The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm - Chapter 107 - Remaking the Weapon

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Chapter 107: Remaking the Weapon

Although the introduction was tempting, Zhang Mu was not tempted at all. He was not a newbie. He wouldn’t be attracted by just an introduction.

Which young man had never dreamt of becoming an Eragon before? Who had never dreamt of ruling over the world? However, he knew that the last sentence was the main point. What if it is a husky?

Actually, a husky was not a bad option. It was a dog type mutated animals at the very least. If they give you some ugly pet, wouldn’t the 33 gold leaves that the era sub-merchant saved up go to waste?

Zhang Mu was not tempted because he knew that no matter how lucky he was, he was restricted by his status as a basic level merchant. They must remember the rule that they would get what they paid for.

This is the era merchant shop. There must be a reason why certain things are expensive.

Although 33 gold leaves were almost half of what Zhang Mu had, it was nothing. Hence, the pet that came out would not be anything ideal too.

Also, Zhang Mu already had his Obsidian Beetle, mutated Wolfdog and the Bloodvine Lotus on his left arm. He couldn’t even afford to feed them so if he added one more to the collection, Zhang Mu felt that he might have to run around every day to find food for them.

Hence, Zhang Mu decided to give up this item and used another safer way to get a more powerful mutated animal. For example, take a look at it again after he activated his middle level or top level era sub-merchant authority.

After scanning through the list, Zhang Mu felt that he couldn’t afford those things further down so he focused his attention on those items in the middle of the list.

After comparing them for a long time, Zhang Mu finally made a decision. He looked up at no. 37.

He kept quiet but no. 37 couldn’t keep waiting for him. Thus, he asked him impatiently, “have you decided? I thought that you would continue complaining about my item.”

Obviously, no. 37 still bore a grudge against Zhang Mu due to his complaints last time. Most of his sub-merchants craved for the things in his private collection but when it comes to Zhang Mu, this was the reaction he gave.

“I want that weapon strengthening chance.”

Zhang Mu told no. 37 her decision firmly. No. 37 looked at the list with a confused look. Not many people chose this option so he had forgotten that such a thing existed too.

“Second rank weapon strengthening chance. The era sub-merchant would provide the materials and style. They will tell the era merchant whether they want additional materials to be added in and if there are any other requests. The price is not fixed. It is dependable on the request of the era sub-merchant.

The weapons made by the era merchant shop would definitely be in good quality. As long as you have the necessary materials and gold leaves, there is nothing that the era merchant shop can’t make.”

“Why will you choose this option? This option relies a lot on your own materials. Can you give me so many second-rank materials? Also, if you really strengthen your weapon, your gold leaves might not even be enough and you won’t be able to use the weapons anyway.”

No. 37 reminded Zhang Mu kindly. He didn’t want Zhang Mu to be tricked by the item description. This opportunity to get the extra rewards was very important to Zhang Mu. He continued telling him, “why not you look at increasing your own abilities first? Most of the era sub-merchants would choose this option. If you didn’t bring up this item, I might have forgotten about it. No one at your level would be able to bring back the materials necessary for such a stringent process.”

Zhang Mu replied no. 37 confidently, “I chose it because I have the materials. You do not need to worry about that. Also, I have no other things I want. I just lack a good weapon for myself. Normal weapons will not satisfy me and you only sell an ax over here. You don’t expect me to pick an ax to kill people right? I can’t afford to play around like this.”

No. 37 knew that he wouldn’t be able to persuade Zhang Mu so he just reached out his hand and took out a little star from the list. He said to Zhang Mu, “since you chose it, you must not regret it. If your materials do not fulfill the requirements, the system would destroy it. You must be prepared.”

“What? Destroy? Can’t I take it back?”

This was the first time Zhang Mu used the system’s weapon-making function. Last time, he could afford the basic weapon-making even if he combined all the gold leaves he earned together. Of course, at that time, he was just trying to keep himself alive so he didn’t really care about all these extra things.

“No.” No. 37 replied firmly. He looked helplessly at Zhang Mu’s expression and explained, “the system is not under my control. I have no right over it. It is a procedure set by the system. No one can interfere with it. Because of this, it had not been used for a long time.”

“So evil? If it doesn’t do the strengthening, I would still have to pay for it? Are they robbing money? If nothing can fulfill its requirements, does that means that it would just keep collecting the basic amount of money?”

Zhang Mu couldn’t help but complain to himself. He didn’t think that there would be so many criteria surround this weapon-making system. He just wanted to strengthen his Obsidian Beetle claw because he felt that it was not catching up with him anymore.

However, Zhang Mu had the feeling that his Obsidian Beetle claw would definitely meet the requirements of the system. Although the Obsidian Beetle was not a level 2 mutated animal, it was very special. He felt confident.

Thus, he didn’t say much and took out the Obsidian Beetle claw. He placed it in front of no. 37 and said slowly, “this is it. Help me send it to the system then. I really need a weapon now. I believe it.”

“Up to you.”

No. 37 looked at the mundane and normal Obsidian Beetle claw. He knew that it was part of a mutated animal but he couldn’t identify it. Since he couldn’t convince Zhang Mu, he just followed his order. He hoped that Zhang Mu’s luck would work this time too.

Under no. 37’s control, the Obsidian Beetle claw was sent into the weapon-making system.

This was a furnace made from illusion. It looked like an ancient nine dragon cauldron. It swallowed the Obsidian Beetle claw and then a mechanical sound rose. It slowly said the sentence that Zhang Mu was anticipating.

“The material is undergoing evaluation…”