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Chapter 116: Do It Personally

Zhang Mu slept soundly that day. He only woke up at night.

Just now, he heard Yuan Rui’s reply and went into the dreamland. He had a very unique dream.

Yuan Rui thought for a long time but didn’t manage to give him an answer. However, she used an old saying, “When you are poor, you think about yourself. When you are wealthy, you want to help the world.”

Zhang Mu knew about this saying but when Yuan Rui mentioned it, he realized that the saying was true. The more powerful he got, the more responsibilities he wanted to take on. If not, he would just feel proud that he was so powerful. Last time, he was just a small merchant and living was a luxury to him. He didn’t have the mind to think about other people. However, when he had the abilities now, his heart slowly changed.

Although this thinking seemed ridiculous, he still felt that he should do it. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. Maybe his guess was right. When he was reborn, his spirit from the past life didn’t just take over this body.

His body had its own spirit too. His spirit didn’t take over the body. It merged with the spirit in this body. The maturity from the last time and the hot-blooded spirit now, the zen Zhang Mu last time and the ambitious Zhang Mu now.

He was having a conflict with his own spirit. It seemed impossible but logical at the same time.

You dream about what you think during the day. Zhang Mu’s dream had something to do with all of these too. He dreamt that there were two Zhang Mus. One was 28 years old and one was 18 years old. They were looking at each other in silence.

Then, after a long while, they smiled at each other and said something.

Zhang Mu didn’t know what this dream meant and as time goes by, his impression of the dream got fainter. Very soon, it disappeared from his memory. He couldn’t remember what they said.

He didn’t think about it anymore. He shook his head and saw the moon high up in the sky. He only realized now that he had missed two meals. He touched his flat stomach and gave a bitter smile.

No wonder he didn’t have energy. Compared to a normal person, an evolver had a higher requirement for energy so after missing two meals, all the cells in his body were screaming out their natural desires.

Meat, he wants to eat meat!

Zhang Mu got down from the bed and walked out of the door. He saw Yuan Rui taking care of the Obsidian Beetle cocoon outside and felt a stream of warmth flowing past his heart. He coughed. Yuan Rui turned her head and looked at Zhang Mu in surprised. “Uncle, you are awake?”

Zhang Mu smiled and said, “It seems I have slept for a long time. It is already so late. I am starving.”

“Uncle, are you hungry?” Since we can’t use electricity here, I made a huge pot of rice and had it with small amount of meat that Brother Wang sent over as well as some vegetables. I left a huge portion of it and it was being warmed up in the house. If you are hungry now, I can bring it out for you.”

When Yuan Rui heard that Zhang Mu was starving, she hurriedly finished her sentences and wanted to go in and take the rice.

However, Zhang Mu stopped her. He saw Yuan Rui frowning and explained, “I predict that with my appetite, the rice you made is not enough. The energy that rice and vegetables can provide to a combat evolver like me is totally not enough. I think that Wang Liang didn’t give you a lot of meat too.

Let me tell you first. I am not suspecting your cooking skills. I am just saying that on normal days, it is enough but not now. I used a lot of energy today.”

During the battle with Zero, Zhang Mu didn’t manage to succeed in retaliating but he kept trying to resist the spiritual power that was controlling him. Even though there were no results, he used a lot of his spiritual power. Some were replenished during his sleep just now but the energy couldn’t just come back by itself.

Zhang Mu smiled mysteriously and waved his left hand. He showed off the Obsidian Beetle dagger and said, “Let me show you the real barbecue master technique.”

“Techniques of a barbecue master?” The unhappiness that Yuan Rui felt when Zhang Mu didn’t want to eat the food that she made disappeared. She looked at Zhang Mu’s empty right hand with curiosity.

He controlled his mind and the mutated black bear body that was stored in his era merchant ring got shifted out. It slammed heavily on the ground.

Under Yuan Rui’s surprised gaze, Zhang Mu used the Obsidian Beetle dagger and skillfully peeled off the bear’s skin. He passed it to Yuan Rui and said, “Wash off the blood on it. I already have one with me. It was from the bear that we ate last time. This bear skin is for you. We will use it as a mat when we go out next time.”

The bearskin was really big. Zhang Mu was afraid that Yuan Rui didn’t have the strength to carry it so he placed it on the side. He left Yuan Rui to settle the rest. He found it too troublesome.

A flame rose from the tip of the dagger. This was something unique about the Obsidian Beetle dagger which Zhang Mu found out earlier on. If the flame stuck on the tip of the knife, it would be suppressed by the material of the knife and the temperature of the flame would not be as high. It would just be a little higher than the flames on Earth.

Zhang Mu held onto the flame dagger and cut the bear’s meat. He aimed at the bear’s chest and cut through it. Since the flame’s temperature was not so high, the bear’s meat only got cut when the knife touched it. After that, under Zhang Mu’s control, the energy maintained its size and gave out a ‘zizi’ sound.

Zhang Mu cut the meat really slowly but the Obsidian Beetle dagger was too sharp. The mutated animal’s meat was nothing to it so he followed the texture of the meat and sliced a thin piece of meat. He barbecued it in high temperature and the meat immediately became soft and crispy. A wonderful meat fragrance started to float in the air.

Zhang Mu was so hungry, he could not overcome the temptation of this meat. After slicing off a piece of meat, he instantly put it in his mouth.

He chewed the meat but the movement of his hands didn’t stop. He was like a highly efficient machine, slicing meat and eating them at a steady pace.

Very soon, this part of meat disappeared and the bear’s organs were revealed.

Zhang Mu moved on to another spot. Yuan Rui was watching him in awe.

He can eat so much?