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Chapter 31: Two Survivors 2

The person in front of him swallowed his pride, for the sake of his girlfriend?

Zhang Mu suddenly birthed good feeling towards the man. He looked at Yuan Rui, nodding in acquiescence.

Upon Zhang Mu’s consent, Yuan Rui quickly ran to the girl. Though she wanted to approach the girl when the latter had passed out, she stayed next to Zhang Mu without any action, as she wasn’t sure if Zhang Mu would allow her to do so.

Yuan Rui ran to the girl, lifted her up against her own shoulder and gently opened her mouth to feed a little water in.

The girl might’ve been so thirsty that she drunk the water unconsciously and yet, she still didn’t wake up. Yuan Rui frowned and transferred her energy into the girl’s body from the hand gently supporting the girl’s back.

As expected, it was hunger that caused her weakness. The energy Yuan Rui had injected into the girl’s body restored the loss of the power inside her body.

Just a second after, the pretty girl’s long eyelashes fluttered as she then opened her eyes giddily. She took a closer look at the cute girl in front of her from head to toe.

Suddenly, the girl pushed Yuan Rui away and tried to stand up. Under Yuan Rui’s puzzled eyes, she looked around and shouted with a faint, but firm voice, “Zhan Hong, Zhan Hong, where are you?”

After hearing her voice, Zhan Hong turned back quickly and ran towards her with his last reserve of strength.

The girl calmed down when she saw Zhan Hong coming to her.

When they looked at each other, Zhan Hong’s cold face became gentle immediately. He touched her back gently and said slowly, “Lian, don’t worry! I am here!”

Then he apologized to Yuan Rui who had been helped up by Zhang Mu, “I’m so sorry. She has a mental problem. Young lady, I apologize to you in her stead.”

After hearing that, the anger that had risen in Zhang Mu subsided quickly.

“Mental problem?”

Zhan Hong noticed their confusion. He laughed and said, “You must feel strange as to why I fell in love with a girl like this.”

Instead of answering, Zhang Mu waited for him to continue.

“Her name is Qin Lian. She was a normal and outgoing girl who treated me well when she was very young. However, later, a terrible misfortune took place in her family when she was 20. She could not accept it and developed a mental problem. I have been looking after her since then.”

Right now, Zhan Hong looked at the girl he called Qin Lian fondly without any tiredness, which moved Yuan Rui deeply.

Yuan Rui kept shaking her hand and said, “It doesn’t matter. She didn’t use much strength. I’m fine!”

Zhang Mu took out two bags of bread and two cans of porridge from his backpack on his back and handed them to Zhan Hong. Although Zhan Hong was also very hungry, he still opened the bread bag and can for Qin Lian first. Zhan Hong looked at her fondly as she devoured the food before wiping her mouth clean with his cuff.

When Qin Lian didn’t want to eat anymore, Zhan Hong picked up the rest of bread and ate it. Stared at by Zhang Mu and Yuan Lei, he laughed awkwardly.

When he finished, Zhang Mu gave him a glass of water and asked, “What are your plans for the future?”

Zhan Hong wiped his lip and answered, ” We will come back to the city for sure. We were going to leave the highway at first. However, our car was forcibly turned over by a car that rushed out of nowhere. We were about to get off when those monsters came, so we had to stay in the car. Luckily, I had my friend upgrade my car previously, otherwise, we might’ve died here.”

Suddenly, Zhan Hong changed the subject and looked towards Zhang Mu questioningly, “Do you want to cut across this highway? I’m here because it’s not far from the toll station. If you go further, there will be more monsters.”

Zhang Mu smiled calmly and merely shrugged, “It doesn’t matter! I came here to get across the highway. I’ll try to figure out something.”

Zhan Hong was clever so he didn’t ask what Zhang Mu wanted to work out. Instead, he seemed to understand something else and said, “It’s easy for you to break through and get rid of these monsters with your powerful strength and with the help of that giant beetle.”

He hesitated for a moment, then said firmly, “I felt that my body became different. Could you help me have a look? Since you can call out that beetle, you must know something. Can you tell me? ”

“Unexpectedly, you are an evolver as well.”

“Evolver? I did discover some unknown evolution in my body.”

Zhan Hong shook his head and rolled up his sleeves.

Seeing the changes in Zhan Hong’s arms, Zhang Mu got serious. He saw pieces of blue scales developing on Zhan Hong’s arms as it wrapped his entire arm with sparkling light.

Seeing that, Zhang Mu was shocked.

He knew it. At the beginning, it was just small blue scales, but later, the blue scales would cover the entire body. When the blue turned into gold, it would become a great transformation.

When Zhan Hong noticed the change of Zhang Mu’s eyes, he quickly retracted his scales and patiently waited for Zhang Mu to explain.

“I’m not really clear about it. I just know that, from that day on, our bodies have begun to evolve in some unknown direction. I have seen the same changes from other people like you and me. Everyone has a different ability as well as form and power. You have to explore specific functions by yourself.”

“Thanks a lot. I owe you one. You move on and I will go to the city and find a safe place with Lian.”

Zhan Hong quickly understood what Zhang Mu meant and he held Qin Lian saying goodbye to Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu gave him a small bag of food without telling him what’s going to happen in a day.

On one hand, if he spoke too much, the truth would be exposed. When Zhan Hong gets more experienced, he will find that something was wrong. On the other hand, he believed that Zhan Hong could deal with this matter through his own abilities.

Suddenly, Zhang Mu sensed danger from their backs when he watched them supporting each other and walking towards the toll station.

Zhang Mu got confused. Is the potential of the evolver with the Dragon Scale Awakening really so powerful that it made him perceive a threat?

Just let it go. Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui resumed their journey because they had already wasted too much time. If they didn’t go now, it would be dark when they arrived at their destination.