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Chapter 136: Soul Crystals

When Zhang Mu touched the smooth ball-shaped object, he did not know what it was. But his instinct was telling him that the object he was holding in his hand, was definitely a treasure with incredible value.

The temptation was unprecedented as the cells on his body seem to be quivering in joy. The moment he touched it, there was an electric current passing through his fingers.

There seems to be a voice saying, “We’re almost getting it, now, immediately, right away!”

If Zhang Mu did not know that there would not be any souls existed after the Nightmare Worms’ death because they were only a first-ranked mutated animal, Zhang Mu would think that these Nightmare Worms, which could confuse people’s mind, were still alive.

Then there was only one possibility left. That thing, to Zhang Mu, was indeed something he was extremely eager for it.

Zhang Mu was fluttering when he pulled this little ball out from the layers and layers of fats from the Nightmare Worm. He finally recognized what it was.

It was soft, highly elastic, with a deep blue color, crystal-clear and beautiful. The top was decorated with the dots of stars, pretty similar with the vast sea of stars that Zhang Mu once saw them at No. 37. It was like Nature’s most magnificent piece of art. It had a stark contrast when compared with the fat and ugly Nightmare Worm’s body.

Most importantly, the fragrance that it naturally exudes was getting stronger and stronger when putting neared to Zhang Mu.

Not only in the sense of smell, but it also brings enjoyment to your soul.

It was the soul crystal!

Usually, only the third-ranked mutated animals and above could produce soul crystals. Even in the third-ranked psychological mutated animals, soul crystals were hard to come by. Zhang Mu had seen this item previously at the era sub-merchants trading fair. Not only him, but all the people presented at that time were deeply attracted by it. Their eyes were filled with greed, but they were afraid of the power of the trade organizer, which was the top few sub-merchants, and reluctantly let their reasoning to overcome their desire.

These soul crystals had an unbelievable benefit, which was to enhance the soul defense capacity. In addition, it was said that when accumulated to a certain amount, it would produce a qualitative change, adding an awakening ability.

Furthermore, this awakening ability was a dominant part of the psychic evolver ability. That was the reason why everyone was going after it, causing a national sensation during that time. But for this item to be taken out for the trading fair, was because the most influential person had already used it for themselves and took the leftovers out as a bargaining chip during the fair.

Even though the soul crystals were revealed because the top powerhouse thought that they were just chicken ribs, but it was squandered after introducing their function at a high price. Zhang Mu, who came to the trading fair to get a look, was left feeling envious on one side.

But how did such a valuable soul crystal appeared inside the body of a first-ranked Nightmare Worms?

That was the point where Zhang Mu felt strange. Usually, for such a soul crystal to exist, required an enormous amount of resources and energy. Only by reaching to the third-ranked, it would be possible to provide that amount of resources.

Zhang Mu was left baffled, but he felt that he could no longer restrain his hand from sending that soul crystal into his mouth.

There should not be any problem right? After bidding successfully at the trading fair, that buyer immediately ate the soul crystal, and it looked exactly the same with the one on his hand with no difference.

In order to ensure his safety, Zhang Mu put the soul crystal that he just took out and placed in front of his eye to look carefully. He resisted his desire and observed closely, trying his best to recall the moment when he saw the soul crystal exhibited on an enlarged projector.

After comparing the soul crystal in front of his eye and the one on his memory, Zhang Mu could only found one difference between the two, that is, the one on his hand right now, the color was slightly paler.

At least, that could explain why a first-ranked Nightmare Worm was able to produce the soul crystal that only other type of third-ranked psychological mutated animal could cultivate as it was still lacking in some area.

But, even if that was the case, it was still astonishing.

Zhang Mu could vaguely guess how these Nightmare Worms gathered their source of energy, and that was constant killing. They kept on consuming the souls of human and mutated animals to cultivate the soul crystal, so much that their evolution speed was slowed down. Therefore, their physical strength was at the bottom of the bottom amongst the first-ranked mutated animal, as it turned out that their energy had transferred to the crystals.

After some inspections, Zhang Mu finally confirmed that this was the weaker version of the one he saw that year. He immediately put it in his mouth without thinking twice and swallow it down.

The soul crystal melted in Zhang Mu’s mouth, just like a clear stream moistening his throat before entering his body. Lastly, it slowly dissolved in his stomach and fused to all the limbs and bones in his body.

Right now, even in the cold wind, Zhang Mu did not felt any discomfort. The power from the soul crystal traveled around his body before gathering at the vertebra area.

After all of the power was gathered, the mass of energy crawl along Zhang Mu’s spine and continued crawling upwards. The feeling of numbness made Zhang Mu incredibly pleasant.

Soon enough, the energy extends along the nerves of Zhang Mu’s brain and into his spine, before touching the deepest part of his soul at the end.

The moment it reached the brain, the icy cold chilled Zhang Mu’s entire being as he trembled with a start and sobered up. His brain region seems to receive an impact and expended a substantial amount. The most obvious characteristic was his psychic power as it received a great deal of stability. He could clearly compare the differences he had before. For instance, if he was psychologically bound by the bunch of Nightmare Worms again, he would not be suppressed for a long time.

It was indeed an item that a Nightmare Worm had cultivated using all of its essences!

Zhang Mu breathed a sigh of relief. This refreshing taste was so overwhelming. Now he felt that the control of his body had reached a new height.

That was why psychological evolvers usually had a unique advantage during battles.

But after recovering for a while, Zhang Mu had an odd expression on his face.

Because the fragrance in the air, did not dissipate at all. It was so strong that it caused Zhang Mu to be elated instantly.

He turned his head and looked at the body of dozens of Nightmare Worms laying disorderly on the ground as a crazy idea emerged on his mind.

Just now, he had randomly selected one of the Nightmare Worm’s body, and it was not chosen specially.

So was there a possibility that all of the Nightmare Worms on the ground, have such a soul crystal inside their body?

Zhang Mu did not hesitate as he went to the body of the Nightmare Worms straight away as if their greasy corpse were the most lovely thing in the world.

He shouted in his heart.

I’m coming!