The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm - Chapter 119 - Terror In The Village

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Chapter 119: Terror In The Village

Zhang Mu’s destination this time was not Xi’an city. The price fluctuation for the first half of the year left a deep impression in Zhang Mu. He missed it too many times and so, he carved it into his heart. That time, he was really unlucky and didn’t grab a single chance to turn the tables around. Hence, his situation became worse and with his status as a normal evolver, he slowly became a person who struggles in the brink of death.

Zhang Mu made use of the moonlight and looked at the village in front of him. There seemed to be no living humans here.

He asked the Obsidian Beetle. It didn’t feel any signs of mutated animals in this village unless the level of the mutated animal was higher than it. However, that would mean, it had to be a level 3 mutated animal.

The Cataclysm had only started for a month. If there was a level 3 mutated beast in this village, Zhang Mu would admit defeat. As for whether there was any walking dead here, the Obsidian Beetle didn’t know. There was a faint smell of something rotting in the air. Since it was not very strong, it was not able to predict if there was still walking dead inside or they were already gone.

However, this was not a big issue too. Even if the walking dead have the night sky as their cover, they posed no threat to the team of two humans and two mutated beasts.

After taking many things into consideration, Zhang Mu decided to stay here for a night and not moved in the dark anymore. The mutated wolfdog and he were starting to feel tired from running at their full speed. On the other hand, the Obsidian Beetle which pulled Yuan Rui didn’t seem tired at all. Its stamina had increased on a very high level.

Hence, the panting Zhang Mu managed to regain a little bit of stamina after standing at the entrance of the village for a while. He managed to go back to his normal state and slowly walked in. The Obsidian Beetle crawled on Yuan Rui’s shoulder and stayed there. It was very bored. The wolfdog shook its tail and followed behind them. It caught an unfamiliar scent with its nose and stopped for a while. It wanted to sniff it again but Zhang Mu hurried it so it just forgot about the smell and caught up with them with its short legs.

Zhang Mu patted the mutated wolfdog’s head and looked at it in its eye. He said, “What are you doing? You didn’t seem to have used your full strength just now. You are not even finding a resting place enthusiastically.”

The mutated wolfdog stuck out its tongue as it felt wrongly accused. It wanted to lick Zhang Mu’s hand but Zhang Mu dodged it with disdain. Hence, it could only hide behind Yuan Rui.

Zhang Mu look around for a long time but didn’t manage to find a suitable place for resting. All the houses were slightly damaged and there were lots of houses which were totally damaged. Zhang Mu felt that even with the bearskin, Yuan Rui would not be able to withstand the cold. He had observed her again and realized that maybe because Yuan Rui’s abilities were too special, a balance formed in her body. Her body was not even at the level of a level 1 evolver. She was just a normal small little girl so, in this kind of weather, a bearskin would not be able to help her withstand the drop in temperature.

They were fine now as they were walking but once they started resting, Zhang Mu felt that their team would have a sick patient tomorrow. A doctor became a patient. Zhang Mu didn’t know if Yuan Rui could heal herself.

Zhang Mu didn’t have a choice. He didn’t know what happened to these houses. They seemed to be destroyed by some uncommon creatures. However, the Obsidian Beetle said that there were no signs of mutated animals in this village so Zhang Mu didn’t bother about it. Maybe some mutated animals came here before but they had left.

Zhang Mu cursed at the mutated animals. Why do they like to destroy houses? They don’t look like they are finding food too. So weird.

In the end, Zhang Mu could only choose a house that looked really big but the main door was damaged. The wind blew in. Zhang Mu asked Yuan Rui to hide in the corner as he prepared to use his body to block the wind for her. At this moment, he saw the mutated wolfdog, it was hesitating whether it should come in or not. He suddenly smiled and said slowly, “come in together.”

Although the mutated wolfdog was puzzled at Zhang Mu’s sudden gentleness, it didn’t understand Zhang Mu as well as the Obsidian Beetle. It could resist the temptation of living in the house and walked in.

Just as the mutated wolfdog came closer to Zhang Mu carefully, Zhang Mu grabbed its neck and then pulled it into the corner. He pressed it down and made it blocked the wind for Yuan Rui. Yuan Rui was warm enough with the bearskin underneath her so she was well protected in this corner of the house.

Yuan Rui couldn’t bear to do this to the wolfdog. She blamed Zhang Mu for being too harsh and rubbed the furs that Zhang Mu made messy. She said, “Uncle, do it lightly. I am fine. I don’t need the little dog to block the wind for me. The bearskin is enough. It is quite thick. I am quite warm.”

Zhang Mu just sat in another corner under the pitiful gaze of the mutated wolfdog.

“Don’t care about it, it is just being pretentious. Just sleep. Drag it’s fur over and sleep.” Yuan Rui “oh” after hearing what Zhang Mu said and slept beside the wolfdog.

“As for you, stop looking at me pitifully. You were going to find a place in the house to sleep anyway. Shouldn’t you make yourself useful? I raise you for nothing? Also, aren’t you a male? Should I cut it for you so that you don’t have to be a shield anymore?”

The mutated wolfdog immediately understood this sentence. It used its tail and covered its vital part of the body. It started at Zhang Mu with vigilance, afraid that he would take action.

“You don’t do anything if I don’t scold you. Look at me anymore and I will cut you.”

Zhang Mu just glared at the mutated wolfdog. The mutated wolfdog sobbed when Zhang Mu talked fiercely. After that, it placed its head between its legs and didn’t make any more sound.

He used the blanket to cover himself up a little and then placed the Obsidian Beetle dagger in front of his chest as usual. He didn’t think much and fell into a deep sleep.

The Obsidian Beetle had found a corner in Yuan Rui’s bearskin and hid inside it.

After some time, the two people and two animals fell asleep. However, the sound of the wind outside suddenly changed. A ‘shasha’ sound arose. It was different from the sound they heard just now and it slowly surrounded the house.

The broken door squeaked as though it was trying to warn Zhang Mu and the rest of them. However, they couldn’t hear it at all. They slept very soundly. Even the mutated wolfdog slept through it.

The sound came closer.