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Chapter 35 The Debugging Period is Over


Half an hour later, Zhang Mu finally heard the familiar sound of the system.

In the dark, an invisible but powerful wave swept over the whole world in just a second.

“Testing Field Number Forty-Seven, the debugging period is over. All data will return to normal difficulty. Restarting the world.”

The voice was still cold without any emotion.

Zhang Mu was once again immobilized and yet this time he could think clearly. All survivors were able to think clearly rather than getting overwhelmed by a deep fear like the first time.

When the voice disappeared, Zhang Mu could see that in the distance, the mutated monkeys were shrinking. Although he couldn’t move, he was still able to see that the eyes of the nearest mutated monkey was losing its intelligent light. What replaced it was wildness belonging to any ordinary animal.

Zhang Mu was secretly pleased that everything happened according to what he had seen in the future. He didn’t cause a Butterfly Effect, at least, not currently.

When the mutated monkeys shrunk to half the size they were, the wave stopped spreading. Zhang Mu knew that the weakening of the monsters was over.

At this moment, the mechanical voice in the people’s head quickly changed. The voice echoed again with much disdain and banter, “Congratulation! You are still alive and got through the hardest time of the initial stage. From the moment your bodies are freed, the ability of all the monster will be adjusted to the same level. If you want to know what level they are on, you can have a try!”

The voice paused for a while, then continued, “However, the new era is just beginning. Restarting the world is both good and bad for you because you are on the same level as the other creatures. For having survived until now, I guess that except for being lucky, you should also be the owner of basic cognitive abilities. So you must have realized that without weapons, you aren’t even equal to an unenlightened monster. As you are deprived of your hegemony over the world, you are supposed to recognize which layer of the food chain you are on now. As a compensation, you will quickly find something different in your bodies. Seize the opportunity. After all, it is the only way out for you. Haha, I have said too much. Don’t let me down, human beings!”

As the voice stopped, everything returned to normal. Zhang Mu moved and pulled out Little Black who had hid in Yuan Rui’s clothes, looking at it up and down.

Why didn’t its wings move?

The colour of its back became different.

Moreover, shit! It even couldn’t speak!

Return my Little Black back to me! A*****e! You turned it into a worm that didn’t have any thoughts or fighting capacity!

Just as Zhang Mu was going to cry, he heard an indolent voice in his mind, “Who can’t speak?! I just didn’t want to answer you. Release my wings immediately. What wings can’t flap and colour of my back changing, it was all your delusion.”

The Obsidian Beetle broke free from Zhang Mu’s hand, hovering in the air and stared at Zhang Mu with a contemptuous look.

Zhang Mu was shocked.

What happened! Why did Little Black’s intelligence grow so much that it could mock me after the weakening? It’s even breaking through the absolute obedience of the blood contract.

Seeing Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle staring at each other, Yuan Rui said slightly, “Uncle, I just fell very hot, as if the energy inside my body was breaking out.”

Energy surged out from Yuan Rui’s body the moment she put her hand on Zhang Mu’s shoulder. After she sent out all of it, she took a deep breath, freed from the bloated feeling.

Zhang Mu was completely shocked. Yuan Rui’s energy was different from the former energy she had for healing wounds. When he took in her energy, Zhang Mu felt his power slightly increase. Judging from how precious a dose of a strength drug was, with Yuan Rui’s energy having the same effects, Zhang Mu immediately realized its value!

Warned by Yuan Rui’s change, Zhang Mu remembered that there was something different in the human body after the debugging period.

Human beings had been living good lives for so long. As a result, when they lost their hot weapons, they were suppressed by the other creatures and became the most vulnerable prey immediately.

Yet, Zhang Mu had analyzed when he was in the future that those mysterious beings who caused all this were, in fact, more inclined towards human beings. Though they did pull human beings down to the same level as the other creatures, they were partial to the human beings. Maybe, they had planned to pick out the best ones among the human beings.

Zhang Mu’s guess was supported by many practical examples and it was very close to the truth. For example, after this debugging period, the development of human’s potential would promote the speed of their ability awakening. And the evolvers who had awakened a part of their powers during the debugging period could enjoy a huge boost.

Moreover, the voice had warned everyone clearly that the degree of difficulty had been adjusted. At this time, the people who had the intelligence would try to adjust to the new lifestyle and fight in order to survive. As for the weak who couldn’t accept reality, they would gradually be eliminated.

Actually, after the debugging period, everything that happened was to develop the cream of the crop among the humans.

As for the evolvers, the strong ones like Yuan Rui would feel more powerful while the ordinary people like Zhang Mu felt nothing. After all, he didn’t have an awakening potential at all, so there was no use in stimulating him. Zhang Mu felt a sense of crisis. The disparity between him and the awakened evolvers was getting narrow and his advantage would disappear after the world restarted.

Meanwhile, the Obsidian Beetle whose blood vessels were connected with Zhang Mu also got preferential treatment. Not only was its power and intelligence not weakened, it also received a boost in power because it was regarded as an evolutionary ability.

Looking at Little Black, Zhuang Mu didn’t know what to say. It was good that they could now defeat the mutated monkeys easily, but he felt like Little Black, whose intelligence had been improved, would become as cunning as himself.

It would be difficult for him to ask it to do things in the future.

As there was a strong empathy between Zhang Mu and Little Black, it knew what Zhang Mu was planning. The Obsidian Beetle threw a contemptuous look at Zhang Mu and flew towards Yuan Rui, lying on her shoulder comfortably and ignoring Zhang Mu’s gloomy face.

It distinctly knew that Zhang Mu right now, hehe, needed its help.