The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm - Chapter 134 - Little Black Explodes

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Chapter 134: Little Black Explodes

To Zhang Mu’s surprise, this time, the Obsidian Beetle did not give him any answers.

Could it be that it had suffered a tremendous trauma?

It should not be that case though. Even a first-ranked mutated wolfdog was only forced to be a little weak in such a short period of time. Meanwhile, a second-ranked Obsidian Beetle should have an apparent improvement against psychic attack right? So what was this situation now? It was still sleeping deeply instead.

When Zhang Mu was still bewildered after pondering over the Obsidian Beetle, the Nightmare Worms were closing on him already. In the meantime, Yuan Rui was pulling Zhang Mu’s body to the corner to hide while the mutated wolfdog was baring its teeth with a nasty look in its eye. No matter how much it struggled to stand up, its four limbs kept slipping on the ground. Furthermore, the act of striking an attitude was not in the eyes of the Nightmare Worms. Also, who knew how many first-ranked mutated wolfdogs were eaten by them already.

The situation now was extremely critical!

Zhang Mu was desperately trying to get out of the chain-like psychological binds. Every time he struggles, he merely broke away a layer of the psychological chains. However, the binding was not as strong as the one that Zero gave him, whereby he would get a sense of powerlessness when he could not break free from them.

Despite that, there were more than a dozen of Nightmare Worm in front of his eye. Therefore, it implies that there was at least a dozen layer of chain that the Nightmare Worms bound on him, and the time now was not enough for him to break through completely.

Let me free!

No matter how much Zhang Mu roared in his heart, it was useless. Considering that this was a psychological control in reality and not in the dream to deal with him. In the illusion, even if the enemy was strong and powerful, as long as you found the id, even that nasty dream was still yours to control. As long as you woke up, you would have the absolute strength to resist them.

Seeing that these ugly wireworms were about to crawl onto his body, Zhang Mu’s eye held a trace of desolation.

If only he had bought a few more psychological defense type of armor, he would not end up like this.

Feeling that he still had more than ten psychological chains on him, Zhang Mu was a little desperate, because the closest Nightmare Worm was close to his arm already.

But at this moment, the Nightmare Worms that had come to eat were stopped abruptly in an orderly fashion. Their compound eyes were averted from Zhang Mu, the food that they were about to eat, to something that was behind him. The fat bodies were slightly trembling as if they had seen something terrifying.

Zhang Mu also felt a sense of pressure coming behind him, but he did not detect any sense of hostility towards him, and there was a familiar feeling too.

Then there was only one possibility, the Obsidian Beetle, had woken up.


The walls of the house suddenly collapsed, and the roof was smashed open. The piercingly cold wind poured in no time, causing pain to Zhang Mu’s face, and the main factor was that he was still unable to move.

What is wrong with Little Black? Just by making an appearance, he had to make such an enormous ruckus?

The cold wind did not make much impact on the Nightmare Worms as they were still lying flat on the same place with six pairs of compound eyes twirling non-stop, looking steadily yet, not daring to move a single bit.

Suddenly, the psychological chains on Zhang Mu’s body were scattered, and he had regained back the control of his body. Subconsciously, he turned his head and looked behind, with one glance, he was left dumbfounded too.

Yuan Rui’s vision was looking dull at one direction while the mutated wolfdog just laid on his stomach on the ground, without lifting its head.

The body of the Obsidian Beetle swelled up to four meters tall. No wonder the roof was smashed open as it was standing unwaveringly in the wind, looking majestic and sacred at the same time.

Now, the golden pattern on its forehead was huge, showing a complete picture. There were three rays of golden lightning intertwined, glowing a tinge of black faintly.

After a period of stalemate, the Obsidian Beetle let out a low roar suddenly. It was different from its usual sharp tone as it had a tinge of antiquity.

The roar was towards the Nightmare Worms. A spunk to those tiny little creatures that had offended its dignity.

Zhang Mu quickly give way, with one hand carrying Yuan Rui while the other hand was dragging the mutated wolfdog as if it was a lifeless dog. He then pulled them out of this area, leaving this battle for the Obsidian Beetle to handle.

Suddenly, the bunch of Nightmare Worms had some pale yellow blood flowing out from their mouth. At the same time, the Obsidian Beetle lifted its forelimbs and hit the ground with a flump, creating a crack on the floor immediately. These fat and plump Nightmare Worms were thrown off their feet and overturned on the ground one after another.

It turned out that the psychological chains from the Nightmare Worms were withdrawn from Zhang Mu and placed on the Obsidian Beetle.

Even though the psychological chains of a dozen Nightmare Worms were very sturdy, when facing a berserk Obsidian Beetle, it did not seem to be working. Now that the Obsidian Beetle was freed, they had suffered when their psychic power was forcibly torn apart and bounced back to them. All of them had a disheartened look.

When they sensed that the current Obsidian Beetle was unbeatable, the Nightmare Worms appeared to have a human-like reaction in their eye. They should be having the thoughts of escaping as they slowly wiggled backward.

The Obsidian Beetle wanted to give chase, but with the Nightmare Worms holding a gleam in their eye, its footsteps were stopped. However, the numbers of blood flowing out of the Nightmare Worms’ mouth were increasing as well.

Zhang Mu obviously did not want to let them go, but when he tried to take a step, he found that he could not move again. Among them, there were about a dozen of Nightmare Worms staring at Zhang Mu, as he lost control once again.

So they did not use their full strength when dealing with him just now?

Currently, it only took about ten of them to hold down Zhang Mu. But at least Zhang Mu was also shouldering the burden with the Obsidian Beetle now. Without the ten worms, the Obsidian Beetle straightaway broke free of the chains and jumped high. With a claw slashing down, it pinned the two slowest Nightmare Worms on the spot to death.

Seeing that their companion was beginning to die, the Nightmare Worms started to panic. One of them mustered great determination and squeal loudly. At this time, ten Nightmare Worms move out from the crowd and no longer escape.

They were overdrawing their psychic power to block the Obsidian Beetle’s attacks. But at the same time, the body of these ten Nightmare Worms was withering at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

The formerly white plump body was now turning into dry, yellow and thin. Their head was also stained with blood.

After eating so many souls, they learned to sacrifice a small portion of them to protect the rest?

Zhang Mu was astonished by the way these Nightmare Worms were acting as he never thought that they could obey an order up till this point.

But they have underestimated the ability of the Obsidian Beetle and its determination to kill these worms who had offended its dignity.

Under the terrifying gaze of these Nightmare Worms, the Obsidian Beetle chirped loud and clear. It suddenly spread out the wings that were almost as wide as its body. Fanning it up and down, it seems to declare to the world of its comeback as it looked down on those worms that wanted to escape.