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Chapter 28: Across the Highway

After a wonderful sleep, Zhang Mu woke up feeling energetic.

However, when he saw the scene on the bed, he suddenly felt intense indignation. Little Black had actually abandoned him and slept on Yuan Rui’s bed. It curled up in Yuan Rui’s arms and unconsciously clutched its paws at the air. Maybe it was dreaming that it was eating crystals.

Zhang Mu wanted to slap it awake, but he worried it would wake up Yuan Rui, so he only stared at the Obsidian Beetle mercilessly and did nothing else.

Weren’t they partners? Shouldn’t partners share their joys and sorrows together? Why can the Obsidian Beetle sleep in a girl’s arms while he had to sleep on the ground? Zhang Mu felt jealousy. He decided he would reduce its foods in the future as a punishment.

It seemed that the Obsidian Beetle felt the ill will. It turned around on the bed. Zhang Mu thought that it had woken up, but it actually turned around and fell asleep again!

It fell asleep again!

Zhang Mu had sentenced the Obsidian Beetle to death in his heart. He silently wiped his Tang sword, then started to pack his backpack.

After a while, Yuan Rui woke up. She sat up, rubbed her eyes and said, “Oh, uncle, you are awake!”

She didn’t know that Little Black was sleeping in her arms. As she sat up, Little Black fell to the ground. Zhang Mu couldn’t help but laugh out.

“Little Black! Why are you here?” Yuan Rui looked at the Obsidian Beetle in surprise. It fell backwards with its four paws in the air, looking pretty comical.

Zhang Mu picked it up and threw it at the wall. He laughed, “Don’t mind it, it had it coming!”

Yuan Rui guessed the reason. She covered her mouth and giggled.

At this time, the Obsidian Beetle flew to them. It knew that it was wrong and looked at Zhang Mu flatteringly.

“Hum, you deserve it. I fed you so many crystals and this is how you repaid me? Today’s food will be reduced by half!”

Zhang Mu said and waved his hands.

Little Black was scared by Zhang Mu’s words. The food will be reduced by half… no! It flew forth and back in front of Zhang Mu, but Zhang Mu pretended that it didn’t exist.

Humph. Do you know now? When your master is sleeping on the ground, you can’t sleep on the bed!

Yuan Rui smiled looked at Zhang Mu’s childish behaviour. She persuaded him, “Uncle, don’t blame Little Black. Look, it knows that it was wrong!”

After hearing Yuan Rui’s words, Little Black immediately nodded its head in the air.

“Ok, ok, I’ll forgive you. Let’s go.”

Zhang Mu was just teasing it. After seeing that it had admitted its mistakes, he forgave Little Black.

“We should be quick. We can eat our breakfast on the way.”

Yuan Rui looked around the room and felt a bit of reluctant. After all, this was her home, and there were a lot of things she didn’t want to give up. However, she also knew that the world had changed. If she carried too many things, it would become a burden. Finally, she only put a pocket watch into her bag.

Zhang Mu looked at her with relief. The girl finally realized the right thing she should do in the crisis-ridden world. In fact, he wouldn’t have said anything if she did take along a lot of things. After all, it was Little Black who would carry their luggage.

They left the warehouse. Zhang Mu squinted his eyes and looked at the rising sun, then said to himself, “Are you ready?”

Of course, no one responded him. He shook his head and said decisively, “Let’s go!”

The Obsidian Beetle immediately flew on the street. With a circle of airwave, it transformed into a big beetle that was as tall as a man.

“Ah!” Yuan Rui hadn’t seen Little Black’s big form before. She was scared and took a few steps backward.

“Don’t be afraid. It looks ugly, but it is still Little Black. You can ride on its back.” Zhang Mu consoled Yuan Rui.

“I’m afraid…” Yuan Rui answered fearfully. Indeed, the Obsidian Beetle’s bulky form looked very ferocious. He couldn’t blame her.

At this time, Little Black turned back and forced a smiled on its ugly face. Yuan Rui was suddenly amused. She realized that it was still the little beetle who had played cute in her arms just now. She walked to it and tentatively touched its head. Little Black didn’t resist her and closed its eyes to enjoy her touch. Yuan Rui laughed out and patted its head, “Why are you so ugly now? I won’t play with you!”

The Obsidian Beetle could neither cry nor laugh.

“Ok, ok, we should leave!” Zhang Mu urged them.

“I know, but… how can I get on its back?” Yuan Rui looked confused.

Zhang Mu patted his head and got an idea. He lifted Yuan Rui up and ordered the Obsidian Beetle to squat down. He smoothly put Yuan Rui on Little Black’s back. Before Yuan Rui could cry in fear, he had run away. Little Black flapped its wings and tightly followed behind him.

At first, Yuan Rui was scared, but soon, she gradually got used to Little Black’s speed. She looked around and opened her arms to the wind, enjoying the pleasant sensation.

At first, Little Black couldn’t carry a person and fly at the same time, but after eating over a hundred crystals, it was able to fly at its full speed even with Yuan Rui on its back.

Zhang Mu looked back at them with a contented expression.

Going through the roads that Zhang Mu had ‘cleaned’ up, the three of them were travelling at full speed with a whole crowd of walking dead chasing after them, attracted by the racket they made.

Yuan Rui was frightened, but shortly afterwards, she had realized that even the fast walking dead couldn’t catch them. Without having to worry about anything, she curiously looked around at the world that had changed.