The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm - Chapter 117 - Little Black Woke Up

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Chapter 117: Little Black Woke Up

This mutated bear that weighed more than a ton was eaten by Zhang Mu just like that. There was no visible change to his stomach. Yuan Rui watched him from the side and found him really scary.

Zhang Mu glanced occasionally at Yuan Rui who was watching him in daze. Other than that, he didn’t stop eating at all. After a while, he gave Yuan Rui a piece of barbecued bear meat unwillingly and continued eating thereafter.

The bear’s body got smaller and smaller. Some parts were difficult to cut and Zhang Mu was not happy as it slowed down his pace. Hence, he transferred more energy into the dagger and the flame got bigger. It engulfed the entire bear body and started cooking it. Zhang Mu didn’t care if the bear got burnt. His appetite was opened so it didn’t matter if the meat got burnt. He would just eat it.

Just as Zhang Mu was eating happily, the ground suddenly shook. He frowned and looked at the source of the vibration. His frown was gone.

It was the big black cocoon. The Obsidian Beetle was coming out.

Has it finally level up? Stupid bug, you have stayed inside for too long. Are you feeling too comfortable? If my luck was just a little worse, you would not see me anymore.

Zhang Mu suddenly had some sentiments. If Zero didn’t see his value today, he would have been eaten. By then, he wouldn’t know what the Obsidian Beetle would turn into.

However, since he was fine now, what was the used of thinking so much?

Zhang Mu realized that he became more sentimental. He stopped thinking about it and quietly ate his bear paw as he waited for the Obsidian Beetle to appear.


A crack appeared on the dull cocoon and then a certain part of it started bulging out. Zhang Mu could clearly recognised it as the head of the Obsidian Beetle. He smiled helplessly.

This Obsidian Beetle made such a huge commotion when it was coming out. Was it afraid that no one would know when it is coming out?

As he was feeling speechless, the cocoon split opened and a loud and clear insect sound resonated through the night sky. It was telling the world that it was back.

Zhang Mu saw how the Obsidian Beetle looked like after it came out of the cocoon entirely. It’s size got smaller, unexpectedly, and there was a small bump on top of its head which looked like a horn. Using the moonlight, he could see that the pattern on the Obsidian Beetle head got denser and it was going to form a special pattern soon.

Although the Obsidian Beetle was smaller now, Zhang Mu felt a sense of danger. Even though the Obsidian Beetle was linked to him, he felt a huge force coming from it.

This might be the difference between a real level 2 and a level 1.

What Zhang Mu didn’t expect was that the first thing the Obsidian Beetle did was to charge at him. More accurately, it was charging towards the bear meat in front of Zhang Mu.

A gust of wind sounded and the Obsidian Beetle had already reached Zhang Mu. Before he could react, it was already eating the bear meat that Zhang Mu took much effort to barbecue.

This speed was much faster than my maximum speed. Zhang Mu didn’t even catch any lingering shadow at all. He was shocked. He remembered that this kind of speed should not appear on a normal level 2 mutated animal. However, the Obsidian Beetle already had this speed after it just reached level 2.

The Obsidian Beetle was not a mutated animal that emphasized on its speed. This might mean that the strength of the Obsidian Beetle had increased as much as its speed. It might have increased even more too.

The Obsidian Beetle was not fussy at all. It hugged the mutated bear’s head and started munching it. Zhang Mu only regained his senses after half of the head was eaten. He remembered that the thing the Obsidian Beetle was eating now was his food. He immediately shouted at the Obsidian Beetle without caring about its level, “you eat my dinner the moment you came out? I have not eaten for a while day and I just barbecued this, You timing is really good.”

However, the Obsidian Beetle just refuted him through their telepathy, “you didn’t eat for one day, I haven’t eaten for a week. Who is in the worse state? You have food and drinks outside but I have nothing inside at all. All you know is nag, nag, nag. So stingy.”

Zhang Mu didn’t know what to reply to this at all. He thought about it and felt that the Obsidian Beetle really seemed to be in a worst state than him. However, he reacted quickly and realized that the Obsidian Beetle was just talking nonsense. It could just suck the energy from its cocoon so it was just satisfying its taste buds now.

When he thought about this, the Obsidian Beetle had finished its bear head. It wanted to attack the ribs which were half eaten by Zhang Mu.

Zhang Mu still wanted to say something but the Obsidian Beetle shut him up with one sentence. “Also, who told you that my timing was really good? I still needed to suck in more energy before I come out but I smelt the fragrance coming from outside so I forcefully kept the energy inside me first and planned to digest it later.”

Zhang Mu had nothing to say now. This fellow was really impressive. It gave up its safe route to level 2 just because of the smell of meat.

However, from its tone, it seemed confident that it could digest the energy later.

Yuan Rui, who was standing in a distance, reminded Zhang Mu, “Uncle if you don’t eat faster, Little Black might finish all the meat. When Little Black eats, there won’t even be bones left.”

Zhang Mu woke up and realized that he couldn’t chase the Obsidian Beetle away. Hence, he disregarded his image and started fighting with the Obsidian Beetle for food. He stuffed his mouth with a bear paw and held another one in his hand. He couldn’t care about the oil. Snatching it first.

In terms of food, Zhang Mu felt that he couldn’t be compared at all to the Obsidian Beetle. The Obsidian Beetle looked as though it didn’t even need to chew. It just swallowed everything in an instant.

It only needed to put the food in its mouth.

Thus, when Zhang Mu finished his bear paw, the Obsidian Beetle had already finished most of the bear body. Without the blood and oil that was flowing on the ground, there was no other evidence that a bear body was here at all.

Once it was full, the Obsidian Beetle ignored Zhang Mu totally and went to whine at Yuan Rui. Although it was in the cocoon, it knew that Yuan Rui accompanied it every day and transferred some of her slightly useful life energy to her.

On the other hand, its owner, Zhang Mu, never really took care of it.

Zhang Mu was kicked to one side. He felt that he was still hungry and ran into the house with a bitter expression. He took the big pot of rice that Yuan Rui cooked just now and stuffed it into his mouth.