The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm - Chapter 125 - Still not dead yet

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Chapter 125: Still not dead yet

With a ripping sound, the cloth on Zhang Mu’s trousers was torn off together with a big chunk of flesh by a set of razor-sharp teeth. It was done by a few second-ranked piranhas that swam the fastest. They did not use their water-type ability, yet they had managed to rip open Zhang Mu’s body that was still on the river. The first few targeted areas were his two legs.

Because of the stinging pain from being torn apart abruptly, Zhang Mu’s hand gained a sudden strength. Regardless of his left arm being numb with no energy, straight away he held down onto the river bank with his both hand, so that he could flip on to the shore.

But after getting on to the shore, a sound from the wind breaking suddenly wafted behind Zhang Mu. He looked back in panic and found another terrifying fact.

These piranhas, they did not give up simply because Zhang Mu had left the river. One after another, they leaped out of the river. Using their spurt of strength, they swished toward the Zhang Mu direction, who had no power to fight back now.

The leg that was kneeling on the shore was injured, forbidding his escape as he watched the piranha coming to rip him apart.

A crazy idea flashed through Zhang Mu’s mind, as he did something that everyone would not expect.

He used his right hand and clutched tightly around the injury on his disabled left arm. With a twist, followed by a painful shriek, he tore off his left arm.

Looking at the blood spewing out, the corner of Zhang Mu’s white lips raised to form a bitter smile as he threw his left arm towards the piranhas flying in the air while he was tumbling on the ground in pain.

As expected, the moment Zhang Mu threw his left arm, these piranhas appeared to be a little reluctant. They halted their writhing body in midair as they switched their direction, and flew toward the severed limb.

With the little time he had, Zhang Mu had rolled over to a distance away from the piranhas. However, some of the piranhas were still able to reach Zhang Mu with that distance. But seeing their comrades turning for the food, they swayed their tail eventually after a few considerations, controlling the direction it was going and fell on the ground not far from Zhang Mu. After picking a part of the flesh that was easier for it to take, it leaped on the ground and went back to the river.

Zhang Mu’s eye held a celebration as though he did not rip off his arm a little while ago.

Zhang Mu had encountered these type of mutated animal with no intelligence before. Hence, he knew that when they were facing with reachable food, they would always go for the meal.

Finally having the chance to breathe, Zhang Mu checked some of his injuries.

His left arm had been disabled, the calves of his two leg were losing a large amount of blood while his body was full of bruises.

Zhang Mu laughed helplessly, but the action caused him to stretch on his wound as he grimaced in pain once again. After a while, he slowly spits out a few words, “Want my Zhang Mu’s life? Is it that simple? Hahahaha.”

He smiled weakly. In this world where the third-ranked or fourth-ranked evolvers were everywhere, him, Zhang Mu, was actually forced to be into this position by a group of second-ranked mutated animals that everyone looked down. It was really miserable.

But that was the reality. He was only a small figure that was struggling on the edge of life and death. If he never had the status of an era sub-merchant by accident, Zhang Mu would never become a second-ranked evolver, who had no awakening ability, by himself. Hence, he would become ashes long ago with his bones scattered on the places he would never know.

Even though he was left in this condition, there was nothing that Zhang Mu could do now. With his current recovery speed, his life would be hard to keep. His current body had been through so much damaged while his energy was slowly stripping away his consciousness.

He forcibly kept the last glimmer of his sense as he took out a tube of pale green potion from his merchant ring. That was a first-ranked recovery potion that he kept for a very long time as he was unwilling to drink it in the past.

It was really ridiculous, right? A second-ranked evolver using a first-ranked recovery potion. Even so, that was the only hidden card that Zhang Mu could use to save his life now.

Zhang Mu immediately poured the first-ranked recovery potion into his mouth without hesitation. As his throat moved up and down, the blood on the surface of Zhang Mu’s wound begins to clot.

That was the power of era general goods from the era merchant shop. Not to mention the lack of expired date, even someone like Zhang Mu, who was a second-ranked evolver using a lower rank potion, the effect could be seen right away.

Zhang Mu’s lips gradually gained colors. But he knew deep down that his severed arm could no longer be restored. If only he had a bottle of second-ranked recovery potion, then there would be a high possibility that his broken arm would be able to regenerate back.

Nevertheless, even when the wound was healed completely, a second-ranked potion was powerless to return him back to his peak condition. Unless there was a high-ranked healing-type evolver, who was willing to help him.

Thinking about the healing-type evolver, a white figure flashed across Zhang Mu’s eye.

Who was that?

The figure disappeared from Zhang Mu’s mind after lingering for a moment. Zhang Mu no longer remembered how did that person look like. The more he thought about it, the more his head hurt. In the end, he stopped pondering about it.

He smiled bitterly. How could someone like him with a low status like a small shrimp, could possibly know a healing-type evolver that was rumored to roam around without casting a shadow and leaves without a trace, whom everyone worshipped?

Was it because he had lost too much blood, and it caused his mind to be blurry and had a hallucination?

As time progressed, the effectiveness of the first-ranked recovery potion gradually began to fade. The potion had decided to use most of its drug effect on Zhang Mu’s legs, whereas the rest of the drug effects to heal those damaged tendons and soft tissues on his body. As for his left arm, once it heals the open wound, it was entirely discarded.

Probably because he had a higher rank than the potion, it had automatically made its choice. After all, even if the whole bottle of the potion were used to heal his left arm, it would not grow back anymore.

Zhang Mu slowly stood up and lifted his head to look at his surrounding. He saw that he was in the middle of nowhere, with full of weeds and would occasionally hear roars from unknown mutated animals.

It seems that he was washed up to a faraway place. But he should be able to catch up and return to Luoyang city after he completed the trading. That was what Zhang Mu thought to himself as he felt the power on his leg and ran.

Yes, the him now would have a problem surviving. As a disabled low-ranked evolver, in the law of jungle, he did not know how far he would go. Perhaps, at Shan Xi city, he would receive a bunch of people gloating at him with their eyes.

However, life had to go on right? Wasn’t he still alive?

Zhang Mu’s eagerness to live had ignited his heart. It was so strong that he was able to push down the fatigue caused by his bad luck. Just like that, he slowly rushed to the direction of Shan Xi city.