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Chapter 114: Hopeless

Zhang Mu wanted to say something but he saw something out of place. In a corner of this big room, not everyone was in a daze and numb.

A group of naked men encircled in a corner. They were shaking their body. Zhang Mu’s heart dropped. He had seen too many things in the future so he knew what was happening.

He stepped on the wastes on the floor and strode over in big steps. He didn’t hide his foot steps. The group of men turned around slowly and looked at Zhang Mu nonchalantly.

When they saw the attire on the man behind them, they instantly thought that Zhang Mu was part of the cannibals. One of them got really frightened and said, “Mister, you look unfamiliar.”

Zhang Mu didn’t want to talk to these people at all. He slowly raised his Obsidian Beetle dagger. The naked men saw Zhang Mu’s action and opened a path for him.

Zhang Mu saw the person who was being bullied by these scumbags. It was the little girl that he saw before.

The little girl that got brought out by the short and skinny cannibal. At this moment, her eyes were filled with humiliation as she laid in this dirty place, dead. There was nothing on her.

Her eyes were opened widely. They seemed to be questioning Zhang Mu, why? Why didn’t you come and save me?

Zhang Mu steel heart ached. This little girl’s eyes kept questioning him.

He kept quiet. The man that spoke just now thought that Zhang Mu wanted to eat this girl and felt unhappy that they killed her. They hurriedly explained to Zhang Mu in a fearful tone, “Mister, you can’t blame us. Another Mister told us that they were not eating today and passing the little girl to us. He asked us to settle her ourselves. If that Mister didn’t say anything, we will not dare to do it.”

was that what happened? Because of his appearance, he disrupted the cannibal’s mood to eat. Hence, this little girl didn’t die outside but died in the hands of her own people?

Zhang Mu found it a little funny. These scumbags just didn’t have the opportunity to become cannibals, right? If Zero was willing to accept them, they would have happily went over. However, their abilities were too weak and that was why they could only become food.

These people couldn’t even be compared to the cannibals. They didn’t dare to resist and would only bully their own kind, especially those that were weaker than them.

Zhang Mu’s eyes turned cold. He slowly said, “Are you all still humans? You can’t even resist against cannibals but in this area, you seem really good.”

The man finally realized that Zhang Mu was not related to the powerful evolvers. He immediately retracted his humble expression and started to become arrogant. “I thought that you are with those people. You should be a new food that they caught right? Look at you, besides having better clothes than us, how are you different from us?”

The man felt scared when he saw Zhang Mu’s eyes. However, he remembered that there was still a lot of people behind him so he plucked up his courage and shouted at Zhang Mu, “why are you acting so noble? Since we are going to be eaten anyway, why can’t we enjoy ourselves first? Since we will die, why not die comfortably?”

“Is this the reason for losing your conscience?” Zhang Mu’s voice floated up lightly.

The man appeared to have heard the funniest joke in the world. He purposely leaned closer with his ear and wanted Zhang Mu to repeat the sentence. “Conscience? You are talking to me about conscience? You are a prisoner too. This is so funny. Look, this person is actually talking to me about conscience.

Ask everyone in this room, do they have a conscience? Will anyone dare to say a word? Why? Because we have more people, we are powerful. They don’t dare to say anything. They are afraid that they will get implicated.

Why are you locked together with us? Because we are trash. We can’t defeat them. We can only become their food. Do you understand?

If you dare to be a busybody again, I will kill you.”

Zhang Mu didn’t care about him. He followed the man’s finger and scanned the entire room. He realized that most of the people were still in daze. Even if someone had some reaction, they just shivered and didn’t dare to look up. They would occasionally gaze towards this direction and immediately looked down again.

When these men were bullying the little girl, they must have pretended that they didn’t see anything too.

Despair filled up Zhang Mu’s heart. He felt unworthy for himself. The people that he was going to save was such a bunch of people. The one that was worth saving was already dead.

“What you mean is, you are more powerful than others so you can do anything without a conscience?”

The naked man didn’t expect this to be the last words he heard. He started laughing more arrogantly, “yes, so what…”

When Zhang Mu said this sentence, a black shadow flashed passed him and his head was slitted off his neck. It was so fast, he didn’t feel any pain at all. His eyes were still filled with arrogant laughter.

“I am being too nice to you all.” A few more flashes of black shadow and all these people’s head were cut off.

This scene woke the people in a stupor and someone finally screamed. The place was in a mess.

Zhang Mu lifted the dagger again and the room turned silent. He didn’t look back at the people. He slowly said, “the cannibals are all dead. I will give you all one minute to get out of this place. You can go anywhere you want. Don’t let me remember your face.”

The cannibals were dead? The people started exchanging glances with one another. They didn’t know if the cannibals were already dead but they knew that if they continued to stay here, they would be killed by Zhang Mu.

They got up hurriedly and rushed out. Very soon, there was no one left in the room.

Zhang Mu walked to the little girl and squatted down. He took off his trenchcoat and placed it on her. He reached out and closed her angry eyes. He said, “this is all I can do.”

He got up and transferred energy into the Obsidian Beetle dagger. He threw it at the wall. The flame burnt everything it could find in its path. It got bigger and brighter.

Zhang Mu walked out of the unfinished building. He didn’t look at the fire that was burning behind him. He didn’t dare to look. He blamed himself and he was really sorry towards the little girl.

I am sorry, I am too weak.

I am sorry.