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Chapter 27: Determine the Goal

“Ok, I go with you. My power can heal you. I won’t be a burden.”

Different from Zhang Mu’s expectation, Yuan Rui gave him a positive answer after thinking for a while. He thought that the little girl would be afraid of walking dead and wouldn’t dare to leave the safe warehouse, but she actually agreed to leave with him.

He asked in curiosity, “Why? Aren’t you afraid of the walking dead?”

Yuan Rui still smiled. After a while, she teased Little Black in her hands and answered Zhang Mu in a nonchalant tone, “Uncle, I know you are strong and you will protect me. I’m not afraid. Haha.”

Listening to Yuan Rui’s words, Zhang Mu’s heart was relieved. He smiled at Yuan Rui, “Ok, let’s go. Maybe I will need you to save my life someday.”

Yuan Rui looked at Zhang Mu with a smile and answered, “Yes, I’m strong. I can help you!”

I want to see her pure smile, a smile all the people had before the cataclysm started.

Zhang Mu shook his head and stopped to think about it. Beauty needed to be protected by power. No gardeners, no beautiful flowers. But now, the thing Zhang Mu lacked most was power.

He wanted to set out as soon as possible.

Zhang Mu asked Yuan Rui, “Where do you want to go?”

Yuan Rui gazed at Zhang Mu in surprise, “I thought that you had already decided on the destination! If you haven’t, then you must hurry. You said that we should leave tomorrow.”

Zhang Mu nodded. In fact, he had had an idea when he was in the era merchant’s shop because he knew the era merchant in Xian City would buy his Luoyang Peony Bud at the highest price. With his maximum speed, he could reach Xian within two days and two nights. Of course, it was if he encountered the best circumstances. Considering that he may encounter mutated animals or walking dead on the way, six days was going to be more than enough.

Therefore, for the rest of the month, Zhang Mu had planned to visit other cities. If so, he could finish his quest far beyond the requirements.

However, now, there was a variable in his plan: Yuan Rui. He could run all day without resting, but Yuan Rui couldn’t. She was just a healing-type evolver, and her physique wasn’t any better than ordinary people. She would delay his travel speed and the trip to and fro would take around 20 days. In this case, he would only have ten days of free time left during this period of time. Now, he was thinking that where he should go within the ten days.

Sigh, since the time wasn’t sufficient for him to visit other cities, he could only go hunt walking dead and mutated animals. Walking dead had crystals in their necks and similarly, mutated animals had beast-cores in their bodies. According to his memory, a beast-core could be exchanged for five crystals, because beast-cores contained two times more energy than crystals. It was more effective for evolvers.

Zhang Mu also remembered that some era merchants were fond of beast-cores. If he was lucky enough to meet one of these era merchants, he would earn a lot from selling the beast-cores to them. In his past life, he accumulated his wealth like this.

Normally, mutated animals lived in suburbs or mountains. Of course, he could also find them in cities, however, most of the mutated animals in cities were low-level monsters just like the mutated rat swarm he saw before. It would just be a waste of his time and energy if he went to kill them, and it was also very dangerous.

A plan was gradually forming in Zhang Mu’s heart. He was still adjusting his route while counting the dangers he may meet in his heart.

No, not this way. I remember someone had said that there was a second-ranked mutated wolfhound and its pack of mutated dogs there. If I encountered them, I won’t be able to defeat them.

Change the route!

I remember that there was a large wave of walking dead on this street. Not a good choice.

Change the route!

Zhang Mu cudgelled his brains for ideas and finally, he remembered something.

“Right! This way!” Zhang Mu shouted excitedly.

“Uncle, you scared me!” Yuan Rui complained and patted her chest.

Zhang Mu’s eyes brightened up. He shouted, “Let’s go to the Longmen Grottoes!”

“The Longmen Grottoes? Aren’t you a native? Haven’t you gone there before? There aren’t many beautiful scenes. I don’t suggest you visit there.” Yuan Rui looked at Zhang Mu in confusion.

“No, we’re not visiting there. There is a big surprise waiting for us! You will know it after we reach there.”

Zhang Mu smiled but refused to tell Yuan Rui more details. Yuan Rui felt annoyed. She left Zhang Mu alone and played with Little Black.

Zhang Mu knew what the “thing” he just remembered was. He remembered what a mess it caused in his past life.

If he could find it in advance… it would become one of his strongest weapons!