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Chapter 37: The Monkey King Appears

For Little Black whose power had been promoted, the weakened mutated monkeys were a piece of cake. Corpses were strewn all over the road. It was too horrible to look at.

Little Black was still angry and tore the monkeys apart bloodily. A Bloodthirsty light rose in its eyes as its savagery as a monster showed through. The Obsidian Beetle headed for the Great Buddha while chewing on the first-ranked beast cores.

The cores were all picked up by Little Black, so Zhang Mu just ran after it.

Seeing the Obsidian Beetle like this, Zhang Mu thought, “Goddamn it, I forgot about this.”

Zhang Mu closed in on Little Black and blocked with his sword the beetle who was still immersed in its killing spree. Just as Little black swiped reflexively at Zhang Mu’s head, its blood vessels shrunk hard, which made it recover consciousness just in time and it stopped immediately.

“That’s enough, you scared Yuan Rui. Crouch down, let her come down.”

Zhang Mu lectured Black Beetle and caught Yuan Rui who was quivering.

“I don’t know why! I just felt an unknown energy run through my body and confront my own energy. When they fought, my mind went out of control.”

Zhang Mu cast a contemptuous glance at it and said, “No more nonsense! You ate the mutated monkeys’ cores. The energy they contain collided with yours, which can affect your capacity to think properly. The more you keep killing and eating, the bigger the problem will grow. If you don’t stop, you will explode.”

“I don’t know why I can’t stop.”

Little Black lay down obediently, but Yuan Rui was still afraid of it as it was the first time she had seen its bloodthirsty side. Unexpectedly, the friendly Little Black could be so horrible when it went crazy.

Zhang Mu had neglected the fact that Little Black didn’t know the function of the beast’ cores as it was the first time it had eaten them. The core could have several different attributes. It could harm the consumer’s mind and health if improperly used. It could lead to either the person losing his mind or his body exploding. The mutated animals’ bodies were stronger. They could endure these side effects as long as they ate in moderation while the human beings, whose body and meridians were more vulnerable, might not be able to stand the backlash of conflicting attributes.

In his past life, Zhang Mu had witnessed an evolver’s body explode after he consumed a core whose attributes were in conflict with his.

The bloody body still hovered in the back of Zhang Mu’s mind. It was in an atrocious state.

It was difficult to find a core whose attributes matched yourself. That’s why the rarer core, the more expensive it was. Many era merchants earned much money through selling cores.

“Will you eat in moderation next time? I gained nothing, as you ate them all.”

Zhang Mu punched its head. Little Black couldn’t say anything, so it kept quiet. Actually, if Zhang Mu hadn’t shown up immediately to stop it, the beast inside its body would have destroyed its intelligence.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Golden eyes shined from the entrance of the grotto, staring at them.


Its whole body was reflected by the torches on the ground. It was three meters high with strong muscles. Arms that were as strong as stone stood like pillars from the ground. A white breath was being blown from its nose.

“King Kong?”

After seeing clearly what was standing in front of them, Zhang Mu shouted out.

“How could it be? It’s only the third day of the cataclysm, how could the King Kong appear already?”

This monkey was twice as tall as Zhang Mu. It was a mini-version of the King Kong, a fourth-ranked monster. In his memory, the stone chimpanzee known as the fearsome King Kong was three floors tall and its speed and agility were much higher than that of the evolvers at the same level.

Yet, Zhang Mu found something different. Although the little King Kong’s arms were covered in stone, it wasn’t granite.

Is it a mutated monkey that was in the process of evolving into the King Kong?

It would explain why it became the leader of the mutated monkeys. The King Kong’s blood had a dominant effect.

Seeing the corpses on the ground, the mutated King Kong felt sad and stood itself upright, roaring while beating its chest.

After it calmed down, it glared at Zhang Mu and Little Black who were standing amongst the corpses of his brethren. King Kong was certain that it was Zhang Mu who killed its subordinates.

Unexpectedly, it still had intelligence, emotion, and judgement even after it was weakened. During the debugging period, its intelligence must’ve been unimaginable.

After noticing the King Kong’s mood change, Zhang Mu felt lucky that he didn’t break into the Grottoes alone. Otherwise, he would’ve been in danger.


The King Kong jumped more than 10 meters and arrived in front of Zhang Mu immediately.

Looking at King Kong from a short distance, Zhang Mu found how shockingly strong its body was.

In his past life, Zhang Mu had just looked at King Kong from a distance and didn’t examine it clearly.

Although Zhang Mu had gotten through many difficulties and danger, he was still scared to face the King Kong. As for Yuan Rui, she was so frightened she had fallen to the ground. However, Little Black stared at King Kong fiercely and bravely roared.

The little King Kong had lost its patience. Its intellect wasn’t high enough to warn him of Zhang Mu and Little Black’s strength. As it didn’t feel any danger, it thought Zhang Mu had no ability to threaten it.

The hesitance in his eyes was replaced by a fierce light.