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Chapter 29: Two Survivors

Zhang Mu ran on the streets for half an hour. After warming up his body, he increased his speed again to about three times faster than ordinary people.

Little Black swallowed the bitter pill in silence. Ruan Rui was slender and light, but even so, she was an adult. She gradually became a weight that slowed down its flying speed. However, it didn’t dare to protest and had to follow tightly behind Zhang Mu.

“Uncle, where are we going? Aren’t we going to the Longmen Grottoes? I don’t remember it being in this direction!”

The wind was fierce. Yuan Rui had to curl her hands next to her mouth like a trumpet to yell at Zhang Mu.

Apparently, Zhang Mu heard her words. He gradually slowed down his speed. 2.5x in speed, 2x, then 1.5x, 1x… In the end, he was leisurely walking on the street.

Taking a glance at the Obsidian Beetle, Zhang Mu realized that he went too fast. He took a few steps backward and walked beside Little Black, then looked at Yuan Rui and said, “Look at your right. What do you see?”

Yuan Rui looked at the direction Zhang Mu pointed at.

“It’s… a highway?”

She turned back and asked Zhang Mu in confusion, “Uncle, why did we come here? I remember that there is a way that leads directly to the Longmen Grottoes, why don’t we go that way?”

Zhang Mu walked to the toll station and answered, “I know that way, but we can’t go from there. There is probably a lot of walking dead, and I don’t want to take the risk and be entangled with them. Today is the last day of the debugging period, we shouldn’t waste our time on them.”

Yuan Rui still felt confused. “But aren’t there a lot of walking dead on the highway? I remember it was six p.m. when the catastrophe happened. It was the rush hour.”

Zhang Mu nodded and looked at the highway in the distance with fiery eyes. “It is the reason. Even if we are taking a detour, even if we can only slowly walk on the highway and can’t rely on the Obsidian Beetle, it is still the safest way, because… the walking dead on the highway are all jammed inside their cars!”

He smilingly looked at Yuan Rui and asked, “Now, do you understand why I came here?”

Yuan Rui suddenly realized what he meant, “Haha! We don’t need to worry about anything there!”

Zhang Mu shrugged his shoulders and waved his hands, “Yes, it’s the safest way, but there might still be some dangers. Things must not be taken lightly.”

Soon, they reached the toll station and squeezed pass from between the railing. There was no one was inside the station, but there was a lot of blood. They didn’t know if the officers had run away or if they had become walking dead.

Various cars were scattered here and there on the highway. The quietness made the surroundings seem indescribably strange. Yuan Rui walked quietly next to Zhang Mu. The Obsidian Beetle had transformed into a small beetle again and was crouching on Zhang Mu’s shoulder.

Zhang Mu broke the silence and said with a fearless smile, “Don’t be frightened. I’m here and Little Black is with us too. If anything happens, let it deal with it and we can take the opportunity to run away.”

Little Black gazed at Zhang Mu with grievance-filled eyes but found that his owner’s expression was becoming more and more serious.

The Obsidian Beetle was scared and immediately flew to Yuan Rui, hiding in her arms.

Yuan Rui was amused and her nervousness lessened.

As Zhang Mu had predicted, they could hear sounds from within the vehicles around them but there was no walking dead outside. When they passed by the cars, they could clearly see the walking dead’s ugly faces through the windows.

“Tut-tut. Look at them. They are strong and fast but are all jammed inside. They haven’t eaten for two days.”

Zhang Mu leisurely walked and pointed at the walking dead in the cars as if they were garden gnomes in his backyard.

“This walking dead looks so unique! Look at its deep eyes! Whoa, Yuan Rui, look here! He must’ve been very ugly even before he was transformed into a walking dead. Oh, there’s a couple over there, but why aren’t they wearing any clothes?”

At first, Yuan Rui was scared by the walking dead, but soon afterwards, her fears were chased away as she laughed at Zhang Mu’s words.

Zhang Mu pointed to a black car and said wryly, “What an ugly walking dead! Little Black, don’t you think that it looks like you?”

The Obsidian Beetle flapped its wings, protesting at Zhang Mu’s slander.

“It looks really like you! Look at it, don’t you feel like you are looking in a mirror?”

Zhang Mu laughed out loud. Unknowingly, they had gone a long distance.

Suddenly, Zhang Mu and the Obsidian Beetle stopped at the same time. They gazed at a direction seriously.

“Oh, no wonder we didn’t see any walking dead outside the cars. So, they were all here.”

Yuan Rui couldn’t help but glance over Zhang Mu’s shoulder. What she saw frightened her.

Not far away, about twenty walking dead were knocking and bashing an off-road vehicle.


These hungry walking dead noticed them. They turned around, gazing at Zhang Mu and Yuan Rui.


They moved. They rushed to Zhang Mu frantically.

At this moment, Zhang Mu’s eyes saw through the car windows, catching two pale faces.

They were humans! There were two survivors!