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Translator: I’m Working Hard

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Chapter 36: Start working

“Come on! Don’t look at me that way. Maybe I don’t need your help! You are so arrogant!”

Taking advantage of when Little Black wasn’t paying attention, Zhang Mu slapped it again and then turned to Yuan Rui to whisper, “Yuan Rui, stay right here and wait for me! Since those monsters have been weakened a lot, you can rest assured staying here! Since Little Black is haggling with me, I won’t bring it either. It will stay with you.”

“No! Uncle, I can stay here alone! Since I won’t be far away from you, if anything happens, you can come in time. It would better if Little Black follows you. It’s too dangerous. There were already so many monkeys outside the Grottoes, let alone inside.”

Zhang Mu still insisted to go on his own, which made Yuan Rui worry. She said with a high voice, “Little Black and I came here to give you our hands. If you don’t want me here, I’ll go back. After all, I’m just a burden in your eyes.”

“Don’t take care of me, bring Little Black.”

Yuan Rui shouted towards Zhang Mu, turned around and went back along the road she came from.

She really got angry and decided to leave.

Zhang Mu always had Black Beetle protect her and faced the monsters alone. Yuan Rui finally got angry as she thought it would be her fault if Zhang Mu lost his life one day.

Zhang Mu was shocked. He had never thought that the soft and delicate Yuan Rui would become so serious and imposing. If not for the fact that they were still a distance away from the sentries and that the guards hearing having been weakened, they would have been found by the monkeys.

Actually, Zhang Mu couldn’t let her go off alone. In the night, she wouldn’t even be able to escape if she were to run into a first-ranked walking dead, let alone mutated animals.

Thinking of that, Zhang Mu stepped forwards and held her back. He said, “Fine! I’ll bring you! Come back right now, do you want to die?”

Hearing that, Yuan Rui laughed happily even though Zhang Mu was blaming her, rendering Zhang Mu speechless.

This girl’s mood was really capricious and unpredictable.

Zhang Mu made such a decision, but it wasn’t completely because of Yuan Rui. He thought things over and found that, even though the mutated monkeys had been weakened, he might be in trouble without the help of the Obsidian Beetle. With its help, he would recover his peak combat power and protect Yuan Rui if they were ever to be besieged.

No more nonsense! Zhang Mu asked Little Black to turn big and land on the ground ahead.

Little Black obediently listened to his orders because it knew it was not a good time to argue.


Their blatant provocation drew the attention of the mutated monkeys standing closest to them. Regardless of the big the Obsidian Beetle, they dashed out fiercely towards Zhang Mu and Little Black. Without intelligence, they forgot all rules and orders.

Dropping the long sticks they held, the mutated monkeys rushed at them with their arms and legs, their previous battle formation was nowhere to be seen.

That’s exactly what I want!

Zhang Mu was pleased. If they still listened to order and kept the previous formation, Zhang Mu might get in trouble. However, they had forgotten everything and just fought against Zhang Mu without any strategies. So there was nothing to fear.

“Protect Yuan Rui well!”

Zhang Mu put Yuan Rui on Little Black’s neck, asking it to fly up. The mutated monkeys couldn’t pose any threat to Yuan Rui if she was four meters away from the ground.

Hovering in the air, Little Black was waiting for Zhang Mu to attack.


A mutated monkey ran to Zhang Mu and didn’t even notice that it was alone to attack and that its fellow allies were 10 meters away from it.

The mutated monkeys jumped even higher than Zhang Mu, scratching towards his head as if it had figured out how tasty Zhang Mu’s brain was.

Courting death! I’ll kill you first!

Facing the mutated monkey’s strike, Zhang Mu kept his calm and squatted down. He moved when the mutated monkey swiped down towards his face.

He quickly stabbed with his knife while also steadily receiving the impact of the monkey’s attack.

A monkey, a knife, and a human.

Zhang Mu sneered and twisted his knife, watching as fear took over the monkeys features. But very quickly, all fear disappeared. Because Zhang Mu attacked at a very high speed, the monkey couldn’t respond and Zhang Mu successfully stabbed through its heart. The mutated monkey’s hot blood spilled on the blade.

Surrounded by mutated monkeys, Little Black kept calm and got closer towards Zhang Mu. With its leg, it picked up the first-ranked beast core along with the monkey’s brain and started eating happily.

Yuan Rui couldn’t stand it anymore and touched Little Black’s head, “Little Black, you are so disgusting.”

Hearing that, the Obsidian Beetle unwillingly swallowed everything down quickly.

Having being interrupted in its meal, Little Black was unhappy and attacked monkeys to vent its spleen.

In order to keep Yuan Rui balanced, Little Black tore up the monkeys without lowering its head. Surrounded by monkeys, Little Black swung its body around, stabbing through the monkeys with its thorn

When the Obsidian Beetle was weighed down to the ground by the corpses hanging off its thorns, it tried to shake them off by moving around wildly.

“Slow down!”

“Little Black you are doing this on purpose! Don’t get the blood on me! It’s disgusting!”

Hearing Yuan Rui’s cries, Zhang Mu cut down the head of the monkey in front of him and picked up the beast core quickly. Then, he chased after them with a smile on his face.