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Chapter 17: Mutated Beetle

Which side was easier to deal with?

It was hard to make a decision. If he attacked one side, then his speed would be slowed down. If he was surrounded by them, he didn’t have confidence to escape from them easily.

While he was thinking, the six walking dead rushed towards him.

Zhang Mu shrugged. He raised his eyebrows, acting as if he was in an action movie.

He stamped his foot, jumping up into the air. It was too late for the walking dead to stop. They collided with each other forcefully and toppled back.

Even though the walking dead’s claws came close to Zhang Mu’s face, he was unfazed. He shook his wrist, whirling his sword in a circle.

Before the walking dead could get back up and launch new attacks, their heads had been chopped down, harvested like wheat.

This was the reason why Zhang Mu chose the agility potion, but not the strength potion. To Zhang Mu who was rich in experience, high speed was the sharpest knife in his hand.

Now, these walking dead were just some sparkling crystals in Zhang Mu’s eyes. His calm state had let him dig out of 80% of his potential. Even in the future, ordinary people could only release 50% of their potential, which was far inferior to him.

A walking dead that had escaped from his blade lunged at him.

However, its luck has ended. Before the walking dead did something, Zhang Mu had jumped on it and forced it to kiss the ground again.

Zhang Mu was too excited. He wasn’t even going to use his sword and held the walking dead’s head in his hands, then twisted its neck. Crack! The walking dead stopped struggling.

With this walking dead’s crystal, he had had nine crystals now.

However, Zhang Mu was still dissatisfied with this killing speed.

Should he use that “skill”? However, he wasn’t sure if it was useful in the debugging period.

As Zhang Mu was hesitating, he suddenly felt danger. He systematically rolled forward on the ground, pushing the walking dead backward as a shield.

Zhang Mu heard a creepy noise. He carefully turned around, then froze.

Was… it a first-ranked Obsidian Beetle?

It was a black beetle as tall as an adult human with a pair of small wings on its back. Its shell was engraved with complicated patterns on it. It opened its mouth wide, showing its hundreds of small, sharp teeth.

It was eating the walking dead Zhang Mu pushed towards it.

The scene looked comical, but Zhang Mu didn’t dare to laugh. In fact, he didn’t dare to make any noise.

How could it be possible? It was a first-ranked zerg! They should appear in the world in another six month, absolutely not now!

As Zhang Mu looked at the Obsidian Beetle in shock and disbelief. The walking dead had almost been eaten completely, only a skeleton was left on the ground. This scene looked so creepy even in the daytime.

Zhang Mu had given up on getting the walking dead’s crystal. He liked crystals, but he was more appreciative of his life. A single Obsidian Beetle couldn’t make him feel worried, but they were social beings! There must be more of them nearby!

Zhang Mu stared at the Obsidian Beetle and slowly moved backwards, because he didn’t know if it would suddenly give up the corpses and attack him instead.

Zhang Mu’s heart was bleeding as he looked at the Obsidian Beetle eating the walking dead’s crystal.

However, there was nothing he could do. He had to comfort himself with the thought that he just exchanged the crystals for his life. He worried would the Obsidian Beetle notice him, but it seemed that he still had time to run away.

However, the moment Zhang Mu turned around, the creepy chewing sound stopped.

Zhang Mu froze. He turned around, looking at the Obsidian Beetle again.

Are you kidding me? I was so careful, why did you still notice me?

The Obsidian Beetle had released the walking dead’s skull, looking at Zhang Mu up and down. It thought that Zhang Mu’s flesh and blood should be more delicious.

Its small wings started flapping at high speed. Zhang Mu knew that it was going to attack.

What should he do now?


Zhang Mu immediately ran away.

However, the Obsidian Beetle’s speed wasn’t inferior to Zhang Mu’s. Running through one street after another, it still chased after Zhang Mu. Some walking dead were attracted by them, but quickly lost their trails.

Why don’t you give up?

Why are you still chasing after me?

Why don’t you eat these walking dead? You just want to eat me? You’re too picky you bastard!

He must stop, otherwise, he would collapse sooner or later. He turned around and saw that the Obsidian Beetle’s teeth were close to his face. He immediately stopped and rolled on the ground. The Obsidian Beetle’s sharp claws scraped at Zhang Mu’s face, cutting of a strand of his hair.

Zhang Mu lay on the ground and touched his face. He let out a sigh of relief after realizing that he wasn’t hurt.

You bastard. If I’m disfigured, I will tear you to pieces!

Before Zhang Mu spoke out more curses, the Obsidian Beetle had turned back and flew to him again.

…Wait. Why didn’t I see other Obsidian Beetles?

There is only one Obsidian Beetle?

If so, why have I had to run away?! Beetle, you are dead! I will kill you!

Zhang Mu felt like he was tricked. He, Zhang Mu, was just chased by a first-ranked little bug and almost disfigured? What a humiliating shame!

The Obsidian Beetle stopped three metres away from Zhang Mu, staring at Zhang Mu with its compound eyes. This prey… it felt something unusual from Zhang Mu.

It knew what level it was at. No matter whether it was human or walking dead, they were all its food, However, this prey’s speed wasn’t inferior to it. It hesitated and didn’t launch an attack immediately.

They stood facing each other.

Zhang Mu felt nervous in his heart.

What did he see? He saw an emotion named “confusion” in the beetle’s eyes. Even if it was a first-ranked zerg, it was still a lower-level monster. It shouldn’t have intellect!

What was the beetle?!