The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm - Chapter 135 - The Beginning of the Awakening

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Chapter 135: The Beginning of the Awakening

The Obsidian Beetle fanned its wings as if the bindings attached on his body were disappeared, and flew in the air right away. It dived towards the ten Nightmare Worms and drew deep scars on the back of their body.

Snow white meat was flipped open, together with plant fibers gushing out. When their psychic ability loses its effect, these Nightmare Worms was even more useless than the most common first-ranked mutated animal.

In this case, even a slightly deadly mutated animal could prey on all of them now. The furious Obsidian Beetle did not use any of its ability and merely used its claw to shred open these fat worms into two pieces.

The Obsidian Beetle looked coldly at the lifeless bodies of the Nightmare Worms, no idea what was it thinking about. Until Zhang Mu shouted at it using their connection, it slowly responded and returned back to his side.

Looking at the Obsidian Beetle’s enormous body, Zhang Mu lodged a complaint, “Can you change your size first? It is very tiring for me to raise my head up to talk to you. Hurry up. The matters have been solved, so why are you still big?”

Who knew that the Obsidian Beetle would sound helplessly in Zhang Mu’s mind, “I also don’t want to. But it seems that I could not control the size of my body anymore. Also, you must know that previously was my normal size. I have no idea what is happening now, and I could not control my body anymore. The moment I was awake, I can feel that my willpower was stripping away slowly, and it was even more terrifying than the Nightmare Worms trying to prey on my soul.”

Zhang My helped Yuan Rui up. However, the mutated wolfdog seems afraid of the vigor coming from the Obsidian Beetle, since it did not revert back to its usual size. It did not dare to get up and continued to lay on the ground motionlessly.

Looking at the state of the mutated wolfdog and recalling the strange looks from the bunch of Nightmare Worms, Zhang Mu frowned slightly. What is going on here? What kind of awakening did Little Black have precisely?

The pattern of its forehead felt strange when he first saw it, but because it was very vague, he did not take it to heart. Now, it was showing three rays of intertwined lightning.

However, even Zhang Mu did not have any impression of the pattern in his past life. He really could not remember any of it.

He raised his head and asked the Obsidian Beetle in a solemn manner, “What did you saw in your dream just now?”

The Obsidian Beetle sounded uncertain, “My memories were rewound. Everything was normal from the moment it rewinds from the second I went into the house and slept, to the day I had met you on the street.

However, when it was about to rewind further, the constructed dream seems to stir something in the depths of my memory and was scattered immediately.

I saw a place where the lightning was intertwined vaguely, which was full of golden rays. I was wrapped in the golden rays, tightly, with no strength to struggle, but I didn’t want to either. That feeling, was really warm and cozy.”

Zhang Mu was shocked. The Obsidian Beetle was a cold-blooded animal, and to be able to feel warm, it should be the place where it was born. But, does that mean that these mutated animals were not caused by the evolving waves on the Earth’s creatures, forming a mutation? So, the situation now regarding the Obsidian Beetle, does it mean that the Obsidian Beetle was not a creature on Earth?

Or, like the Bloodvine Lotus, was it an embryo hidden from the ancient Earth or a fossil, and under the effects of the evolving waves caused by the opening of the Paradise Era, it restored its life force. Hence, the awakening now was its primary memory.

He asked out loud, “So can you recall where was the place at?”

The Obsidian Beetle shook its head and replied, “No, I do not have a clear consciousness at all. Even these were remembered vaguely. However, it seems to take a long time. At first, I wanted to continue sleeping, but I heard you were calling for me. Despite that, I still could not wake up.

However, when you called for me, I felt a distant aura that was provoking my significance, prompting me to wake up completely. The moment I was awakened, my body was uncontrollable.”

After listening to the Obsidian Beetle, it set off a sensation in Zhang Mu’s heart. Did that mean that was another consciousness inside the body of the Obsidian Beetle? Was it another soul? And it seems so powerful that even the Obsidian Beetle could not control it. If not for the Nightmare Worms, it would not call forth this power. He continued to ask the Obsidian Beetle, “Are you able to find if the consciousness still exists inside you?”

What if this could be controlled by the Obsidian Beetle, then wouldn’t he had another helping hand?

“No.” The Obsidian Beetle’s words made Zhang Mu gave up his delusion. “I can’t feel its existence anymore. And the power that helps me block the psychic power is fading away gradually now.”

Sure enough, when the Obsidian Beetle just finished speaking, its size was slowly shrinking and return to its previous form, slightly shorter than Zhang Mu. The three golden rays of lightning on its forehead had become blurry again.

Oh, it reverted back to its original appearance? It seems that the power did not sustain for a long time.

The Obsidian Beetle appeared to be a little exhausted even by maintaining its usual appearance. The ripples on its body swelled and returned back to its smallest size, which was about the size of a palm, and went back to Yuan Rui.

At first, Yuan Rui was startled by the Obsidian Beetle that was over four meters tall earlier and subconsciously rejected it. But when she saw the grievances in the Obsidian Beetle’s eye, she could not help but put it back into her pocket.

She wrapped the bearskin on her body tightly and shivered from the cold wind. Zhang Mu picked up the bearskin on the floor which he slept on, and put another layer on Yuan Rui. He indicated that she should accompany the mutated wolfdog that had return back to normal, now that the vigor from the Obsidian Beetle was gone.

As for him, he was alone in the cold wind, quietly thinking about the matters that happened today.

The howling wind slowly dissipated. Suddenly an alluring smell came from a particular direction. The smell of the mixture of plants and meats on the Nightmare Worm’s body, slowly wafted into Zhang Mu’s nose, attracting his attention.

Zhang Mu wandered slowly over to the Nightmare Worms. Looking at the white meat on the ground that was half frozen, he looked at the fats and felt disgusting. That means that the one attracting him was not the meat, so what else was inside the Nightmare Worm’s body?

He was full of curiosity now because he never heard about it before. But how could he not know this smell? He could only think that the evolvers who captured these Nightmare Worm had deliberately concealed the news to diminish the impressions of the Nightmare Worms.

It was all a scheme!

With this, Zhang Mu followed the wound on the Nightmare Worm’s body and inspected the insides for a long time, feeling the texture of the fibers on his hand.

After a while, a hint of joy was on his face.

Finally, I had found it!