claws would quickly grow back and have the strength attribute of the mutated King Kong?”

After hearing that, Little Black was shocked and asked stutteringly, “Master, how did you know? I just felt a strand of heat coming from the fracture of my claws and joints, it felt like it was reviving. Although, it will indeed grow back automatically in half a month, how did you know I will get the King Kong’s power?”

Damn, I spilled the beans. I forgot Little Black wasn’t a bug with a low intelligence anymore.

Zhang Mu got nervous, but immediately, he calmed down and said, “Nonsense! Do you think I don’t know what you are thinking? In the place where your claws are broken, the new flesh and blood are growing at a very high speed. I guess you will recover in one night. As for whether or not you will get the ability of King Kong, I didn’t know. I was just trying you. I didn’t expect it to be true. And you still dare to bargain with me? You’re already getting the greatest benefit.”

When Little Black realized Zhang Mu knew everything, it quickly picked up the two claws on the ground and gave them to Zhang Mu tamely. It was afraid he would really get angry.

Zhang Mu took them and wiped off the blood and dust. After he scraped off the residual flesh, a sharply curved dagger took form, reflecting cold light when illuminated by the torches on the ground.

Little Black looked gingerly at Zhang Mu who was studying its claws and asked, “The cores you promised me, will you give them to me?”

Zhang Mu was currently very excited about his new weapons. He waved his hands impatiently and said, “I never break my promises. Don’t worry, all the wind-type cores will be given to you in the future.”

Obtaining Zhang Mu’s promise, Little Black was very happy and ate the rest of King Kong’s meat.

At this time, Yuan Rui didn’t care about Little Black anymore. She had been worried about it as she saw that its claws had broke. But after hearing what Zhang Mu said, she stopped worrying about it.

Yuan Rui walked towards Zhang Mu and said, “Uncle, there are no more monsters. Is the treasure you are looking for located here? But I have never heard any legends about it.”

At this point, Zhang Mu moved his attention from the new daggers and stared at the grottoes meaningfully. He answered, “Yes, it was the cataclysm that made the treasure gain the chance to recover its great power. No one can refuse its temptation.”

Yuan Rui just thought it was the foresight ability that had enabled Zhang Mu to see something. But Zhang Mu knew clearly just how many terrible and bloody conflicts the treasure stirred in his past life.