The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm - Chapter 106 - Pick Bones In An Egg

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Chapter 106: Pick Bones In An Egg

“Let’s start.” Zhang Mu shook his head and stopped thinking. His eyes were filled with the obsession for no. 37’s items again. Other people might not know this but he knows that these additional rewards were not just about exchanging for these items.

No. 37’s heart hurt when he saw Zhang Mu’s expression. Why did he meet such a monster?

“Forget it, the gold leaves in your hand exceeded the limit of an era merchant on probation. I will make an exception for you and activate the basic level of authority a merchant can have. By right, you will only get the basic level merchant authority after you completed five missions but since you have almost 90 gold leaves now, it is already enough.”

He didn’t say any more nonsense and with a change of his thought, the golden shining stars that were jumping around him started banging into each other. Even their way of forming the list was so unique. Zhang Mu looked at them in amazement.

He had experienced accumulating more than 10 gold leaves after completing more than 10 missions but that was just at the start. As time goes by, Zhang Mu, who only had normal abilities, started to struggle to complete the missions. In the end, Zhang Mu only wanted to complete his mission and nothing else. Anything is fine as long as he could complete his mission within the given period of time. The gold leaves that he accumulated could only buy a normal second-rank item. At that time when third-rank items were everywhere and second-rank were worthless, a second-rank item was dispensable.

However, the situation is different now. Zhang recalled the items that he never managed to see and felt his heart burning.

Under the eyes of anticipation, the additional rewards list formed in front of Zhang Mu’s eyes. The golden words made the price of the items seemed extra honourable.

“Second-rank evolving potions can increase the chance of a human achieving level 2 when he or she got stuck at level 1. The price: five gold leaves.”

The cheapest thing on the list was the one that Zhang Mu bought with all his savings – the second-rank evolving potion. This showed how rich no. 37 is.

Zhang Mu quickly looked down. Even if he had prepared himself, he was still amazed and shocked by what he saw. There were too many things. ‘“Second-rank body potion. Combining agility and strength, it will be able to increase the agility and strength of the evolver. These components will increase by ten times. Note before use: Need to be a level 2 evolver. Price: eight gold leaves.”

Zhang Mu just ignored this. Although he was rich, he didn’t want to take things that would just stay in his warehouse because he knew that he could just reach level 2 all by himself. Evolvers that had no special abilities might be on the losing end in a battle, but in terms of leveling up, they had it the easiest.

Hence, there was no need for him to use the second-rank evolving potion to pave the way for him. It would be such a waste. If he couldn’t reach level 2 quickly, the potions that require the user to be a level 2 evolver was not important to him. Zhang Mu ignored the temptation of ten times agility and strength and continued reading.

“Second-rank recovery potion. Can heal lethal wounds. A good potion that will draw you back from the gate of Hell. There is no one for one. Price: five gold leaves.”

He could consider this one. The first-rank recovery potion could heal his serious injury and, the second-rank potion could immediately heal a person that was on the brink of death. Although they couldn’t bring a dead person back to life, as long as he was still alive, this could be something that would give him another life. Of course, only level 2 evolvers could use it. The effect would not be as great for level 3 evolvers and above.

Last time, Zhang Mu didn’t have the money to buy one of this. This was because the recovery potions would always be bought by the first era sub-merchant. The second sub-merchant might not even get a chance to buy it too, much less him.

Zhang Mu had a feeling that these introductions weren’t written by no. 37. He glanced at no.37’s face.

No. 37 noticed Zhang Mu’s gaze and remembered the casual introductions of the items. His old face turned red and he coughed before saying, “that, it is written by the system. I don’t know which merchant changed it because it is a universal system so everything just happens like that.

Don’t look at me, I cannot handle this style too. I have to explain it every time.”

As expected. Zhang Mu knew someone as gloomy as no. 37 would not be able to write such a lively introduction. He continued looking at the items.

“Second-rank strength potion? No way, this one only works for a level 2 evolver too and the timing is too short. It only allows the strength to increase for 15 minutes.”

“First-rank eternal strengthening potion. This seems okay but I don’t have any ability yet. However, the price is too expensive. Ten gold leaves. It is just a first-rank item. No. 37, your price is a bit odd.”

“And this weapon, why is it different from the weapons I have? I can’t even choose the style too. Does that mean that only a certain kind of person can use it? There are so many weapons but you chose to put an axe. Not good. I don’t want it.”

“Look at this necklace that said to have a calming effect. It doesn’t seem good at all. Is it as powerful as what was written…”

The entire galaxy was filled with Zhang Mu’s complain. Even a person as elegant as no. 37 felt irritated. Although his items were only for a basic level merchant, they were classics. When he heard Zhang Mu complaining about them, he said irritatedly, “why are you so troublesome. You don’t like first-rank items and can’t use second-rank items. Then you pick bones in an egg for the other items. No matter how much you complain, I will not lower the price for you. You need to know that everything in the era merchant’s shop cannot be bargained.”

Zhang Mu smiled and told no. 37 that he understood it. He continued looking for the things he wanted.

Very quickly, he saw something that interests him. His eyes lit up.

“One pet egg. The species is random. Level 1 animal. You just need to drip your blood and you will be able to get a pet that could fight alongside with you. Being an Eragon is no longer a dream. Of course, you could get a husky too. Price: 33 gold leaves.”